Master the Blood Moon: Top 4 Unique Camps for 7D2D Players

Master the Blood Moon Top 4 Unique Camps for 7D2D Players Cover

Ever worry about the Blood Moon in 7 Days to Die? It’s that night every seven days when the zombies get tougher, more powerful and aggressive but don’t worry with some smart planning, you can beat it while having so much fun.

I’ve found the top four best Blood Moon camps for you. These camps are like strongholds, each camp is good for a different way of playing. Whether you like blowing things up, shooting from far away, or fighting up close, there’s a camp for you. And guess what? There’s even a camp where you can relax while the defenses work. Each camp keeps you safe, so you can beat the Blood Moon like a pro. Warning! results may vary depending on the game play so check A Complete Guide For 7 Days to Die and stay here till the end for a bonus blood moon strategy.

Stairway to Hell Camp

The Stairway to Hell is another simple design that requires a bit of leveling to acquire the necessary equipment to function. You need access to a Generator, Engines, Wire Tool, and Electric Fences. You must create a single double or even triple-wide no-step structure to force the zombies to jump to you. Two exits are here, one for the emergency door with a larger vertical separation to prevent zombies and the other with a trapdoor to keep the zombies out and allow your attacks.

Blood Moon Red Sky Started

On each side of the path, you will place an electric fence. This will do two things for you, it will stun lock the zombies to allow a ranged weapon headshot and it will cause a bit of damage to each shocked zombie this will weaken them so that at the top a well-placed melee attack can finish them off or knock them down.

This camp design is for the player who wants the action and needs massive XP gains just be sure to adjust the camp size for your blood moon strength, wider for larger numbers and higher for harder difficulty.

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Ready to take on the Blood Moon horde? 

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Boom Pit Camp

For fans of rifles and explosives, the boom pit funnels zombies into a single block-wide tunnel and tricks the undead into falling into a large pit get them to fall use the Arrow Slit ½ RampTip and offset them a bit low, this makes them think they can make it but they won’t, make good use of the penetration perk to hit multiple enemies and once they fall into the pit stacking pipe bombs to finish them off.

There is one weakness to this design, due to the AI of the zombies they will tend to hit the support structures of the camp more than any other in the game. They’ll be ready to rebuild and have some defenses to make them think twice. The same goes for the boom pit itself while causing a lot of zombie damage the pipe bombs and grenades do damage blocks. This will eventually add up and repairs will be needed but it’s a fun camp to use.

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Point of Interest Conversion Camp

A lot of players, myself included, tend to take over a building and remodel it to suit our needs, this conversion makes use of strong POIs in a few elements. Select the point of Interest (POI) with a minimum Concrete Construction ideally steel. The POI must have limited roof access and be of sufficient size to give the player time and area to handle the blood moon desired, use the block step design to slow and guide zombies to the top of the building, create a small structure off the far edge of the building, narrow the path on the sides and use this block setup to deflect the zombies of the sides, a small opening to catch the jumping zombies and drop them through the bottom.

If you desire a max-difficulty Blood Moon Horde, add some electric fences to the steps to add damage and slow for long-range headshots. The best part of this design is the lower-than-average resource cost and abundance of POIs to convert. You could even select a Trader Quest at a suitable POI convert for Blood Moon. This approach not only demonstrates player resourcefulness but also underscores the importance of stable and reliable Game VPS Hosting in facilitating these creative strategies.

Blood Moon horde closed range combat by using rifle

Shock and Dart Camp

The Shock and Dart camp is essentially an AFK design that can start small and be built bigger to handle the varying strengths of the blood moon. It requires several electric fences, generators, relays, trigger plates, and dart traps laid out parallel. This ensures the electric fences will slow and damage zombies and allow the dart traps to pummel the zombies until defeated. 

They will eventually make their way through the first section. If you set the blood moon to Max but two turns will easily handle the vanilla blood moon even at 32 per wave. While three turns and three wide can take on even more. This will require a massive investment in Iron clay and parts but with advanced engineering, the costs are a bit lower and you get a lot of experience. If everything is set it would be an XP-filled AFK Blood Moon.

This camp requires the most upkeep and several thousand darts will be required each blood moon as well as electrical parts and forged iron for repairs. If you wanted in on the action you can add a few hatches to the player box to allow for a bit of shotgun or machine gun action.


Bonus time for all you adrenaline junkies like myself there’s a way to handle the blood moon without all that building. A no-camp blood moon is a very real option with the right perks, weapons skills and boosts. It can be very fun.

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Melee Weapon

Select a melee weapon that can refill stamina or slow zombies. Ideally, the Clubs and Spears refill stamina with kills. While the Stun Baton grants stamina for kills and has a stun lock and knockback.

Ranged Weapon

At least two ranged weapons I suggest, the Shotgun and the Machine Gun. Shotgun has massive damage output and dismemberment and the machine guns for large magazine capacities and high rates of fire. These will keep the zombies down and the player on the move with the machine gun perks.

Blood moon horde attack and have supplies

Light Armor

Light armor with the most mods and best quality, you can get your direct focus on clothing to increase running speed like the College Jacket.

Invest Perks

As for perks, invest in your chosen melee weapon. Speed Perk to increase your speed of blows, the desired melee and range weapons attributes increase damage and stamina gain.

Running Gun

Light armor to decrease stamina drain, running gun you don’t want to slow down while you’re reloading. Also, you need meds and may need a lot of them.

Last But Not Least

This also adds a 10% chance for instant kill with a stun baton maxed out. Also, pain tolerance will increase HP loss and lower chances to get stunned. Iron gut boosts last longer and you lose food and water slower while fighting. Moreover, books you need urban combat 6 to prevent armor from slowing you down while in battle. Boosts recommend the health bar for more health and a lower chance for critical injury. Skull crushers to increase melee damage, coffee or blackstrap coffee for more stamina regeneration. Also, mega crush for stamina regeneration and 50% faster running. Moonshine for emergency use only as it blurs your vision, more melee damage, no stun healing, 20% second less damage. Also, 60% stamina regeneration, just be warned it does not last long and it’s costly to make meds.

I recommend vitamins before the blood moon to prevent infection, first aid bandages or first aid kits. Also, painkillers to cure concussion, and a plaster cast for those strains and breaks.


Don’t forget food of the highest quality, you can get your hands on with enough ammo and some quick thinking. This is in my opinion the funniest way to take on the blood moon.

Either building, converting, or fighting these are my best blood moon camps. There are many others that I like to use. I hope you found these ideas useful or even insightful.

If you enjoyed exploring these strategies to conquer the Blood Moon horde. Elevate your gameplay with Ultahost’s Gaming hosting. For more survival tips and tricks, stay tuned and happy surviving.


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