Discover the 5 Best WordPress Gallery Plugins for Your Website

Best WordPress Gallery Plugins

WordPress gallery plugins are pretty handy for creating visually heavy web pages, such as portfolios, product pages, etc. They help showcase images and videos, helping your products stand out. Whether you are a professional photographer, run an e-commerce business, or create explainer videos and blogs, a WordPress gallery plugin can help you organize your website.

But with so many options, how do you find the best WordPress gallery plugin for your website? In this article, we explain the key features to watch out for, compare the most popular WordPress gallery plugins, and share our insights to help you make an informed choice. Read on!

A gallery is a series of images or videos showcased neatly for viewers’ convenience. Artists and photographers can integrate them with stunning WordPress portfolio themes to showcase their work. WP gallery plugins display visual content in different layouts with various styles and functions to give website visitors a pleasant experience.

Using a WP gallery plugin, you can flaunt visual elements by adding custom effects like hover, responsive layouts like a carousel, and sharing additional information for greater interactivity and SEO. WordPress gallery plugins bring the tools you need to create a stunning image or video library.

If you are familiar with WordPress, you know there are thousands of paid and free WP gallery plugins with similar features. So, how do you find the best WP gallery widget for your website hosted on a shared or dedicated server? Well, here are three essential factors to consider.


Since most WordPress gallery plugins offer similar features, there is a fair chance of overlapping. Therefore, you must identify their unique selling points to find the most suitable extension for your application. Here is what to look out for:


Ease of use is equally important since you will need to update the gallery’s contents frequently. Find a beginner-friendly WordPress gallery plugin, as these are generally easy to use and offer the most essential features.

Like WordPress live chat plugins, gallery widgets use drag-and-drop builders to simplify placing, resizing, and reordering images. The best way to find a suitable WP widget is to try it out. If you enjoy the features and interface, you have found the best WP gallery plugin for your website.


As a rule of thumb, the more expensive a WordPress gallery plugin, the more features it offers. However, premium widgets offer generous free versions that suffice for most users. So, before splurging on a paid plan, use a few free WordPress gallery plugins and decide if you need more.

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Here are the five most popular WordPress gallery plugins worldwide. We will compare the key features to determine what makes them unique.

Envira Gallery WordPress Gallery Plugin

Envira is one of the most popular WordPress gallery plugins. It is customizable, flexible, and user-friendly, offering multiple templates and functions. The extension is ideal for amateur and professional web developers and provides a front-end drag-and-drop builder for convenience.

The gallery is mobile-friendly and includes several excellent templates. With a premium subscription, you can access unlimited photo and video galleries, WooCommerce integrations, Dropbox imports, social sharing options, password protection, and watermarks.

Key Features

  1. Drag and Drop Builder: Create beautiful images and video galleries with a few clicks.
  2. Standalone Galleries: Insert independent galleries not linked to web pages or posts.
  3. Responsive Templates: Build responsive galleries for mobile, tablet, and desktop users.
  4. Supersize Lightbox Images: Display full-size images without hampering load times with advanced optimization options.


  • User-friendly interface with clear instructions for beginners.
  • Abundant templates and plugins to customize your gallery
  • Optimized for loading quickly
  • Plenty of add-on features are available for purchasing


  • The free plan has limited resources. So, if pricing is your primary concern, you should consider using other free WordPress gallery plugins.
NextGEN WordPress Gallery Plugin

NextGEN is one of the best free gallery plugins for websites using SSD VPS hosting. It offers excellent features like customizable templates, optimization tools, built-in gallery management, lightboxes, and more. The pro version is ideal for building websites for creative professionals and business owners who want to fine-tune how images are displayed.

Key Features

  1. Create Multiple Galleries: You can create albums of different galleries to showcase multiple images.
  2. Multiple Gallery Types: Paid users can create different gallery types depending on their requirements.
  3. Batch Image Upload: Upload images in batches and create slideshow or thumbnail galleries.
  4. Diverse Add-on Support: You can buy add-on features to unlock additional functionalities.


