What is NVMe Storage? NVMe Hosting Explained


NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is a type of storage protocol that is used to access solid-state drives (SSDs) over high bandwidth, low latency networks. It is the latest development in solid-state storage technology and offers significantly faster performance than its predecessors. 

In order for a system or a server to use NVMe storage, it must have an NVMe host controller. This controller communicates with the NVMe devices that provide the actual storage. The host controller acts as an intermediary between the CPU and memory, handling all of the necessary communication between both components so that data can be loaded quickly into the system’s memory for processing. Host controllers are typically implemented as part of a larger hardware solution such as a RAID card or server motherboard.

NVMe is an updated version of the solid-state drive. The difference is that it skips the SATA route and connects directly with the CPU bus on the computer’s motherboard.

The normal SSDs connect to the motherboard via SATA and transfer speeds max out at around 600 MB/s. For comparison’s sake, SSDs using NVMe technology have much higher bandwidth and max out around 7500 MB/s transfer speed almost 12x faster!

So what if a web hosting uses NVMe Drive? An NVMe hosting provider is a web hosting company that uses NVMe disks in their servers. These servers are designed to provide faster performance, lower latency, and higher throughput, making them ideal for high-performance applications such as gaming, streaming, and e-commerce.

Hosting is an essential part of the online experience and website loading time is a major factor. New technologies such as nvme offer unbelievable speed capabilities that can improve loading times by 10 times compared with traditional hosting resources. An improved hosting environment means faster response times, letting visitors to your site enjoy better access to content and you can focus more on growing your business. With less latency when accessing webpages, customers can complete their transactions quickly and easily for an improved user journey. It’s clear that hosting with nvme technology is a great option for businesses wanting an efficient hosting solution that focuses on speed.

Does NVMe load games faster? NVME allows games to boot up much faster (up to 2-3 times) than those on traditional drives. Your games will load faster on NVME and won’t waste time moving from the menu to the game itself. If you are a gamer that plays online, you may notice that your game loads much faster than other players and less stuttering.

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