How to use Google My Business, to rank you higher

Google My Business is considered a free marketing tool, which is very helpful in ranking any business in the Google search.

Google My Business allows all business owners and marketers in managing their businesses and how their Business will be displayed on Google Search and Google Maps. GMB is the name of the listing of your Business on Google which shows your business name, contact information, address and website links, etc.  So, in the ranking of any business with the help of Google My Business following steps are highly recommended:

  • Fill out your complete profile with the correct information.
  • Maximize the number of photos on your profile.
  • Must post the latest news, updates, and special offers regarding your Business.
  • Encourage your customer to leave a review for your Business.
  • Build trust among your clients and customers by responding to bad reviews or comments.

The very 1st step while using Google My Business to improve the local search ranking is to provide the maximum number of information about your Business in your Google My Business profile. Your profile must acknowledge your desired purpose. You can give the word about your company name, products or services you are offering, and your business information like contact information, address, and website link also. So, all the data and information you are providing in the GMB should be correct and relevant. The location you are providing to the GMB should also be correct.

Help the people or the audience to see what your business is all about, and what are you offering and selling, and you can do this by presenting yourself with photos and logos. Whenever you are going to create your Google My Business profile, you will be able to add logo designs as well as cover photos. So, the logos or the images you are using in the GMB should be much like you are having on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest profiles. Without the pattern of the same images and logo designs, it will be much more difficult for an audience to recognize your brand online, and this will cost you in the form of fewer sales. Just do not stop here. Also show off the location of your business, products, and handiwork with the help of posting some additional photos. If you are running a restaurant, you can post pictures of your meals, menus, and your dining room. While posting these images, make sure that they must look delicious, and professional, and they must attract customers. According to recent figures by Google, businesses with more photos are receiving 42% of more requests for directions, and 35% of more clicks to their websites or pages.

The information provided by you on your Google My Business profile like your address, hours, and other contact information (email id, contact number, etc.), should always be accurate, correct, valid, and always up to date. Also, make sure to edit all the previous information if it changes with time. You can also create posts for your Business to inform your clients or customers about the updates, the new products, the offers, and any other event. Contingent on your goal, these posts are going to keep your profile fresh, and initiative sales, and will also encourage visits to your physical and digital storefront.

To attain the local search with the help of Google My Business, you must encourage customers, to leave a review for your Business. It is the fact that people trust other people more than having faith in Business. A good review can indeed be proved as the deciding factor that tips the forthcoming customers in your company’s favor. Studies are also constructive in improving your Google ranking. Now the question is when to ask your customer for a review, so the best time to ask for a review is the time after providing a great experience with the successful delivery of your product or services. Whether in the store physically or online, always consider the sharing of a card or the e-receipt that would ask your customer for a review.

 Build trust among your customers and clients by responding to nasty comments or reviews on your profile. Bad comments or reviews listed you down in Google My Business. And then the only thing which can boost you up again in Google My Business is your positive response to the negative feedback. Your Positive interactions with the lousy comment or the review can build the trust and loyalty factor among your customer, which would help in achieving local business ranking. Always remember while responding that your tone or style should meet your brand voice, and always stay respective and professional to the clients. That can impact negative reviews, too. So, it would be best if you did not ignore them. If you cannot devote enough time to answer all customer reviews, make sure to automate the process with Google My Business software. Always turn things around with the help of listening and addressing the issues which are raised. Always be honest and be sure in offering an apology whenever it is wanted. And If the matter is quite sensitive, you can also ask them to send you a private message, and this would help gain the trust factor and comfort zone of your clients.

All the above factors or tips should be followed while listing or making your Google My Business. By following all the above information, you can achieve the trust factor and comfort zone for your customers, which will ultimately help in gaining more reviews and traffic for your Business. And by attaining more traffic you can compete in the market, and you can earn more profit and more revenue from the Business. So, always provide the correct information on GMB, maximize the use of images and logos, update your profile information, and create a trust factor for your customers by maintaining quality content and services. It would help you in achieving local search ranking with the use of GMB.

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