  • User-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop builder
  • Add-on extensions with the paid plan
  • Intuitive e-commerce functionalities
  • Image protection solutions like watermarking and password
  • Social media sharing options


  • Steep learning curve
Modula WordPress Gallery Plugin

Modula is an intuitive WordPress gallery plugin that offers intuitive features and flexible customizations. Using the innovative custom grid functionality, you can resize images and control the height, width, and aspect ratio. The free plan offers everything you need to set up a basic gallery. However, you need to upgrade for premium features like speed optimization, lightbox, and advanced gallery formats.

Key Features

  1. Multiple Layouts: Use diverse grids like masonry, custom grids, or an automatic layout.
  2. Speed Optimization: Optimize galleries for faster load times.
  3. Responsive Templates: Mobile-friendly themes look good on all devices.
  4. Search Filter: Add search filters to your albums so visitors can find your portfolio galleries.


  • Resize images with the gallery container using customizable design grids
  • Add image-entry animations with over 40 built-in hover effects
  • Fine-tune templates with custom CSS
  • Add GIFs to accentuate your galleries
  • Insert your galleries throughout the site using shortcodes


  • Not suitable for web developers who love coding and extreme customization
FooGallery WordPress Gallery Plugin

FooGallery is one of the most customizable WordPress gallery plugins. Prominent features include multiple image gallery templates, including popular options like masonry, grid, thumbnail, Lightbox, dynamic galleries, custom captions, gallery search, and multi-level filtering. FooGallery also has a drag-and-drop builder for resizing and arranging images within the gallery container. The infinite scrolling feature helps incorporate multiple photos on a single page.

Key Features

  1. PRO Lightbox: Customize the Lightbox according to your theme using advanced features like custom colors, thumbnail strips, auto progress, etc.
  2. Advanced Effects: Enhance your galleries effortlessly using stunning effects like hover and thumb filters.
  3. Video Support: Import videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or upload and host your videos locally and create top quality online galleries.
  4. Tag Filtering: Organize media using tags and categories for advanced filtering and make your galleries more user-friendly.
  5. Gallery Search: Adda search bar to your gallery and enable visitors to find images they want to view.


  • You can create responsive galleries that look good on all devices
  • Lazy loading galleries improve load times
  • You can preview changes as you make them
  • Secure your galleries with password protection


  • You can’t add images and videos to the same album
  • Your lightbox choice is limited to FooBox
Photo Gallery by 10Web WordPress Gallery Plugin

Photo Gallery by 10Web is an excellent WordPress gallery plugin that offers several useful features in the free version. You can create professional-grade albums, customize templates, and share on social media with a few clicks. The widget is optimized for page speed and helps boost website performance considerably.

Key Features

  1. Advanced Lightbox: Get a fully customizable lightbox with 15 transition effects, a filmstrip, and a full-width view.
  2. 10 Premium Gallery Views: Access stunning views like masonry, thumbnail, slideshow, mosaic, carousel, and more.
  3. Customizable Themes: You can choose a theme from the frontend library or create your own from scratch.
  4. Responsive Designs: Showcase perfectly responsive galleries on all screen sizes.
  5. Gallery Groups and Tags: Organize your galleries into categories and find them using tags.
  6. Social Media Integration: Import images from Instagram and display your albums on Google Photos in one click.


  • The interactive interface is easy to use
  • A long list of excellent functionalities
  • Unlimited photo and video galleries


  • Several features are still under development


Like most WordPress plugins, there is no magical one-size fits all extension for all websites. Each widget offers unique benefits and you must choose one that suits your needs. Beginners might be comfortable using Modula’s user-friendly interface while photographers, artists, and creatives might prefer NextGEN’s backend customizations. So, the choice rests on your needs and budget.

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