Is dl() function enabled?

We can not enable this function or enable this loader on our servers for security reasons.

What MySQL storage engines are supported on your servers?

Our servers support InnoDB and myisam MySQL storage engines.

What perl version do you use?

Our shared servers do not support perl/CGI at the moment. However, you can use perl if you get one of our VPS packages!

Do you support GCC compiler?

GCC compilers are not supported on our servers. You can still install it on our VPS packages:

How can I change the php.ini file?

Access to the php.ini file is not allowed for Shared Hosting customers here. However, most PHP values and settings can be used by using the .htaccess file with the help of php_flag.

How can I modify the PHP timezone setting for my website?

Your server's Global time configuration cannot be changed, but you can use the PHP function date_default_timezone_set to set the timezone for your website. Here's an example code that sets and checks the currently set timezone: <?php date_default_timezone_set("Asia/Bangkok"); echo date_default_timezone_get(); ?> A list of available PHP timezones can be ...

How to parse PHP in HTML files?

If you want to make all of your website's .html pages to run as .php files instead (parsing PHP in HTML files), all you need to do is add the following line to your .htaccess file: AddHandler application/x-httpd-lsphp .htm .html IMPORTANT: Make sure to make backups of your original .htaccess file, as making changes to this file can disrupt ...

How to turn off PHP error reporting?

To turn off PHP error reporting you can use the following snippet in your PHP script: error_reporting(0); Just remember to call this before any other PHP directive. Alternatively, you can add this line to your .htaccess file (it is located in your public_html folder) to suppress any php error messages: php_flag display_errors off

I get 'Invalid argument supplied' message

If you see error message 'invalid argument supplied' or similar error message in your script, it means there is a problem with your script coding (it's not related to hosting servers). You can find a solution here:

I get 'unexpected T_STRING' error

You may get this error because all .html files are parsed as PHP here. So, if your .html file contains "<?" or "?>" tags/text (which shows for file parser that PHP code started), you get this error. This can happen with XML files if they are not using correct content type. If order to fix this error you need ...

Is allow_url_fopen enabled on your servers?

PHP function allow_url_fopen is enabled on all of our Shared Hosting packages. 

PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare

If you see error message 'PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare function' or similar error message in your script, it means there is a problem with your script code (it tries to declare the same function multiple times).This error says that your function is already defined. This could mean: you have the same function defined in two files you have ...

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PRIVATE

If you get error message 'unexpected T_PRIVATE' or similar error in your script, make sure your script does not use "reserved" variables. For example, $private is "reserved" variable in PHP5, so rename $private to something else and everything should work fine. To learn more see this link:

What happens after domain names expire

When your domain name expires, you have an opportunity to reclaim that domain name. How long you have, and what it costs to reclaim the domain name, depends on several factors. Here at UltaHost, we give you both a Renewal Grace Period and a Redemption Grace Period (exceptions apply). Here’s the difference: The Renewal Grace Period begins after the ...

List of available Payment Methods accepts the following payment methods at the moment: PayPal Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, and, Maestro, )

How many rewards can I get?

You are able to get an unlimited number of rewards. For example, if you have 10 active referrals you can get 2 x 5$ payment or you can wait and collect more referrals for a free domain name.

Do you support GCC compiler?

GCC compilers are not supported on our servers. You can still install it on our VPS packages:

What languages do your support team speak?

Our support team is versed in Russian,  Turkish, Arabic,  Georgian, and English languages. Keep in mind that on some of the resellers, for example, - support is provided only in English.

Do you accept customers from all countries?

We do accept customers from all countries in the world! However, to prevent abuse, some countries may be put in high-risk list and registrations may be checked manually :).

How many customers do you have?

We currently have several thousand users and counting! Isn't it awesome?! You can learn more about ultaHost at