10 Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company

Here are 10 tips from Ultahost that will help business owners choose the right web hosting provider.

1. Know What Kind of Web Host You Need

Understanding the needs of your business can help narrow your web hosting options. If you plan to build a website that features video blogging, 24-hour live streaming and the ability for visitors to register and upload their own videos, your website would require more features than someone who just uses their website as a virtual resume.

2. Choose the Right Hosting Package

Many small businesses turn to shared hosting as a way to save money, but with the smaller price tag comes a bigger risk of slow website response times. Slow websites turn customers away. An option like a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is slightly more expensive, but it provides a faster, higher quality web performance and delivers a better customer experience.

3. Read Web Hosting Reviews

Refer to reputable websites when doing research on the reliability and reputation of web hosts. Researching a web hosting company through third-party reviews is very useful in discovering any consistent issues or persistent complaints from current or past users. Pay attention to how the company responds to complaints if the company responds at all. This will give you an idea of how the company deals with unhappy customers.

4. Get the Right Amount of Bandwidth

5. Don’t Get Stuck on Price

6. Read the Terms of Service

7. Test Customer Support

8. Know the Backup Plan

9. Ask About Security Features

10. Get the best location for your server

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