How to embrace all the possibilities of WordPress?

possibilities of WordPress

Your WordPress website is a powerful tool that helps you reach new customers. Are you sure you are using its potential? Check what else you can do and how to take care of your website to be more effective.

A website is a crucial element of your online business. This is where your potential customers go, where they want to obtain information about you. 

WordPress website gives you freedom. Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms restrict you with their rules and regulations. On your WordPress website, you are the king who decides about etiquette and limitations. Therefore, a website is a tool from which you can squeeze the most valuable information about your recipients and direct the most valuable messages to them. But for a website to do its job, you should take it seriously.

Add new, valuable content

Your website is much more attractive if it is alive. There is no better feeling than seeing your clients earnestly using the website you created. If they comment, supplement galleries, and share your blog – the heart grows!

Such activities are valuable because they positively impact SEO, help to attract new customers, and present you and your company as experts. Advantages only.

However, not everyone likes, needs, or feels capable to run a blog. If you think that it will not work for your industry, add a news section to your website and post frequent notices about your company and industry. Make sure that it gives users some value.

Your guests won’t want to read only about you. They want something more than a short description of where were you, and what did you do. And after clicking on the news, they want more than one paragraph.

Even if you think that your clients know the situation in the industry very well, the news has information purposes. Maybe some readers would hear about the same event at least 10 times. But there will also be a few who have not heard or heard little about the whole situation and will appreciate that someone explained it.

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Don’t take it for granted that your client knows because he is in the business. Present the situation and direct the information to the least informed users.

If you don’t like writing, ask professional copywriters to prepare a few texts. It will bring your website to life and is not as expensive as it may seem. Of course, your website can also live in another way. If you are a photographer, add photos from new sessions. If you create – boast about new works. Such actions will pay off.

Check statistics and promote content that users like

I bet you check Facebook. Perhaps you do it too often. And when was the last time you checked your website?

Your WordPress website should be your good friend. After all, it helps you run your business and attract new customers. Therefore, at least once a week or a month analyze the statistics. Who did visit it this week? What were the visitors looking for? What content were they most interested in? Your website statistics can be a mine of knowledge. You can use this knowledge to conduct your activities even better.

How to persuade your website to act as a trusted gossip girl? Equip it with Google Analytics, a free tool from Google that allows you to collect information about people visiting your website. Integrating the website with GA is very easy.

Your website already has Google Analytics?

So use this tool! That’s where you’ll find out what’s good on your side. I guarantee you that regularly checking what’s up and concluding based on the information obtained will help you run your business. You would promote content popular among your users or precisely determine your audience.

Formulate a clear CALL TO ACTION on the home page of the website

Your customers should know what to do when they visit your website. Think about what you want them to do and what information you want to show as soon as they see the first screen on your site. Are you sure it is worth bringing them to the store straightaway or attacking them with the encouraging contact button? Or maybe it is better to let them see the projects and offers, and only then invite them for shopping?

Whatever decision you make, assure yourself to include one specific call to action. Place the CTA on your home page, it will stand out and give clear information on what you want from the user.

Simplify the possibility of contact

What is one of the main reasons customers visit your website? Many look for your e-mail address, telephone number, or tax identification number. In short: they want to contact you. Make this task easier for them and provide contact details clearly and transparently. Place this information where the customer expects to find it. The most obvious places are the Contact tab, the footer, or the very top of the website.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

It is a good practice to include contact details or a link to the Contact page on each subpage that may generate interest in your offer. On our website, the chat always opens on every subpage.

What about the chat?

Take our example. Chat is a great idea! Especially when you notice that your customers have lots of questions about your offer or often ask for help. We did note that. 

For the chat to fulfill its role, it should be active. Abandon the chat idea if you do not have the time or the ability to answer users’ questions in real time. Few things irritate returning customers as much as the ever-unavailable chat.

Adapt the content to your target group – maximum personalization

The user should feel that the content on your website has been prepared exclusively for him.

It is not a simple matter. The era of websites that will automatically adapt content to the preferences of users is yet to come. That’s why you have to look for other ways to personalize. What kind?

  • Provide users with content that is important and valuable to them;
  • Provide users with content they like visually;
  • Provide users with content that has been created especially for them.

To achieve this goal, you must fully know your audience: their needs, tastes, language, possibilities, wishes, and fears. The good news is that your audience tends to be similar to you. Another good news: the more experience you have, the better you get to know and understand your clients. As a result, you can create content that will be interesting and adapted to them.

Add a subscription to the newsletter

What do you know about customers who visit your WordPress website? You know as much about them as you can deduce from Google Analytics statistics. That’s a lot, but you can learn even more about them. From where? From themselves.

Image by Muhammad Ribkhan from Pixabay

Add a newsletter subscription form to your website. Thanks to this, you will collect at least a few people interested in your website. You can find some convenient, free (up to a certain level) applications that help you run your newsletter. Go over our article to apprentice how to build a newsletter on a WordPress website.

Take care of your image consistency

The image of your company is a central element of your business. Your customers will associate your company by:

  • the prism of you and other people you employ;
  • Your values, approach, and the way you work;
  • Your logo, name, company website, and social channels;
  • The story behind your business.

All these elements should be connected. The key to your success is to develop a compelling, coherent image of your company. Your website, colors, logo, and name are vital elements of this puzzle. But you, as a person, have a decisive influence on how others perceive you.

Think about what your website says about you and your business.

Every single element of the website should be consistent with each other so that the website does not seem chaotic and ill-considered. Newsletters and graphics that you use in social media should also correspond with each other so that the whole thing represents a consistent message.

Healthy WordPress Website: Update theme and plugins, and make backups

Finally, I leave a point that everybody repeats like a mantra: update themes and plugins and make backups. 

You already know that your website should be your friend. And you care about your friends. So take care of your WordPress website as well. You can update WordPress in a minute. 

We provide you with the safest WordPress hosting on the market. We care a lot about your security. But by leaving WordPress without updating, you leave the door open; bad people can use your website. Your friend. Just don’t do that; be sure to update your WordPress and its components.

A website is a high-priority tool for anyone who runs their own business. I hope that the tips in this post will help you use the potential of your website. I know from experience that a good website brings amazing results for the development of your business. Therefore, it is also worth working on yours.

In order for your WordPress site to achieve good results, you need proper hosting. Don’t worry, we have the right solution for you! Our WordPress hosting is created to build amazing WordPress websites. With UltaHost you will achieve success! Get 24/7 support from our support team. Our powered infrastructure focuses on auto-scaling, performance, and security. Check out our plans!   

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