What Hosting to Choose for the Website About Bitcoin?

What Hosting to choose for bitcoin site?

Money evokes extreme emotions. Immediately when there is an opportunity for easy and quick earnings, all the media pick up the topic en masse. One of the hottest topics in recent years has been cryptocurrencies, especially the most popular one, Bitcoin.

One year ago, on November 10, 2021, a historic peak was set on Bitcoin. The value of 1 BTC reached $68,976. However, since then, the oldest cryptocurrency has fallen by 73%. Such a turbulent year in the Bitcoin market has made this topic extremely popular. No wonder – firstly, an extensive bull market during which people made millions, and then a profound bear market during which people lost millions. 

Predicting the future of Bitcoin is difficult, but after such a turbulent period, the time will come to calm down the mood. We must prepare ourselves for the exodus of people who wrote and created content about Bitcoin sensationalism. It will make room for new, more persistent lovers of cryptocurrencies. 

Types of Bitcoin Websites

Depending on the level of professionalization, there are three types of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency websites. The type of site determines the sort of hosting a site needs, but it’s not that straightforward. The site type alone does not determine whether you will need VPS or dedicated hosting; you must consider other factors, too. 

The first type is pages created by enthusiasts. These are various sorts of blogs or other simple websites containing information from the world of cryptocurrencies, guides, and opinions. Such sites are created by people who want to share their knowledge, thoughts, and views with other cryptocurrency lovers. 

Their creators do not want to make money from them, and if they do, it is just a little context advertising. These are services with a low reach, often addressed to a narrow group of recipients.

The second type is more professional websites. So it’s clear that they need at least a VPS to function accurately. They are created thoughtfully, often as an addition to another project. Such a website is not the primary element of the business, but it is a supplement. 

These are websites created by entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises. Professional copywriters write texts, the creators take care of SEO optimization, and the website is a part of the business model of a complex project. Usually, such websites have additional modules – a standalone discussion forum, customer zone, shop, or platform with various tools and applications.

The third type is advanced business solutions. These are cryptocurrency wallets, NFT exchanges, and investment platforms. They operate in the world of cryptocurrencies, process confidential data, and trade significant funds. A vast part of them require dedicated servers, but it is not a rule.

What Hosting can you choose for a bitcoin-related website?

Shared hosting only for cryptocurrency enthusiasts

Shared hosting is an option only for websites of the first type. If your website contains any eCommerce solutions or is an essential element of the business model of your project or company, do not consider shared hosting. It distributes server resources between clients assigned to it without resource separation. No client has any restrictions on server use. 

It may happen that if you decide to host your blog on shared hosting, at some point, it may start to load unusually long. It may come to pass when another client on the server starts using too much of the server’s resources. During peak hours, when all websites are under siege, they will load slower. It can result in the irritation of your customers or even their irretrievable loss.

Only if you create a website or blog that will not determine your income, you can run it on shared hosting. If you are a passionate person, you may accept the loss of some readers because it will not harm your economic situation. You will derive satisfaction from the very fact of writing the content.

Website about Bitcoin – VPS will work most often

Bitcoin VPS hosting will be most suitable for the largest group of cryptocurrency website creators. It is the right choice for all second-type websites but for some first- and third-types, too. If your blog or website is visited mainly during peak hours, it is better to opt for VPS hosting without further consideration. The price difference is slight, but the way the site works will change noticeably.

VPS consists in dividing the server resources into smaller parts – virtual servers. Each of them has resources assigned to it: processor cores and RAM. The client may only use the resources that are assigned to them. If their website generates too much traffic, only it will slow down – it will not affect the websites of other clients on the server in any way. 

Each client has their resources, and it is their decision whether to use them fully or not, but the important thing is that they will not be available for use by any other client.

As you might reasonably expect, there is a full range of VPS options. The weakest packages offer minimal resources – one processor core and 1 GB RAM, while the largest provides as many as 24 cores and 64 GB RAM. It is a power that gives tremendous potential. Therefore, if you can agree to share the server with other clients, you can choose a VPS even if your services are demanding.

What type of hosting should you choose for a bitcoin-related website? VPS or Dedicated Server?

Will you process sensitive data? A dedicated server is necessary

However, there are times when you cannot afford to share a physical server with anyone else. Times, when you need to give your server total, top-notch protection without compromises. Your server must be completely secure. In these situations, you need to opt for Bitcoin-dedicated servers

You rent the entire physical server just for yourself. You have total freedom to configure it, install any software, and make any changes to the configuration. It allows you to customize the server to your needs completely. It is needed when you process the most confidential data, and you cannot risk losing them. 

If you want to create a platform where users will place their NFTs or cryptocurrencies, you cannot afford to compromise on security. Digital assets on your site can gain significant value, and your website will process high-value transfers, so you must guarantee your users complete security.

For this, you will need total control over your server, knowledge of installed systems and software as well as create effective additional protection systems. Only the dedicated server will allow you to do that.


The market is fresh from a significant drop in the value of cryptocurrency. It gives wind to the opponents of cryptocurrencies; they can again shout: “I told you so: cryptocurrencies are dangerous!”. However, Bitcoin is not a speculative tool as many would like to believe. It is an excellent means of payment, which, in the future, may be resistant to inflation, just like gold. 

Its supply is limited, and when all 21 million BTC will be mined, it will not be possible to mine more. In addition, over the last five years, the value of BTC has increased by 7%. Bitcoin is the currency of the future. So do not worry about the temporary negative opinion of the mass media. Buy your Bitcoin VPS or dedicated server, and create compelling and objective content about cryptocurrencies.

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