How to Get Elements in Ark Survival Ascended

Ark Survival Ascended Elements guide

Ark Survival Ascended is a thrilling game where players explore a vast island filled with wild animals and nature. They begin by creating their characters and collecting materials to build shelters and tools. As they progress, they face numerous challenges, including fighting dangerous dinosaurs and constructing massive bases. One crucial aspect of the game involves finding “Element”, a special energy source required to operate powerful equipment and machines. Since gathering Element can be tricky, this guide will share several practical ways to acquire it efficiently within Ark Survival Ascended.

To play Ark Survival Ascended, the same as Ark Survival Evolved, gamers must learn basic controls and concepts. For example, moving the character relies on arrow keys or WASD buttons, while interacting with objects uses the spacebar. Players collect resources by hitting trees, rocks, and bushes, which drop wood, stone, and other useful items. Crafting works by combining gathered materials via the inventory menu, enabling the creation of new gear, weapons, and building components. Understanding these fundamentals sets the stage for mastering Element collection strategies outlined later in this guide.

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Element Acquisition through Boss Fights

The primary method of acquiring Element involves defeating specific bosses within the game world. Each boss battle yields varying amounts of Element based on the difficulty level achieved during combat. Currently, there exist three distinct boss battles capable of dropping Element in ascended form – The Brood Mother, Megapithecus (Mega Pitch), and Dragon.

boss fights

Before going into each boss encounter, note that teamwork significantly enhances success rates against tougher adversaries such as dragons, especially when dealing with their pesky minion armies consisting primarily of Dimetrodons and Pteranodons. With proper coordination, resource management strategies, and the use of helper animals with unique abilities, even novice adventurers stand a chance against these fearsome foes. These helper animals make it much simpler to tame your first dinosaur in Ark: Survival, making the capturing of desired creatures safer and more efficient

The Brood Mother: Queen of Spiders

brood mother

As the easiest creature to defeat amongst the trio, she offers relatively low rewards compared to others; nonetheless, farming her remains an excellent starting point for accumulating Element early in the game. Here are the respective drop quantities depending on the challenge tier completed:

  1. Gamma Level: 20 Element
  2. Beta Level: 56 Element
  3. Alpha Level: 148 Element

Defeating the Brood Mother requires knowledge of her weak points and vulnerabilities, allowing players to inflict significant damage quickly. For instance, targeting vulnerable spots located near her legs impairs her movement capabilities, rendering her incapacitated momentarily. In addition, employing specialized weaponry tailored specifically towards arachnids amplifies overall effectiveness. Check out our dedicated guide on killing the Brood Mother efficiently for optimal results.

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Megapithecus (Mega Pitch): King Kong Reimagined

Boasting impressive strength and resilience, Mega Pitch poses a substantial threat despite being less challenging compared to dragons. Fortunately, victory grants generous Element payouts upon successful elimination:

King Kong Reimagined
  1. Gamma Level: 40 Element
  2. Beta Level: 110 Element
  3. Alpha Level: 220 Element

Similar to the Brood Mother, exploiting weaknesses maximizes efficiency during encounters. Utilizing projectile weapons proves advantageous since Mega Pitch cannot counterattack beyond its immediate vicinity. Moreover, positioning oneself strategically behind large obstacles minimizes potential harm suffered throughout the confrontation. Refer to our separate tutorial detailing efficient techniques for vanquishing Mega Pitch effortlessly.

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Dragon: Lord of the Skies

Dragons element

Undoubtedly, Dragons represent the epitome of danger and reward in Ark Survival Ascended, demanding careful preparation and execution. Consequently, defeat these majestic beasts nets sizable Element returns worthy of the try:

  1. Gamma Level: 80 Element
  2. Beta Level: 220 Element
  3. Alpha Level: 440 Element

While seemingly invincible, strategic approaches dissect the overwhelming task into manageable steps. Our definitive guide on slaying dragons shares essential insights on handling both terrestrial and aerial phases, equipping aspiring hunters with essential knowledge necessary for triumph.



Acquiring Element in Ark Survival Ascended spins mainly around engaging formidable bosses scattered across the game map, although daunting initially, clearly skills and understanding mechanics gradually transform risky oaths into surmountable feats. Embrace the journey, learn from failures, and ultimately reap bountiful harvests of precious Elements expecting valiant survivors.

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