How to get email configuration?

Your Email Accounts details can be located by accessing your Control Panel and navigating to the Details menu.

I need to send mass mail, can I use external SMTP (like Google)?

If you need to send (mass) mails from an e-mail with your domain extension ([email protected]), and our limit is too small for you, then you can use external SMTP servers. We recommend using Gmail services for this. Google GMail offers a free SMTP server which can be used by anyone who has a GMail account. If you don't ...

Can I install my own webmail client?

You should be able to install your own webmail client, but we can not provide any help in installing and configuring it. You would have to ask script authors to help you with that!

How to update RoundCube's user interface?

If your email account was created a long time ago and you'd like to update its graphical user interface (GUI) you can simply do that by: Logging into RoundCube, going to Configuration -> Interface and changing the language to any other (for example English US -> English GB), pushing Save, and then changing it back. The RoundCube client ...

How can I recover deleted emails from webmail?

Currently, Emails are not backed up automatically like your website's files and databases on The best solution is to locate any emails you've saved up locally. For example, Outlook will keep emails stored on your Computer, separately from the email stored on ultahost.

Can I install a free SSL on UltaHost?

Everyone needs to have SSL! UltaHost clients are not an exception! The procedure of installing Free SSL is rather complicated, so alternatively, you can always purchase the SSL and we will install it for you! Lifetime SSL Security A high-security level forever! No annual fees - only one-time payment for activation. How cool is that? Pro SSL Security A professional ...

How to install my SSL which I have bought with UltaHost?

If you have bought an SSL certificate and activate it you should find it in the SSL section of the control panel area. 

Can I host affiliate based websites here?

You can host affiliate based websites (with affiliate links, banners, etc.) without any problems here!

How to change my PHP version?

We are glad to inform you that you can change the current version of PHP even in a shared hosting environment. This is free of charge for all our clients, as a complimentary service that we offer via cPanel. In order to perform the change, please follow these steps: Access your cPanel account Access Select PHP Version from Software and ...

Can I change the contact details on my receipt?

Sure! You can update your contact details from your profile. Once the new contact details are saved, they will instantly appear on your receipt.

Who we are?

You can find all the relevant information about our company on this About us page. Also please meet our UltaHost team!

How to change the max memory and max upload limit?

Changing PHP variables is easy on our shared hosting plans. You have full control and you can easily configure specific PHP setup for your account. This can be achieved via cPanel so you do not need to contact the Support team for that. In order to change the memory_limit and upload_max_filesize values, you need to access your ...

How to add SRV record to DNS zone?

Your DNS zone records can be edited using the DNS Zone Editor on your website's Control Panel. From there you will see the SRV record from where you can add or edit existing records.

Can I enable anonymous FTP connections?

UltaHost does not support anonymous FTP connections for security and performance purposes.

What languages do your support team speak?

Our support team is versed in Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Netherlands, and English languages. Keep in mind that on some of the resellers, for example, - support is provided only in English. 

How to Handle the Google Attack Page

What Is the Google Attack Page?Google has an automated system that searches for websites on which malicious activity is detected and creates a blacklist based on their findings. A user attempting to access a blacklisted site can be redirected to an "interstitial page" (the "Reported Attack Site!" page):Google will notify the owner of any site it adds to ...

My Website is Infected!

What is a Malware Infection?Malware, short for malicious software, is created by cybercriminals with the intent of causing harm to a website. It is used to steal sensitive customer information, hold websites for ransom, or even take control of the website itself. In many cases, victims of malware may not realize they’ve been attacked until it’s too ...

Who we are?

You can find all the relevant information about our company in this About us page.

I want to work in your company. Where can I apply?

You can fill out the job application at our main LinkedIn page in mind that only selected applicants will be informed.

Do you accept customers from all countries?

We do accept customers from all countries in the world! However, to prevent abuse, some countries may be put in high-risk list and registrations may be checked manually :)