First steps to earn online – create your digital product

Create your digital product online

Do you dream of creating your digital product? So this article is for you! You will learn why it is worth it, what is necessary to get started and what you shouldn’t miss when creating your digital products.

You want to start earning money online and see great value in it because you can work where and when you want. It is an ideal solution for people who want to requalify, or change something in their lives. Selling your digital products is also perfect for young parents who would like to start remote working, or simply people who do not want to commute to work.

What mistakes do beginners make?

If you start right, you will open up opportunities for further success. However, many people make a significant mistake at the very beginning, which burns their energy and sucks their motivation. Such people want to create a large, complex project right away. It is often an extensive and complex online course in which they wrap all their knowledge.

First, it is a mistake to pack everything we have in one product. Second, you can’t start with such a complex and demanding project. In this case, a young entrepreneur would have to make at least 100 hours of recordings!

Digital products can be divided into current ones, on time, which you often deliver live, and evergreen products that you can always sell in your store or campaigns. For beginners, the better choice for the first digital product will be the first type. Live products are easier to implement and faster to deliver.

Tim Ferriss in his book “Tools of the Titans” shares the morning rituals that help him get through the day well. The first is to make his bed. By making your bed in the morning, you are checking the first task on the daily list. It gives a feeling of satisfaction that motivates you to take further steps, and this one task will entail many others. Making a bed also underlines the fact that the little things matter in life.

In business, you also should start with a simple product that will be easy to make and sell.

What product to start with?

The e-book is a brilliant solution to get you started. First, it allows you to develop the best style of work. You will see what style of remote working will be better for you. Is it the deep work: an uninterrupted work in total concentration for an hour or two? Or an intermittent system, such as Pomodoro, in which several minutes of work are intertwined with micro-breaks? Second, an e-book is relatively easy to sell.

How many pages must be in an e-book? There is no rule here: there are e-books with several pages along with over 400. The important thing is, however, that it must be a paid product, and therefore carry the appropriate value. So it has to contain the right amount of knowledge and materials to make people want to pay the price you expect.

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The products you can deliver live are also brilliant, such as mastermind training in the form of a webinar for several people. These are safe products: simple to make and easy to sell.

When you succeed, finish the first product and sell it. You will test yourself and will have a tremendous motivational kick to act. Then you could start with a more demanding project. It will be a good time to create an online course. To do this, you would have to dedicate a month or two to record and edit a film, build a course platform, and perform all other necessary activities. For this, you need the motivation that will give you your first little success.

I have no community

Many people who start are concerned that they don’t have a community and won’t have anyone to sell their products to. But the question “should I have a community to start an eCommerce business” is based on the principle “what came first: the chicken or the egg?”. We can debate, but having a community is not always an added value. 

If your community used to receive content for free, they may not be eager to embrace the change. There may be allegations of commercialism then. 

Some people start from scratch straightaway with a campaign for their first, small, and inexpensive product and thus build a community. Either based on the product itself or appears side by side: content supported for free by the product campaign. Both approaches are correct, and the most important thing is the result: you have to achieve what you want, which is to build a committed community that is willing to buy your products.

You need to know your community

If you have a community, you need to distinguish whether they are interested in what you do or just like you. Only people who are genuinely interested in what you do will be able to become your customers. The rest are just fans, some of whom may agree to send you money, but as well as by buying a product, they will be convinced by a Buy Me a Coffee or Patreon, because they nothing but love you.

What’s the difference? – you ask. – They’ll let me earn anyway! Well, yes, but this approach is short-term. Question: what next? How are you going to develop further? Develop your products, or can it promote its brand? Do more cooking courses, or put on T-shirts and mugs with your image?

The quality and type of community are critical, but you must know your community and its expectations.

You need to know if your community is interested in what you are doing, if it has a problem you can solve, and if it is looking for a solution to that problem. This situation is more convenient. If you’ve come across a community with a particular problem, seemingly more people have it. And if someone searches the Internet for a solution, they might find you. This way, new people will constantly join your community, being interested in your products.

One main social platform

This is not an iron rule, but it is good practice to start with one social platform and treat the next ones as additional distribution channels. If you focus on Facebook and start creating materials for your group, treat it as your primary social channel and focus your efforts there.

If you are founding a more open community that focuses on a specific type of content, then align your activities with the main channel. Each of these channels: Facebook group, YouTube channel, or Instagram has its specificity and type of users. Choose one of them and subordinate your social media marketing strategy to it.

It is not worth focusing on all possible social platforms at the very beginning. It is difficult and sometimes even just impossible alone. So it is best to engage in the next social channel only after mastering the first one.

Just do it!

Do you have many interests, many skills, and lots of experience? On the one hand, it’s valuable because you have a lot to choose from. On the other hand, you have a problem because you have to choose. When creating your first products and online community, you need to focus on a particular direction.

When you succeed with your products in a given industry and feel it’s time to introduce freshness, you will be able to commercialize your next passion. But focus on one direction at first.

If you have a few ideas for your products, it is good to think about what comes to you effortlessly, what seems simple, and what gives you pleasure. Remember that Tim Ferriss starts the day by making the bed – follow this rule and go towards simplicity and choose what comes to you simply as ABC.

On the other hand, it’s crucial to start and finish the product. The plan is essential, but you cannot plan forever. It is another reason to start with a simple product that will not be difficult for you to create.

However, remember that your product should solve the actual problem of your community. There is no point in creating a product to demonstrate your skills – you don’t make a portfolio. You want to create a product that will sell, so it has to answer some problem of the selected group, or it will fulfill their desires.

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