5 tips to improve Google search ranking

5 tips to improve Google search ranking

We strongly recommend you only use White Hat else than those because the ethics and norms always come first.

Five tips to improve website SEO and Google search ranking

There are multiple black hats, white hats, and grey hats strategies and tips to improve any website’s organic ranking via search engine optimization available over the internet. But Black Hats and Grey Hats are entirely unethical, and we strongly recommend you only use White Hat else than those because the ethics and norms always come first. Some of the recommended white hats tips are given below:

  • By publishing Quality content, any website can achieve a Google search ranking.
  • By preparing the list of quality keywords, website ranking could be attained.
  • The well-written Meta description can also be proved beneficial in Google search ranking and made the page’s content clearer to the user, which increases the probability of user interaction with the website.
  • The alt tags in the image are also helpful for the optimization of any Google search ranking website.
  • Website Design, headings, and Titles should be well structured, impressive, optimized, and mobile-friendly.

Content plays a prominent role in achieving Google search ranking for any website. Content is considered the spiral of Digital Marketing and SEO. By publishing relevant content, any website can build a trustworthy relationship with its customers or users.

– Quality content would help you earn traffic and audience engagement, which means that you are getting more views and ranking, which would desirably enhance your market share. Ultimately there is a chance of getting more revenue.  Quality content presents you more prominently in your niche as the market leader of the relevant industry. Quality content also acts as the library enhancer for your website or your web page, so if there is more library, then there would be more keywords, and more keywords are directly linked with more traffic. On the other hand, lousy content will never help you to earn business and brand identification among your audience.

– The use of suitable keywords related to your website’s product can create a considerable difference while optimizing your organic website search ranking. Keywords are useful in attaining traffic for your website business. To prepare the list of keywords, you should have to think according to people’s needs. So, to prepare a list of keywords for your website, you should have the ultimate goal. After defining the goals, you should have to make a list of relevant topics. After that, you have to find your competitors. This would help you in preparing a list of keywords from your competitor’s content besides this. Moreover, it enables you to find some such competitive keywords, which gives you an edge over your competitors. There are many tools used to find out the keywords, for example, Solve, Semrush, Moz Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, Ahrefs keyword explorer, etc. These act as keyword research tools and fall in the white hat SEO technique.

– The tag represents the meta description, and the content written in the meta tag would never be displayed on the web page as the search engines. The browsers follow the meta description and help the crawler during crawling, so the well-written meta description for your website or web page can earn your website’s traffic. So, to provide the best explanation for any web page, there is a need for a tag, and here are some of the elements which everyone needs to complete a quality meta description:

  1. The length of the characters should be up to 155 characters.
  2. The description should be unique and focused.
  3. The use of the focused keywords for the description should always be in everyone’s mind.
  4. The voice should be active and convincing while writing a Meta description.

– Alt tags act as a boosting agent for an image SEO; whenever an alt tag is used with an appropriate keyword, the result will ultimately boost your web page. An Alt tag’s content is a helpful crawler in indicating search engines’ elements to understand what your image is all about. Alt attributes are also considered as the concise description of the 100 characters that any website could assign to any image on their website.  So, if any website wants to achieve image ranking and positively impact their eCommerce store, then the use of Alt attributes to the images becomes necessary.

– The design of any website has its importance in Google search ranking just because the website’s design covers the visual aspects of your business website/web page. In SEO, web design matters a lot because an elegant and simple design will make it easy for search engine crawlers to find content on your webpage. Web design is something that is going to erase or damage your search engine optimization. A good website design and architecture will optimize the speed of your website. On the other hand, if the design is complex and lousy, it would affect page loading speed. Sometimes it also affects conversions. Also, if you skip or compromise your website’s design, it will ultimately cost your business in the form of time, money, and rankings.

So, it would be a smarter approach if anyone could incorporate the search engine optimization and the design of that website together, just because it will help admins build the base foundation for your web business. Besides this, the good design of any website ensures the readability of that website, and it makes any website mobile-friendly also. In designing any website, it should be kept in mind that your designer must stay away from the flash, and ultimately, in the end, your Search engine optimization will thank you. While designing any website, the images used in the design should have descriptive and logical file names. The files’ size should be compressed to its extreme limit. It would increase the browsing speed of that website, and the site architecture should be impressive. While designing any website, an authoritative check must have a direct and continuous influence on the designer. And at the end, a good design would reward you with the attainment of Google search rankings. In the end, navigations and coding to highlight the keywords are also very effective in making well-designed websites.

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