How to get more positive Google business reviews?

cara mendapatkan review positif di google bisnis

In today’s fast-growing life, no one wants to go to the market the review the desired product.

Everyone just wants to review the selected product on Google business review. For example, if someone wants to find the best hotel, restaurant, or saloon in the town. Then according to his/her requirements, the 1st step everyone should do is that he/she will search it on Google. After that, the order of the searches loaded on the page is shown concerning the reviews and rankings. And these rankings and reviews play an essential role in the Google business growth for any industry. As these reviews have a lot of importance in digital marketing, so here are some tips given below to get more positive thoughts:

  • Request your customer for business reviews.
  • With the help of sending follow-up emails.
  • By leaving behind “a leave behind”.
  • You can get more reviews by adding a, (review link) on the website for the customers.
  • You can get positive reviews by replying, to the bad reviews of the customers on the website.

The help of asking your customers for a direct review is one of the easy, ways to ensure positive reviews for your website or web page. It is the most premium method of getting the trust for your business among the customers. So, if you are on the phone with your customer directly and your customer is happy with you, then you can ask him/her for a direct business review.

After the successful delivery of your product, or services to the customer and when your job ends, you can earn positive business reviews by sending your customer a follow-up email, and also you can ask them to leave your business website or web page with a positive Google Business Review. So, in your email, make sure that your way of interacting must be personal with your customer and clients. You can also thank your customer for choosing you in the email. You can create a trust factor with your customers by showing that you appreciate and read all the feedback, in an email. You can also tell your customer in an email that why the feedback is essential. You can also provide a direct link for the feedback and review for your visitors to achieve more reviews and enhance your google business.

Another technique for getting more Google business reviews is the leave-behind technique. It is a type of marketing guarantee that you can leave at your customers’ place or property, for example, a Google review card. These trends tend to be more popular with contractors & local service companies.

For example, if you are a  wooden flooring contractor who just installed the new wood hardwood floors in a customer’s home or any other place like an office etc.,  so consider leaving a folder which is containing the following:

  • Maintenance tips, for the care of your customer’s new floor.
  • A contact number in case your customer has some issues in fixing the floor.
  • A Business card.
  • A Google review card.

By providing all the above extra services, you can achieve the attraction of the customer and trust. And ultimately your customer becomes loyal to you and provides you with positive google business reviews for the business.

Adding a Review Link for Your website on the web page is quite helpful in getting more positive Google business reviews.  It is considered an easy way to get more Google reviews. So, before posting the link, we need to understand what the link is all about? A custom Google review link is something that is exactly what it sounds like. It is a custom URL that makes you enable to create a facility of the page where your clients can leave a review for your product or services. When anyone clicks on your provided custom Google review link, the customer will be ultimately moved to a Google review page of your website.

Another efficient way to get more positive business reviews is by paying attention to your exhausted customers. Some people do not like you or your product or your services, and ultimately, they proved as a bad review for your Google business. So, to inculcate this problem all, you need to pay attention to those exhausted customers who are reviewing badly.  So, you can reply to their bad emails in the following ways, so that you can get your reviews back with the rankings:

  • Step no 1 is that you can apologize to your customer and sympathize with your customer with the help of your response to all the negative reviews. You must acknowledge your customer’s concerns if you want a positive review for your product on a Google business and to get your Google rankings
  • Step no 2 is that you can insert a little marketing strategy in your response to all the bad reviews by the customer.
  • Step no 3 is quite convincing that you leave the contact number in the reply, and you can become personal with your customer or client by moving all conversations among you, from online to offline. With the help of this, you would become able to acknowledge the concern of the customer. And you can also attain the trust factor with your consumer, which shall ultimately help in getting a positive google business review, and it would improve your Google business rankings.
  • Step no 4 is concerned all about the tone which you must keep while replying to your customer’s lousy review so your style and expression must keep your response as simple, short, and sweet.

All the above-discussed factors play an essential role in getting more positive business reviews. All the above factors anybody should have in mind when it comes to the attainment of the google business reviews. This would not only help you in getting more business reviews but also would help achieve the trust factor among your clients which would ultimately enhance the google business rankings also.

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