Top 5 Worst Perks in 7 Days to Die

Top 5 Worst Perks in 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die lets players have lots of fun while trying to stay alive in a tough world filled with zombies and other harmful things. They’ll feel excited and satisfied as they play for many hours. One aspect of the game that sets it apart from others is its deep RPG mechanics. Which allow players to choose various perks to improve their characters.

However, not all perks are created equal, and some may not be as useful as others. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 worst perks in 7 Days to Die for Beginner gamers. Please note that this list is based on my own opinions and experiences with the game and may differ from others.

Also, keep in mind that this list applies mostly to players starting their journey in 7 Days to Die. Which is may not be applicable to experienced players or those who have developed particular play styles.

Perk Selection Basics

Choosing the right perks for your character is vital for success in 7 Days to Die. You earn perk points by increasing your character’s stats (Strength, Agility, Intellect, etc.) and completing specific objectives, such as killing a certain type of enemy or collecting specific items. Once earned, you can spend these perk points to acquire passive bonuses and abilities that enhance your character’s strengths and compensate for weaknesses.

However, selecting suitable option can be tricky, especially for newcomers. To help you decide, ask yourself the following questions before committing to a perk:

  1. Does the perk fit my play style?
  2. Will I benefit from this perk regularly?
  3. Is the perk’s requirement compatible with my character build?
  4. Would I prefer another perk with similar requirements or benefits?

With these criteria in mind, let’s review the top 5 worst perks in 7 Days to Die for Beginner gamers.

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Treasure Hunter Perk

At first glance, the Treasure Hunter appears appealing. Who doesn’t want to find treasure chests more accessible and collect more rewards from them? However, the reality is that this perk is not as useful as it initially seems.

selecting treasure hunter perk

First, treasure chests are rare, and most players don’t actively seek them out. Second, the primary bottleneck in acquiring treasure chest contents is traveling to the chest’s location, which takes considerable time and exposes the player to danger.

Lastly, Buried Supplies missions, which are supposed to be made more comfortable by the Treasure Hunter perk, are often impractical due to frequent zombie attacks. Thus, spending precious perk points on Treasure Hunter is unlikely to bring noticeable improvements to your gaming experience.

Animal Tracker Perk

The Animal Tracker aims to aid players in tracking down wild animals, thus enabling them to hunt for food and other resources more efficiently. While it might sound tempting, this perk falls short in practice for several reasons.

selecting Animal tracker perk

First, learning to recognize animal footprints and listen for their distinctive sounds comes naturally as you progress through the game. Eventually, you’ll learn to locate animals instinctively without assistance.

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Second, the animation requirement, in which the player must crouch and scan the surroundings, feels awkward and cumbersome, slowing down gameplay. Third, Animal Tracker uses up valuable points in the Perception tree, diverting attention from more critical perks. Overall, the Animal Tracker perk is unnecessary and distracting for most Beginner players.

Infiltrator Perk

Initially designed to protect players from trap-infested POIs, the Infiltrator fails to impress in terms of genuine benefits. Consuming three valuable points in the Perception tree, Infiltrator promises to delay tripwire activation, reduce landmine damage, and allow the collection of spent landmines.

Sadly, these features don’t contribute much towards enhancing the typical player’s experience. Most seasoned players know where traps are likely to be found and plan their movements accordingly. Likewise, avoiding landmines is a matter of stealth and awareness, rendering the perk’s promise irrelevant.

selecting  The infiltrator perk

Finally, picking up discarded landmines is rarely worthwhile due to the scarcity of places containing them. Therefore, investing in the Infiltrator perk tends to be a waste of valuable resources.

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Well Insulated

Endurance is arguably the most overlooked stat in 7 Days to Die, as players tend to prioritize Strength, Intelligence, and Perception. That said, the Well Insulated perk, which buffs Endurance, doesn’t fare much better despite its attractive description. By adding 20 insulation points, reducing food and water consumption during extreme temperatures, and minimizing negative status effects caused by excessive heat or cold, Well Insulated sounds excellent on paper.

selecting well insulated perk

In practice, though, players seldom struggle with hunger or thirst thanks to the abundance of food and drink sources. Similarly, weather extremes pose little threat to most Beginner players, especially in the early game. Given the low priority assigned to Endurance, dedicating three points to Well Insulated seems ill-advised.

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Pack Mule

Topping our list is the highly controversial Pack Mule perk, nestled deep within the Strength tree. Promising increased carry weight and improved mobility, this perk is a favorite choice among novice players eager to expand their inventory capacities. Yet, Pack Mule’s appeal is deceiving.

selecting pack mule

Enter the Pocket Mod system, a revolutionary invention introduced in Alpha 19. Available in varying qualities, Pocket Mods augment the storage capacity of various equipment pieces, such as backpacks, jackets, pants, and shoes. Adding pockets to these garments creates additional inventory slots, drastically reducing the need for Pack Mule altogether.

Since Pocket Mods are widely available and reasonably priced, almost anyone can afford them early in the game. Plus, they’re often lighter than their traditional counterparts, saving players even more carry weight. Investing five perk points in Pack Mule seems senseless when quality Pocket Mods are readily accessible and provide more substantial returns.


Navigating the complex world of 7 Days to Die perks can be intimidating for newcomers. Choosing the wrong perks can lead to wasted resources and suboptimal builds. By examining the drawbacks associated with the five worst perks discussed above, you can make informed decisions about which perks suit your play style and goals. Ultimately, select perks that complement your strengths and shore up your weaknesses, resulting in a satisfying and engaging experience.

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Which perk is the least useful in 7 Days to Die?
Should I invest in the Treasure Hunter perk?
Is the Infiltrator perk worth it in 7 Days to Die?
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