7 Days to Die: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

7 Days to Die A Complete Beginners Guide Cover

Join us on a dreadful adventure through the ruins of civilization as we explore the unforgiving world of 7 Days to Die, where the only thing standing between you and certain death is your ability to survive.

This guide will be your companion, covering everything you need to know to survive and succeed in this zombie-infested world. From basic survival tips to advanced strategies, we’ve got you covered.

Game Overview

7 Days to Die is set in a vicious, unforgiving world infested by zombies. Players must search for resources, craft items, and build shelters to survive or succeed before zombies become more aggressive and dangerous at night due to their dynamic day-night cycle. This feature adds suspense and challenge, making night-time gameplay intense and exciting. So players must be careful and strategic to survive the increased threat during the dark hours.

In addition, you have to deal with hunger, thirst, and other survival essentials. Properly managing these aspects is critical for your survival in the game, making the gameplay more challenging and realistic. This FPS(First Person Shooter) game is similar to Battlefield. If you are a fan of FPS(First Person Shooter) games then check this out Battlefield 4: Complete Beginner’s Guide. Where every move you make can totally change how the game unfolds. Picturize the thrill as you explore these intense, always-evolving worlds, where every choice you make could be the difference between surviving and becoming a zombie snack.

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Getting Started

Step into the world of 7 Days to Die, where survival is key and every decision you make is crucial. Scavenge for supplies, craft weapons, and build shelters to protect yourself from the zombie hordes.

7 days to die attacking zombie horde

Creating Your Character

The Initial step in 7 Days to Die is to create your character. You can customize your appearance and choose your starting skills and Choose skills that align with your play style, whether you prefer to focus on combat, crafting, or survival skills.

7 days to die Character Creation

Gathering Resources

Finding resources is essential for players to survive in 7 Days to Die. Just like you carefully choose your weapons for the best performance, Enhance your gaming experience with the benefits of NVMe storage for gaming. It will help you gather just like selecting the right weapons. It ensures faster access to essential materials like wood, stones, and plant fibers to craft tools, weapons, and shelter. Also, keep an eye out for looted items like Weathered Backpack which can store a good source of ammo and low-damage weapons like Pistol. Moreover, you can find survival items like canned food, water bottles, steel armor parts, football helmets, and military armor parts around the map.

Building Shelter

Building a shelter is the most important part of a game for staying safe from zombies. To start, make a simple shelter with wood frames and add more to it as you find more materials. Make sure your shelter is safe by adding a strong door and protection from zombie attacks. You can also add windows to see outside and attack zombies easily. And feel free to design your shelter however you want, making it unique and perfect for you. Creating a special shelter adds a personal touch to your survival plan. Remember to gather resources and stay alert for zombies. With good planning and creativity, you’ll easily survive and have more fun in 7 Days to Die.

Surviving The Zombie Horde

In 7 Days to Die, A horde is a large group of zombies that gather and follow a specific path. Hordes can include different types of zombies and sometimes even wild animals. The behavior of the horde depends on various factors such as time and its type.

Roaming Hordes

These hordes appear once every morning and night. They consist of various zombies and occasionally include wolves, dogs, bears, or vultures. Roaming Hordes spawn at a distance from players and move toward their location. If no player is detected, they walk in a straight line for a while before stopping. Roaming Hordes start small on day 1 and grow until day 22 when they reset.

Screamer Hordes

Screamers are attracted by heat from activities like using a Forge or Chemistry Station. They summon hordes of zombies, including other Screamers. These zombies come from all directions.

Screamer horde side face

Blood Moon Hordes

This is the most challenging horde. The zombies are faster, and they always know your location. You can either build a base to fight them, equip yourself for open combat, or stay mobile to evade them. For smoother performance and reduced lag, consider High RAM Server that ensures you have the performance to handle the intensity of these hordes. 

These hordes add a dynamic and challenging element to the game, requiring players to adapt and strategize for survival. In old versions, there’s a chance for these hordes to appear after a blood moon night. They may include animals like Zombie Dogs, Zombie Vultures, and Wolves.

Exploring The World

7 Days to Die features a vast, open world for exploration. Explore various regions to uncover valuable items and loot but beware of increased zombie presence in towns and cities. Just like you safeguard your progress in the game, ensure a smooth and secure gaming experience with reliable DDoS-protected hosting. This protects your progress and maintains a stable environment for your team contributions in the game.

7 days to die world map

World Map 

The main location is Navezgane, which means “Killer of Monsters”. This map spans 32 km² with a highly irradiated border. Unlike random maps, Navezgane does not continue generating beyond its edges.

Biomes & Symbols

The central region of Navezgane offers less hostile biomes. Starting in the Forest or Burnt Forest biomes is recommended, as they are safer. To the north lies the moderately dangerous Snowy Forest, while to the southeast is the mildly dangerous Desert, and to the southwest is the highly dangerous Wasteland. Also, we have Symbols on the map that help to locate key areas like a house signifies a spawn point, a red flag marks a waypoint, and a green arrow indicates a friend’s location in multiplayer mode.


Map colors denote different types of resources. Black spots are stone towers or cave entrances. Gray squares represent stone boulders. White squares indicate Potassium Nitrate deposits. Small brown squares signify Iron Ore deposits. Tiny black squares denote Coal Ore deposits. Small blue squares mark Lead Ore deposits. Light brown areas represent Oil Shale deposits. 

Combat And Defense Strategies

As you get better at 7 Days to Die, you can use more advanced strategies to survive. Set up traps and defenses around your base to keep zombies away. Try out different crafting recipes to make stronger weapons and tools. Working with other players can also help you survive longer.

Dealing with roaming hordes can be tricky but not impossible. Zombie Dogs are fast and can catch you off guard. Hiding in a house without strong defenses is risky once spotted, as Infected Police Officers’ vomit can destroy weak walls. Using a Shotgun with plenty of shells or a .44 Magnum with ammo can be effective. Pipe Bombs are useful for grouped zombies. It’s best to kill Zombie Dogs first due to their speed.

Infected Police Officers should be targeted next, followed by Feral Zombies, who are tough but drop valuable loot. Shotguns are not recommended for Infected Police Officers due to their exploding ability. Feral Zombies are best dealt with using a .44 Magnum. Concrete structures offer better defense but are harder to repair. 

In current versions, the strength of hordes is based on the top 5 characters in the area. Shotguns are effective against Feral Zombies and dogs due to their spread and speed.


Surviving in 7 Days to Die is tough but fun and presents a challenging yet rewarding survival adventure in a zombie-infested world. Following the strategies in this guide can improve gameplay and survival odds. From gathering resources to building shelters and fighting hordes, players must consider many aspects. The game’s dynamic world and diverse biomes keep players engaged. Additionally, the multiplayer mode allows players to team up with friends or other players to survive together with proper planning and teamwork, players can overcome challenges and enjoy playing 7 Days to Die. Remember to stay alert, collect resources, and never underestimate the zombies. Good luck, survivor!

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