What is VPS Web hosting ? | UltaHost

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. To make VPS hosting a little easier to understand, let’s take a quick look at two other kinds of hosting and compare them to VPS hosting.

On one hand, there’s shared hosting. Your website files are housed on a server along with the files of other websites, and the server’s bandwidth and resources are shared among all the websites on that server.
You have very little control over the server settings or operations.
Think of it as renting a unit in an apartment complex where you share parking space, storage, and laundry facilities with others in the complex.
Shared hosting is an affordable solution that is generally well suited to most small- and many medium-sized businesses that have simple, straightforward websites with daily traffic under 2,000 visitors.
In general, VPS hosting is more affordable than dedicated hosting.
It’s a good solution when you want your own server space and resources.
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