Deny Access to Backup and Source Files

These files may be left by some text/HTML editors (like Vi/Vim) and pose a great security danger if exposed to the public. <FilesMatch "(\.(bak|config|dist|fla|inc|ini|log|psd|sh|sql|swp)|~)$">     ## Apache 2.2     Order allow,deny     Deny from all     Satisfy All     ## Apache 2.4     # ...

How to Deny Access to Hidden Files and Directories

Hidden files and directories (those whose names start with a dot .) should most, if not all, of the time be secured. For example: .htaccess, .htpasswd, .git, .hg… RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} -d [OR] RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} -f RewriteRule "(^|/)\." - [F] Alternatively, you can just raise a “Not Found” error, giving the attacker no clue: RedirectMatch 404 /\..*$

How to deny access to a single IP Address using .htaccess

Let’s assume that you wish to deny or block access to your website from IP address. The below lines provide the means to allow access to your website from all users except one with the IP Address: # Order Allow, Deny Deny from Deny from Allow from All # Order Deny, Allow Deny from Deny from If there are multiple IP’...

How to Disable Directory Browsing

.htaccess is a resourceful file that can allow or deny access to your website or a folder or files in the directory in which it is placed by using order, allow and deny keywords.Options All -Indexes That’s it. Now you know how to Allow or Deny access to your website using .htaccess.

.htaccess 101 – Allow or Deny Access to Your Website Using .htaccess

.htaccess is a resourceful file that can allow or deny access to your website or a folder or files in the directory in which it is placed by using order, allow and deny keywords.

How to allow access to a single IP address using .htaccess

In the following example, we will assume that you want to allow access only to IP address. The code that you will need to add in your .htaccess file is: # Order Allow, Deny Deny from All Allow from Order keyword here specifies the order in which allow, deny access would be processed. For the above ‘Order’ statement, the Allow statements ...

Troubleshooting FileZilla FTP Connection Errors

If you have problems connecting to your FTP account using FileZilla, check out the information below to help you solve the problem. Response: 530 Login authentication failed Response: 530 Login authentication failed Error: Critical error Error: Could not connect to server If you see this error message when trying to connect it means that you entered an incorrect username/password or host. ...

allow_url_fopen, How to Enable

This can be done via your php.ini file by adding the following line: allow_url_fopen = OnThe php.ini file is where you declare changes to your PHP settings. You can edit the existing php.ini, or create a new text file in any subdirectory and name it php.ini.

How to Find the URL of a File

If you want to share a web file with friends or the public, you first need to determine the path of the file. Files on the Primary Domain To determine the URL for files hosted on your primary domain: Log in to FTP or File Manager and note the parent folder where your file is stored (normally the public_html ...

Apache mod_rewrite and Examples

What is mod_rewrite? UltaHost uses Apache, the open source HTTP server software, to host your website. Apache can be customized via modules, and the mod_rewrite module is available for you to use yourself. mod_rewrite can redirect one URL to another URL, rewrite requested URLs, limit access to your site and much more. A rewrite rule can be ...

Our PHP Modules

These modules are currently installed on all servers (Linux and Windows), except as indicated below.If you are missing any of these modules, please contact us with the names of the modules. Any modules NOT listed are either not compatible or not allowed on shared or reseller hosting.VPS and Dedicated servers are less restrictive when requesting/applying modules. PHP ...

Why does the login to additional FTP account fail?

If you have created additional FTP accounts and experience any login problems, please double check if your username is correct. For example, if your username is u334914894 and you created new FTP account "alex", your FTP username will NOT be alex, it will be "u334914894.alex" instead.