What Is My Server’s IP Address?

The main work of your server’s IP address is to connect your domain name into IP address and to connect it with the hosting plan you have with us. You might need to know your server’s IP address if you have a domain through other domain name registrar than us and using either their name servers or any ...

How To Flush your DNS Cache

Did you know your computer has DNS cache which stores stores the locations (IP addresses) of web servers hosting websites you’ve previously visited? If the IP address of the web server changes before the entry in your computer’s DNS cache updates, you may find you’re no longer able to access the site, or you may be viewing ...

Can DNS clustering be enabled?

DNS clustering cannot be enabled on a shared hosting server since it requires significant modifications to our system. However, our virtual private servers (VPS) https://ultahost.com/vps-hosting do support this feature. 

How many MX records I can have?

You can add as many MX records as you wish, however, it's highly recommended to keep an eye out for the priority values you set. Lower values denote higher priority, with 0 being the highest possible priority. If you assign multiple mail servers the same priority, then when that level of mail server is needed, mail will be distributed to those ...

When can I see changes in my domain if I just edited my DNS records?

If you just edited or added a new record in your Domain's DNS zone, you may need to wait up to 24 hours for the change to propagate fully worldwide. However, usually, the changes can be seen in just a couple of hours.

I accidentally deleted DNS zone, how to restore it?

No need to worry about it! Simply go to your Control Panel section and click on DNS Zone Editor. Scroll down to the and click on the button called "Reset to Defaults". It will reset all settings and add all default values into your DNS zone.

How to enable or add SPF records?

To add an SPF record, you will need to navigate to your Control Panel's DNS Zone Editor section. After that, look for the TXT (Text) section and select the option to Add SPF record.

How to add SRV record to DNS zone?

Your DNS zone records can be edited using the DNS Zone Editor on your website's Control Panel. From there you will see the SRV record from where you can add or edit existing records.

How to Setup Personal DNS Servers with UltaHost?

Private DNS nameservers are fully white-label DNS servers. If you need to create nameservers for your domain name, you can define your own hostnames using a domain you have registered through us. Private nameservers (or Private DNS) are nameservers that don’t reflect your hosting provider, but rather your own domain name.

Benefits of Having Private DNS Servers

Having private nameservers could be useful if you intend to maintain anonymity between your online business and us, as your hosting provider, or to utilize hosting by reselling our Cloud VPS or Dedicated CPU server plans. In case you simply want to brand your business, the feature will give you a more professional look if someone attempts to review your ...