Natural Selection 2: The Ultimate Guide

Natural Selection 2 guide

Natural Selection 2 is a competitive online multiplayer game that pits two teams against each other in various game modes, focusing primarily on territorial control and survival. Players assume roles within their chosen faction and battling to destroy the enemy base while expanding their territory, managing resources, and developing technologies. The combination of FPS and RTS elements sets NS2 apart from traditional games, offering strategic depth and adrenaline-pumping combat.

NS2 offers two distinct factions – the Kharaa, an alien species, and the Frontiersmen, human space marines. Who engage in intense battles for domination. In this comprehensive guide, we will talk about the game’s mechanics, strategies, and nuances which help newcomers master the art of warfare in NS2.

Join the exciting world of Natural Selection 2, where you become a soldier fighting either as a human or an alien in a future full of conflicts with mates on a gaming vps server. It’s a mix of quick shooting action and smart thinking, requiring good teamwork and careful handling of resources. Many people love playing it, and there are constant updates and ways to customize your game.

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Understanding the Basics


The core objective of Natural Selection 2 is to eliminate the opposing force by destroying key installations. Also, capturing critical points, and depleting the enemy’s reinforcements, to achieve victory, each side needs to focus on several crucial aspects:

  1. Base Building: Construct essential structures such as resource harvesters. Also, barracks, factories, and reactors to support your army and provide defensive capabilities.
  2. Resource Management: Collect and allocate resources efficiently to fuel technological progression and sustain your forces during battle.
  3. Technology Upgrades: Invest resources wisely to unlock advanced weaponry, equipment, and special abilities for your troops.
  4. Teamwork and Communication: Collaborate effectively with your fellow players. Also, sharing valuable information and coordinating efforts to maximize efficiency and maintain tactical superiority.
Resource Extractor

In the following sections, we explore these concepts further and offer insights into optimizing performance for both the Kharaa and the Frontiersmen.

The Human Perspective – Fighting for Survival

As members of the elite marine unit called the Frontiersmen, players enjoy access to state of the art weaponry, armor, and gadgets designed specifically for dealing with extraterrestrial threats. With diverse classes and specialized skill sets, humans bring versatile firepower and adaptable tactics to the table.

Frontiersmen in Natural Selection 2

Key Aspects of Playing as Humans

  1. Class System: Choose between six distinct classes – Exo, HMG, Skulk, Lerk, Gorge, and Onos – each possessing unique strengths, weaknesses, and role requirements.
  2. Weapon Variety: Employ an extensive arsenal of projectile-based armaments, including rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, and power tools, tailored for specific situations and targets.
  3. Defensive Structures: Erect stationary turrets, deployable barriers, proximity mines, and automated traps to fortify positions and deter hostile advances.
  4. Support Abilities: Utilize healing beams, reviving drones, ammo dispensers, and energy shields provided by the Commanders to bolster individual and collective strength.

Ready to lead your team in Natural Selection 2

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Human Strategies and Tips

  1. Consolidate early gains: Secure initial victories quickly and decisively before allowing opponents time to recuperate and reorganize.
  2. Capitalize on class synergies: Combine complementary skills and abilities among teammates to amplify overall effectiveness.
  3. Maintain forward momentum: Relentlessly press forward, eliminating opposition resistance and disrupting enemy infrastructure.
  4. Stay vigilant for ambushes: Use reconnaissance devices, paranoia detection, and environmental awareness to counter stealthy adversaries.

An Alternative Approach – Life beyond Firearms

For players seeking something beyond conventional guns and explosions, the Kharaa offers a completely different style of engagement built upon evolution, mobility, and also raw physical prowess. These creatures evolve continuously throughout the match. Which is gaining new powers and attributes according to their actions and environment.

Critical Elements of Playing as Kharaa

Kharaa in Natural Selection 2
  1. Evolution Mechanic: Transform into increasingly powerful beings through accumulating biomass, enabling rapid movement, devastating attacks, and unusual abilities.
  2. Stealth and Ambush Tactics: Exploit cloaking fields, short range teleportation, and high vantage points to strike unsuspecting enemies and retreat swiftly.
  3. Unique Creature Types: Select from five distinct lifeforms – Skulk, Lerk, Gorge, Onos, and Fade – each catering to varying playstyles and strategic priorities.
  4. Infestation Techniques: Occupy and convert hostile terrain using eggs, creep, and tunnels to extend influence and secure favorable positions.

Kharaa Strategies and Suggestions

Alien win in NS 2
  1. Focus on area denial: Disrupt human movements with web traps, corrosive biles, and infestation techniques to slow down expansion and limit resource gathering.
  2. Adapt rapidly: React appropriately to changing circumstances, shifting strategies, and emerging threats by evolving accordingly.
  3. Harass relentlessly: Engage in hit and run assaults, harassing vulnerable rear echelons, supply lines, and construction sites.
  4. Prioritize targets intelligently: Identify weak links in the human chain of command. Also, targeting engineers, command centers, and turret placements cripple their operational capacity.


Our comprehensive Natural Selection 2 Ultimate Guide is now complete. Aspiring commanders should find themselves better prepared to face whatever challenges await them on the battlefield, by understanding the fundamental principles governing both factions and incorporating the proven strategies outlined above, moreover, gamers stand poised to make meaningful contributions towards achieving glorious triumphs amidst fierce competition. So gear up, rally your comrades, and embark on an epic journey. Through space and time, immortalized forever in the annals of NS2 history.

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