Does good and bad content create some difference?

konten berkualitas dan tidak berkualitas

There is a massive difference between quality and bad content, certain advantages of Good content and disadvantages of Bad content are as follows:

Good content is beneficial in facilitating the customers and helps you attain customer loyalty towards the brand; without it, the brand awareness journey has proved much more tricky and problematic. With the help of quality content, anybody can attract an audience, so if the audience is attracted, there will be a maximum chance of boosting turnover. Good content is very beneficial in building trust among the audience. Quality content presents you as a mature and sensible represent or of the industry, and ultimately you to earn traffic for your website or webpage. Good content reflects your expertise in the market, so it will also help you to generate a considerable market share for your business. Good content is also fruitful in the generation of quality keywords, and using the right keyword at the right place means that you are attaining traffic.

Good content always had a purpose and creativity behind its creation and has ever been designed by keeping social responsibilities, ethics, norms & values, and specifically targeted audiences & their demographics in mind. Most importantly, it must be authentic content must not be fake and pirated. Without keeping all these things in mind, it is impossible to grow the market share or earn revenue or attract the desired audience. Hence, if the content was not fulfilling all pre-requests, ultimately, the content will be enlisted in the tray of good content. It might be in the start audience is going to react and engage with your bogus content. Still, to sustain and retain your audience, you must have to use quality content, so to maximize the website’s web views, quality content is mandatory. Good content is also beneficial in maintaining your content library, and in the end, it would be favorable for the brand or the company or any other service. Good content is beneficial and considered the king of digital marketing and plays an essential role in any business’s top ranking in the Google search via SEO.

On the other hand, Bad content would never provide the customer’s facilitating factor. It would never be useful in attaining customer satisfaction and brand loyalty in the long term, as your content is your first impression towards your audience and your first interaction with your audience. Bad content would always contradict the audience’s attraction. Ultimately, there would not be any trustworthy relationship with the customer if your website or web page does not have confidence and convincing power or failed to describe the potential and services you are offering clearly. Bad content would never attract the customer to the product just because of the lack of purpose. Bad content would never pass the reflection of your services and marked you undervalued; instead of creating a trust factor, lousy content could disappoint your customer or consumer. Usually, bad content is always lacking quality keywords or is messed up with keywords. Because of this Google algorithms like crawlers would never approach your web page or website. This means that would lead you to lose your market share, and the customer may purchase the same product you were offering from somewhere else. Always remember that 90% of the business would be in the hand of the first page. Bad content would never maintain your content library as it would be discarded from your website in the future. With the help of bad content, you could never attain the Google search ranking via Search engine optimization. To achieve Google search ranking, all you need is quality content with quality keywords, which is entirely impossible using bad content.

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