Best Blog Post Ideas With Example Headlines

Best Blog Post Ideas

A blog is an essential element of eCommerce. It helps with SEO optimization, gives you additional opportunities to advertise your products, and allows you to show a more human side of your team and company. However, you don’t always have blog post ideas. In this article, I will provide you with ready-made recipes for effective blogging with WordPress.

I encourage you to read the article on why an eCommerce store must have a blog. The knowledge and example headlines contained in these two articles will allow you to create an attractive website that will help you gain new customers and increase conversion.

Quality Content Strategy

Quality content is a critical component of blogging with WordPress. You need to create well-optimized SEO content, but on the other hand, it must be attractive, valuable, and converting. Google is not the only source of the traffic to your website. You can’t forget about social media marketing, referrals, viral marketing, and conversion.

All of these elements require other elements of content, however, there is something that connects them. It is an article or a blog title. In the content, you can use key phrases, conversion-enhancing activities, and techniques that encourage sharing content on social media and enclose everything in helpful content. However, there can only be one title.

Of course, the headline will not do everything, but good titles of articles will interest, intrigue, arouse emotions, and call to the board. In short, the headline is there to grab the reader’s attention. If the headline attracts attention, there is a chance that the reader will read the first paragraph. The first paragraph, in turn, should make the reader want more, and so on, until the last line.

9 Content Strategy tips for blogger

Before sharing blog post ideas with you, I would like to introduce you to some tips in blogging. It’s essential to know how to write headlines, but it’s not enough. Each element of blogging with WordPress must be refined to at least a sufficient degree.

Check these 9 content strategy tips for blogging!

Reply in the comments

Every novice blogger dreams of having comments under his posts. Therefore, when they appear, be sure to respond to them. Show people that you notice them, and say: “thank you for the comment”. It will create a relationship, and there is a much higher probability that the person will not only return to your blog but also contribute to the following articles.

When your content is already popular enough that you can’t reply to all comments, do it at least to quality questions.

Ask questions

It is probably the easiest tip for blogger to increase the number of comments under a given entry. If you are writing an article: “How to motivate yourself to study?” and you give seven pieces of advice, then at the end, ask the readers: “If you know of any other ways to motivate yourself to study, share them in the comments!”

Once in a while, you can ask for feedback:

“My dears, when I look at the statistics, I see that about 2,000 people come here every day. If what I do helps you – tell me about it! I want to feel that what I do makes sense. If you have any comments or ideas on how to improve my content – write to me too. This knowledge is worth gold to me. Thanks in advance!”

Make it easy to share your content

After reading some articles, you can get nystagmus from all these social media icons. Limit social media icons to only those that you actively use. There is such a phenomenon as decision paralysis. When someone has many options to choose from, they end up choosing nothing.

Make a list of the best articles

Make a list of the best entries on your blog. The most views, the most comments, the most likes and reactions.

You never know if an article your reader came across will be interesting enough to make them come back, so prepare a list of 5-10 best articles that will always be visible.

There is a good chance that something from this list will interest the reader, especially when it is clear from the views or comments that it is popular. To create such a list, you can use special plugins that select the most popular articles.

Do interviews

It is one of the methods by which your blog statistics will skyrocket. Search for fascinating people who deal with related topics and interview them live or via video call.

It works especially when you also have a YouTube channel or podcast. When you are with another person face to face, the answers are more natural and more attractive. It is also much easier to pull the interlocutor’s tongue when they say something intriguing or valuable.

When you inform your interlocutor that the interview is available, there is a chance that they will let their readers, viewers, and fans know about it. Don’t push it though; it has to be the sole decision of the person you interviewed to share the content.

Be present on social media

Facebook fan page, YouTube channel, Twitter, or Instagram account. Or maybe something less popular: Pinterest, Linkedin, or a completely different social network? It is worth being present in social media because it is the best way to maintain communication with readers and is a crucial marketing area. 

