What is User Generated Content? A Beginner’s Guide

User Generated Content

Most of the time, when scrolling through your social media accounts, you see random people or even your friends promoting a brand or appreciating the quality of a new product they just bought. This unofficial marketing of a brand is user-generated content that viewers trust more than any other paid marketing efforts. The basic definition is right there in the title; it’s basically the content generated by users of the products they actually think are valuable enough to share with their friends and family. Let’s look into the types and benefits it has for brands.

What is UGC?

User-generated content

User-generated content, or UGC for short, is any type of unpaid or unsponsored content that customers create instead of brands. It is reliable, authentic, and stands out for credibility. A brand can leverage user-generated content by featuring it on its platforms. This builds a relationship between the brand and the UGC creators, bringing in more loyal customers.

Any brand would appreciate receiving positive feedback from customers. User-generated content (UGC) goes beyond that by allowing potential buyers to see and appreciate others’ satisfaction. This content amplifies positive sentiments, building brand awareness organically. Sharing and resharing UGC expands its reach, drawing more attention to your brand.

Although with all the shine and glitter, this content format has some disadvantages too. Let’s take a look at both the pros and cons of this content format.

UGC Pros

  • Consistent flow of content: You won’t need to spend much time making content because you’ll be using what your users create.
  • Boosts interaction: When customers make it, other users can connect with it, leading to more engagement.
  • Good for SEO: User-generated content is attractive, and if you put it on your site, it will make people spend more time there, which is great for search engine optimization.

UGC Cons

  • Trustworthiness: Sometimes, you might wonder if the people making content are really authentic. What if their statements are incorrect?
  • Negative Impact: It’s not positive all the time; users might also create content that could harm your brand.
  • Legal Considerations: You might have to ask users for permission before using their content for marketing purposes.

Importance of User-Generated Content

For an e-commerce website, UGC is a game-changer. Online businesses can influence potential buyers with the help of user-generated content. This modern business strategy has a far-reaching impact on its target audience. Some reasons to consider UGC for your e-commerce or social networking sites are as follows:

Substantial ROI: User-generated content (UGC) offers authentic experiences and testimonials. This trust-building quality establishes a foundation for brand loyalty, saving time and resources while delivering a substantial return on investment.

Fosters Community: UGC builds trust among customers, fostering a sense of community. Customers feel connected to a brand that values their voices, reinforcing authenticity and shaping purchasing behaviors.

Saving Time And Resources: By utilizing the creativity of existing customers, brands can save time and resources to market their products. This genuine, customer-driven content influences purchasing decisions, driving conversions through practical examples.

Types of UGC

User-generated content does not only have a single type. Businesses incorporate different types of UGC in their marketing strategy every day. The main types of UGC are as follows:

Reviews And Testimonials

When buying something online, the first thing that comes into notice is the Google business reviews of a certain service or product. It can be positive or negative depending on the quality of the service/product. People find this information more authentic than any other product description.

A website host can also integrate fake testimonials on their site, but it poses significant risks. When the product or service is not up to par, people post negative comments, which can affect a brand’s reputation. Therefore, establishing trust and confidence with customers is very important, and it can only be achieved by putting up authentic reviews and testimonials on your site.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the go-to sources of learning about any new product or service. Any type of social media content, including status updates, images, videos, and reactions, is the most influential form of UGC for netizens.

The friendly nature of social media platforms makes it easy for UGC to engage with people. Customers communicate their thoughts about products and brands through written posts, using branded hashtags, sharing photos and videos, and reposting the experiences of others.

Brands can leverage social media posts to attract new customers, improve brand loyalty, and boost brand awareness and visibility if the execution of user-generated content is done effectively. Actively engaging on these platforms facilitates the collection of real-time customer feedback and fosters meaningful interactions.

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Blog Posts

Blog posts written by customers provide a unique perspective on your products, offering comprehensive reviews, usage scenarios, and creative applications. These posts, commonly utilized in affiliate marketing, serve as valuable references for potential buyers.

Utilizing blog posts is an effective way to provide readers with detailed and comprehensive product reviews. You can easily incorporate various forms of media, such as text, images, and videos.

Moreover, optimized blog posts are easy to promote and share. They draw organic traffic from search engines and can be shared on various platforms like websites, guest blogs, social media, and email newsletters.


Engaging and shareable, video content proves to be a powerful tool for gathering User-Generated Content (UGC), serving both entertainment and educational purposes. With an e-commerce website, videos are of great importance.

What is Visual Content Marketing and Why Does It Matter

New customers showcase product demos, tutorials, and unboxing experiences by making videos of them. Customer-curated videos possess visual appeal, high engagement, and shareability. Lastly, they offer flexibility in choosing platforms based on the content length, with longer-form videos suitable for YouTube and short-form videos excelling on TikTok.


Platforms like Reddit and online forums offer customers a space to discuss and exchange their product experiences. Quora and other similar sites serve as valuable resources for quick and concise question-and-answer interactions.

Therefore, engaging in these communities yields valuable insights into customer needs and preferences, generating User-Generated Content (UGC) through discussions, reviews, and recommendations.

Benefits of UGC

User-generated content (UGC) offers authentic endorsements from real users, establishing trust for brands. This social proof holds a significant influence. Research reveals that nearly half (46%) of consumers trust online business reviews as much as recommendations from friends or family. You can benefit significantly from UGC if you manage website hosting through cPanel VPS. Some benefits of UGC are:


Brands can reduce paid content production by leveraging free content created by their loyal customers. This can help you invest your budget in other promotional activities, such as improving SEO and online advertising, which typically cost more. By utilizing both marketing techniques, you can increase your reach.

Viral Potential

User-generated content has the possibility of going viral at any time. To promote movies or games, directors can create campaigns accordingly that users can create content on and increase engagement. This can result in a far-reaching promotion. Even if a UGC doesn’t go viral, it can reach more people apart from the ones who already know about your promotion.

Brand Loyalty

Integrating user-generated content into your brand can cultivate a vibrant online community. This approach not only encourages brand loyalty but also creates a highly engaged network of followers invested in your story and products.

Social Proof

Positive UGC, such as testimonials and product reviews, significantly impacts purchasing decisions by showcasing positive experiences with a brand. Social proof acts as a guiding light for people seeking reassurance before committing to a company or product for the first time. With the reviews from your previous customers, you can improve your services accordingly.


UGC has an organic way of attracting customers, and this makes it more believable for customers to commit to a brand. Moreover, 88% of the customers value authenticity, and UGC stands out in this field over firsthand sales and marketing content.

3 Examples of UGC

Promoting your brand with user-generated content is the best way to get widespread awareness. Some examples of UGC are as follows:


Coca-Cola is exceptional in holding user-generated content campaigns. It used a #ShareACoke campaign in 2017 to promote its beverage. The brand also had a campaign where consumers could order a customized beverage of their name from Coca-Cola’s website.

Vans’ “Customs”

Vans enables customers to design personalized shoes and share their unique designs online, transforming them into co-creators. This creates an emotional bond between the brand and consumers, potentially sparking organic word-of-mouth marketing and also increased brand recognition.


Meller uses real customers instead of models or celebrities to showcase its products, which gives potential customers a sense of satisfaction. Customers can easily decide if they want to buy the product or not by checking it out on previous customers. Moreover, the reviews tell that Meller not only looks good but also has great quality.


User-generated content proves beneficial to boost your brand awareness within a limited time. The integration of authentic photos and videos on your social media channels can significantly enhance your brand’s reputation. Exploit the full potential of UGC to stand out and make an impact.

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