What is CRM Hosting

What is CRM Hosting
What is CRM Hosting

CRM is an integral part of any business. Read on to find out why getting CRM Hosting for your business might save you thousands and make you millions.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management might be a new term for a lot of you reading this, maybe even for experienced business owners. CRM is any tool or technology that helps a business maintain and expand its relationship with its customers. That is the ABC of CRM.

Taking a closer look, we see that CRM involves four key areas; namely:

  • Information
  • Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Sales & Service

What CRM basically does is take as much data from your customers as possible, analyze it and measure the statistics. This data is then further used by an organization and its employees to build marketing strategies to drive sales. After these sales, the service is then funneled into the CRM to repeat the cycle. As a business owner, you would see that all those are key areas for your company to spend time and money towards.

There are two ways to manage the CRM of a company:

Self-Hosted/In-house CRM

This is when a company uses a 3rd-party technology or software or even their own. The company’s own employees are responsible for handling the CRM.

Outsourced/Hosted CRM 

When a company contracts another company to host, collect and manage their CRM for them. This can usually cost lesser than in-house CRM due to the lack of employees needed.

By next year, it is expected that CRM will be the largest area of revenue in enterprise software. We can, therefore, be assured that CRM is a vital part of a business and cannot be neglected in any case.

Moving on to why CRM Hosting is a much better approach for your business and the best deal on CRM Hosting out there. 

Firstly, CRM Hosting is much cheaper, to begin with, and maintain. This is because a company with a large number of servers is contracted to handle this task and they charge recurrent fees that also guarantee the maintenance of these servers. Smaller companies would greatly benefit from this. 

Moreover, this solution allows instant access to data by authorized personnel anytime, anywhere unlike in-house software which may be restricted to access through specific hardware.

Then there’s the efficiency to your IT department that CRM Hosting brings. Since your IT team is no longer responsible for constantly maintaining your CRM, they can focus on the more business-centric goals of your company.

Lastly, the most important reason why you should get CRM Hosting; Data Protection. A Hosting company is well-experienced in securing and backing up data and they will ensure that you continue to have perfect access to it. Also in situations like the pandemic, remote access to vital data such as CRM may turn out to be a godsend.

Now, for the moment you have all been keenly waiting for. What is the best CRM Hosting deal out there?

Well, it is none other than UltaHost’s very own CRM Hosting program with VPS CRM Hosting packages starting from as little as $5.50 a month. UltaHost offers Rise, CiviCRM, and SugarCRM among many others as your software options. All of this is further backed by a money-back guarantee so you can rest assured you will not find a better deal. 

So what are you waiting for? Get a CRM Hosting package now!

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