The news comes in there; you can inform about various initiatives, meetings, webinars, and speeches and publish reports from these events.

Is Facebook a must-have for every business? Unquestionably, it is the most popular social media, so it is worth creating a page, but it is not mandatory. And it certainly doesn’t have to be your primary social channel. Pick the one that fits your business, that you feel comfortable with, and that will work well for you, and focus your content strategy on it. 

It is better to gain valuable followers and large reach on one channel that will convert than to split up and create a dozen or so accounts in various social media, none of which will have a chance to break through.

If you want to know more about the different social platforms that you can use for brilliant social media marketing, read our article on 11 unusual ideas for promoting your brand online.

11 Unusual Ideas for Promoting Your Brand Online
11 Unusual Ideas for Promoting Your Brand Online

Invest in the best content

If you make a successful article or video, it’s worth investing in. You can look at the stats at the end of the month, and you’ll have black and white which material people liked the most. Use this content to promote your website on social media and reach a wider group of people with your best content.

Show up at industry events

There are in every industry rallies of bloggers and YouTubers, various meetings, and conferences. It’s worth showing up there, meeting people from the industry, and listening to what’s in the grass. In addition to stationary events, there are also many online events. 

When you gain some experience, you can work your way up in the environment by taking part in organizing these events – either as a volunteer or as a guest. Lectures, speeches, or workshops require public speaking skills, but the game is worth the effort. You will probably do it for free, but you won’t be just a participant anymore, but a speaker teaching the audience.

If it’s a stationary event, it’s a good idea to bring someone with you to take photos of you that show you talking to the audience. When you post them in the “About Me” section, it immediately increases your value.

Publish the same content in different formats

You can make your content strategy diverse by providing the same content in different formats. If you record video material, you can make an article based on it, and export audio as a podcast. The series of articles can become a free ebook in pdf format. Or go the other way and turn the article into an infographic. If you make good material, people will share it.

The content created once and published in various formats will reach a much larger group of people. Some people sit in the office, but they can read something with coffee. Others are constantly on the move, so the audio form will be perfect for them. Still, others want to see a few-minute video, and some have the habit of browsing stories, reels, and TikToks, so they will end up with a series of short recordings.

Blog post ideas

Below I present example headlines with the schemes created by professional copywriters. You can use them in the titles of articles on websites, blogs, newspapers, and books.

Headlines are the first element of the puzzle called blog entry or article.

How [benefit] and [benefit]?

  • How to win friends and influence people?

Give me a [short time] and I’ll show you how [benefit]

  • Just give me 10 minutes and I’ll show you how to double your profits.

How [benefit] without [pain]?

  • How to learn English without boring memorization?

 See how easily you can [desired result]

  • See how easily you can find 100 blog post ideas.

How [desired result]?

  • How to teach a child to read?

X ways to [desired outcome]

  • 5 ways to have a quick, healthy, and cheap breakfast.

Here’s why not [desired outcome]

  • Here’s why you’re not rich.

X lies about Y

  • Top 5 lies about blogging with WordPress.

How I improved Y in [time] and how you can do the same.

  • How I lost 5 kg in 4 weeks and how you can do the same.

X biggest mistakes [reader’s description] makes in [situation name] – and how to avoid them.

  • Top 10 mistakes made by novice bloggers – and how to avoid them.

You don’t have to be [challenge] to [desired outcome]

  • You don’t have to be handsome like Brad Pitt to attract beautiful women.

Little-known ways to [desired result]

  • A little-known way to double the number of customers.

Here are X ways to [do something] like [a celebrity]

  • Here’s how to be as good a speaker as Barack Obama.

With these schemes, you can find out hundreds of blog post ideas. In principle, you can rotate them by changing only the information in parentheses.


Equipped with blogging tips and blog post ideas, you now know how to write headlines. Play with these example headlines and create a variety of content. Most of the titles of blog are ready, all you need to do is add the appropriate data from your industry to the pattern, and success is guaranteed!

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