Softaculous Apps Installer interface in cPanel

Softaculous is an Instant/Auto Installer. Softaculous helps users to install free/open source software in minutes. A user can install a software, available in Softaculous, without having to download/upload any files, change any files. In short, Softaculous just helps you to install software really FAST.

In cPanel you have two options to install applications with just a few clicks:

a.) using the Apps Installer group and scroll the list until you find the application you want to install

b.) access the Softaculous Apps Installer menu in cPanel and load the Softaculous interface

In this tutorial, we will guide you to access the Softaculous Apps Installer interface in cPanel.

1.) First of all, go ahead and login to your Client Area:

2.) Once connected to your Client Area, please launch the cPanel interface:

3.) Once logged into cPanel, please locate and click the “Softaculous Apps Installer”:

4.) Now the Softaculous interface will be loaded and you will be able to install hundreds of scripts with just a few clicks. On the left side of your browser, you will see a menu of script’s categories and a search field – where you can search for the script you want to install:

5.) In the top-right of your browser, you will find another menu with a number of icons. Below is an explanation for each button:

a.) Go to cPanel – this will redirect you back to cPanel

b.) Script Demos – here you will see demo installations for all of the scripts listed in Softaculous

c.) Script Rating – the rating each script received from the community

d.) All Installations – list with all your account installations

e.) Task List – when you install, delete, update applications here you will see the progress of tasks in real-time.

f.) Edit Settings – basic settings for Softaculous interface

g.) Backups and Restore – manage script backups

h.) Email Settings – here you can set your e-mail account to receive notifications from Softaculous

i.) Synchronize with other Auto-Installers – In case you have some applications installed with a different auto-installer, here you will be able to sync Softaculous with that auto-installer

j.) Help and Support – Softaculous FAQ

k.) Logout – disconnect from Softaculous

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LastModified: November 7, 2021 1:38 pm