How to Setup Personal DNS Servers with UltaHost?

Private DNS nameservers are fully white-label DNS servers. If you need to create nameservers for your domain name, you can define your own hostnames using a domain you have registered through us. Private nameservers (or Private DNS) are nameservers that don’t reflect your hosting provider, but rather your own domain name.

Benefits of Having Private DNS Servers

Having private nameservers could be useful if you intend to maintain anonymity between your online business and us, as your hosting provider, or to utilize hosting by reselling our Cloud VPS or Dedicated CPU server plans. In case you simply want to brand your business, the feature will give you a more professional look if someone attempts to review your ...

How do I find my current IP address?

OVERVIEW Every device connected to the public Internet is assigned a unique number known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. IP addresses consist of four sets of numbers separated by periods, e.g. Knowing the current IP Address of your home computer can be helpful when troubleshooting an issue. This is a common request of our Technical Support Department when ...

Do you support foreign keys in phpmyadmin?

Foreign keys are supported on all of our packages!

How to Set Up Private Nameservers

Private nameservers are your own DNS nameservers. They use your domain – such as and – instead of the name of your web hosting company. The most common situation where private nameservers are used is by resellers who are trying to establish their own brand. Private nameservers not only look professional, they make the process of ...

Why am I receiving so many emails about my domain renewal?

Registrars sending renewal reminders and expiry notifications to the Registrant are compulsory. These emails are usually sent within a month and 7 days before your Domain Name expires and in the moment of expiration respectively. These are the official rules for user notification, which are enforced by The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number (ICANN), so we must abide by ...

Why is my website inaccessible after pointing my domain to your name servers?

Propagation is the obvious answer to this question. What is propagation then? When your website address is entered into a web browser, the computer requests the IP address of the server where your site is from; that is, your local Internet Server Providers (ISP) DNS records. So, if the website is not listed in the records, it queries the registrars ...

What is a Subdomain and How Does it Work?

If you need to set up more than one website or multiple websites, you probably may use subdomains to create parallel websites under the same domain. Here, we will shed light on subdomains and provide some reasons you should utilize them. Furthermore, we explain the main differences between a subdomain and a subdirectory.  By definition, a subdomain as the ...

How to access cPanel?

You can access cPanel by logging into your profile at 

Will my SEO be affected if I transferred my website to a new hosting provider ?

The basic idea of moving a website from one server/host to another, cannot be associated with any ranking changes despite changing the IP address of the website. However, you could experience a temporary rank drop if there is downtime during the transfer. If you are transferring over to UltaHost, our expert technical support team will help you plan the ...

Why I cannot send/receive emails?

Do you encounter errors when you are trying to send or receive an email? Or is there any email bouncing back when you try to send an email to the mailbox hosted on our servers?  If you encountered these problems, please provide us with any error or bounce back emails you get on the ticket. If not, please provide ...

How to buy a VPS package?

If you have decided to buy a VPS package, please go to - By default, you can potentially configure almost anything on the VPS server if you know how to do it since it provides almost complete freedom when it comes to resource limit management. 

#1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax

The error 1064 occurs due to MySQL version mismatch. Different versions have different reserved words, which, if they are used by a previous version, causes the error to occur.

Do you support foreign keys in phpmyadmin?

Foreign keys are supported on all of our packages!

How can I modify database charset?

You can modify database charset using phpmyadmin at any time. Simply select the database you want to edit, click 'Operations' tab and look for 'Collation' field. Select new charset and click 'Go' button to save your changes. If you need to modify charset for an individual table or even field, you can repeat the same operation after selecting the desired ...

How many mysql user connections do you allow (at the same time)?

Our servers are set to use up to 15 simultaneous MySQL connections for one MySQL user at the same time.

How to import/export database?

To import/export a MySQL database you need to follow these simple steps: - If you want to import database please log in to Control Panel, find MySQL Databases and create a new database. - Login to phpMyAdmin and click Import / Export button at the top of the page. This section will allow you to import or export any database!&...

Is event_scheduler enabled for MySQL?

event_scheduler is currently disabled on our Shared Hosting packages. However, it can be enabled on a VPS, so feel free to check out the available VPS packages:

is mysqli enabled?

Yes! The mysqli module is enabled and is fully supported by default on our servers and since MySQL is officially deprecated in PHP v5.5.0 and removed in PHP v7 you can use mysqli module from PHP version 5.0.

MySQL timeout errors

If you experience MySQL timeouts, it's possible you are using heavy or very long MySQL queries. Please try using mysql_reconnect command before each query, and everything should be fine.