Will my SEO be affected if I transferred my website to a new hosting provider ?

The basic idea of moving a website from one server/host to another, cannot be associated with any ranking changes despite changing the IP address of the website. However, you could experience a temporary rank drop if there is downtime during the transfer. If you are transferring over to UltaHost, our expert technical support team will help you plan the ...

What is a Subdomain and How Does it Work?

If you need to set up more than one website or multiple websites, you probably may use subdomains to create parallel websites under the same domain. Here, we will shed light on subdomains and provide some reasons you should utilize them. Furthermore, we explain the main differences between a subdomain and a subdirectory.  By definition, a subdomain as the ...

Why I cannot send/receive emails?

Do you encounter errors when you are trying to send or receive an email? Or is there any email bouncing back when you try to send an email to the mailbox hosted on our servers?  If you encountered these problems, please provide us with any error or bounce back emails you get on the ticket. If not, please provide ...

Do you support Playtube CMS video Script?

PlayTube video sharing script is fully supported on our servers as it requires FFMpeg (which we can help you to install it in your own server). However, Playtube is supported on our VPS packages, you can find out more about them here - https://ultahost.com/vps-hosting

Are sockets supported?

We do support sockets. We recommend you to use VPS or VDS or Dedicated server plans.

Can I add multimedia content on my website?

You can embed multimedia content on your website without any problems. Hosting files such as movies or media hosting scripts that allow an anonymous user to upload an image, for example, (similar to Photobucket or Tinypic) currently isn't available.

Can I host online game scripts here?

Shared hosting is not suitable for online gaming scripts, however, if you really want to create gaming script you can check out our VPS packages, you will be able to create it there! :) Hostinger VPS packages are located here - https://ultahost.com/vps-hosting

Can I run commands from command line?

You can run commands via SSH (command line) by going to your Control Panel -> SSH Access. Please enable "Manage SSH Access" there. Then Below you will see the details of SSH which will allow you to connect to the server! 

Do you support WoWonder Social PHP Script?

Yes sure, UltaHost supports "WoWonder", from the minimum requirements to the maximum performance!Our servers can handle up to millions of users who are using WoWonder PHP social scripts, and its mobile android and IOs applications. Our support agents have full experience with the script, they can configure for you the correct configurations for your server and API and PHP ...

How much WoWonder users can handle each server plan?

  We highly don't recommend using WoWonder Script in shared hosting, you will gain more speed and performance using VPS or VDS Servers or Dedicated server plans. In the table below we calculated the performance of each server with daily and monthly visiting, you can pick your plan depending on your expected daily and monthly visitors. In the future, ...