7 Best WordPress Email Newsletter Plugins

Email Newsletter Plugins
7 Best WordPress Email Newsletter Plugins

Are you looking to expand your communication with your audience beyond your website? Do you want to run a newsletter on your WordPress site?

Email Marketing is an essential tool in the arsenal of any website owner in this day and age. The most successful tool used for email marketing strategies is a newsletter. This is an automated, subscription-based piece of content delivered right to the email inbox of all of your subscribers automatically. Let’s dive into the best options for a WordPress user to use this functionality.          


With over 2 million active installations, it should be no surprise why Mailchimp made it to number 1 on our list. Mailchimp excels at integrating powerful email marketing features with drag-and-drop convenience. Mailchimp allows you to create newsletter campaigns and then track their performance as well, a feature that has their service renowned the world over. It gives you detailed reports and statistics so you can gauge the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy. Mailchimp also allows basic functionalities like placing forms anywhere on the webpage and list management features like adding newsletter subscription checkboxes to contact forms. The base plugin is free and allows for up to 2000 subscribers after which you will have to purchase any one of their annual plans.


Newsletter is a comprehensive, feature-rich plugin for WordPress that is among the best plugins in the email marketing category. It allows you to make custom forms for your newsletter or choose from among the plethora of templates offered by them, all from your WordPress dashboard. It is SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) compliant and can easily integrate with other services like Amazon’s SES, SendGrid etc. It also has advanced features like statistics and data analytics, newsletter archive, locking premium content, and a lot more! The plugin itself is free with several free addons however for support and advanced extensions it is paid.


OptinMonster prides itself on being the #1 Marketing Toolkit on WordPress with plenty of substance to back up that claim but we will be focusing solely on the email newsletter aspect of it. OptinMonster is more focused on the pop-up method that is used to create newsletter subscriptions for your website’s audience. It allows you to choose any one from countless pop-up templates with advanced features like countdown timers as well. Along with that, its smart page targeting features can be modified to reach the proper audience. OptinMonster also includes retargeting parameters and customer retention technique that helps you to reduce your newsletter’s bounce rate. The plugin is paid with a monthly subscription model.


SendPress is one of the best newsletter form options that we have included in this list and for good reason. It has a highly customizable, convenient, drag-and-drop editor that lets you make newsletter forms just like you would design a post on WordPress. It also offers powerful analytical features that let you know how many people opened the newsletter, how many clicked on the link inside it and much more. What’s more, is SendPress allows you to have an unlimited amount of subscribers even in the free version of the plugin. It also allows you to give your subscribers one or two checkboxes allowing you to make more conversions. With SendPress, you can sync your web host or Gmail SMTP to send your mail that way as well. Other features include scheduled mailing, independent security audit, AutoCron integration, and the list goes on! 


MailPoet has been around for over a decade in the WordPress newsletters game so you better believe they know what they are doing. It has over 500,000 active installations and that number only seems to be going up; they even rank as the first search result on WordPress plugins if you search for the term “Newsletter”. The basic formula is the same as the others; easy-to-use newsletter form builders, a large collection of templates for common use cases and good old SMTP support. Where MailPoet makes a difference is novelty features like automated welcome emails, WooCommerce integration and technical support through their knowledge base. Their paid plan also includes a 24/7 helpline, Google Analytics, their own mailing service and a lot more. The base plugin is free and accommodates up to 1,000 subscribers after which you must purchase any paid plan.

Email Subscribers by Icegram

Email Subscribers presents itself as the complete newsletter plugin for your WordPress website that will help you in achieving leads. With over 800 5-star reviews on the plugins market, it must be doing this task pretty well. You get a basic dialog box to create your subscription design inside and then you can place this anywhere on your webpage. It allows you to send automatic post updates, automatic welcome emails, broadcasts etc. Moreover, it provides you analytics of your newsletters and your subscribers interaction with those emails. Where Email Subscribers really shines is its capping ability. This plugin will let you use unlimited templates, contacts, lists, forms, broadcasts and post notifications even in the free version.


Sendinblue is one of the biggest upcoming newsletter plugin solutions for WordPress and there is a high likelihood that it will soon make it to anywhere among the top 3. The basic functionalities are all here as expected. On top of that, you have contact lists with segmentation capabilities allowing you to divide your subscribers into separate categories. You also have plenty of newsletter and email templates to choose from so you can pick the most suitable template when sending a specific type of email to your subscribers. Even the standard newsletter subscription box can be modified if need be using CSS and HTML. There are also options to send confirmation emails and display error messages. There’s also support for a large variety of SMTP providers and the free plan allows you to send up to 300 emails a day. 

Those were our picks for the best Email Newsletter plugins that you should install on your website as soon as possible. Speaking of websites, if you are looking to host your WordPress site, we have the best solution for you right here!

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