What Is My Serverís IP Address?

The main work of your serverís IP address is to connect your domain name into IP address and to connect it with the hosting plan you have with us. You might need to know your serverís IP address if you have a domain through other domain name registrar than us and using either their name servers or any other external name servers.

What is my serverís IP address?

Thereís a scenario when you might want to preserve the existing name servers ( external name servers ) for your domain name, and just point your domain name to our server. In this case, you will need to change the A record to which your domain points, to our serverís IP address.

You can find your serverís IP address in hosting account setup information email, that you have received once youíve signed up with us. Look up after ĎAccount IPĎ.

A quick way to locate your serverís Ip address is by logging into your Client Area and click on the Server Information icon for your hosting service:

In the pop-up window, under Server Information search for Server IP

Another quick way to locate your serverís IP address is by logging into cPanel and check on the right-hand side > GENERAL INFORMATION > Shared IP address

This type of DNS change must be done from the end of your nameservers holder.

Thatís it! Now you know how to locate your serverís IP address which you can use either to point your DNS to us or to connect over FTP. 

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LastModified: November 7, 2021 2:18 pm