How to increase the conversion rate in an online store?

High conversion is a dream of many online store owners. After all, this indicator determines how much interest the offered products enjoy among recipients. You must know how to increase the conversion rate in an online store!

If you regularly read our blog, you know perfectly well that we care about the success of your business. Your success means your eCommerce will grow. You will have more customers, want to introduce advanced solutions, and require to upgrade your VPS package to a higher one. 

And finally, get to the point where you have no choice but to move to dedicated hosting. So as you can see, your success will also be our success. That is why we have prepared for you 5 ways to increase the conversion rate in your online store.

Are you wondering why users visit your website but do not decide to buy products or services? You’re probably making critical typing or quality errors, or some technical issue has crept in. All this affects the reduction of conversion, and we will show you what to do to increase this indicator.

What is a conversion?

Even before you learn how to increase the conversion rate in an online store, you must find out exactly how this indicator works. You can identify the conversion as transforming a passive recipient into an active one. It is when the user not only enters your website but does an action: purchases, subscribes to a newsletter, or clicks a link.

Remember that conversion leads to one of the most important goals of every business, i.e., actual profit. However, this is not always about money. You can also benefit by increasing your database or showing your knowledge.

Add unique content

You certainly know very well that with the help of high-quality texts, you will encourage your recipients and increase your reach on the web. That’s why you have to take care of their uniqueness. It is critical in the case of product descriptions. After all, many wholesalers or producers provide ready-made content that they paste on their websites.

However, in this way, you will certainly not stand out and not become attractive to potential customers and the Google Search Engine. You will become one of many online stores, not a leader or a noticeable point among the competition. For this reason, original product descriptions will positively influence conversion.

But the description is not all. Take your own original product photos that will stand out in Google searches. Add your guides for selected products. Create tutorials or reviews on your YouTube channel and put them on your website. You can get ideas from your customers’ questions. 

Have three customers asked if a particular UPS model can handle a computer? Make a video of connecting your computer to the UPS and show with a stopwatch how long it will last after disconnecting the power. Customers will appreciate your efforts and will buy a UPS from you, even if your offer won’t be the cheapest.

unique content and good UX

Take care of UX

User Experience (UX) makes the recipients feel so good about your website, and at the same time, they want to spend even more time on it. So, if you wonder why your conversion rate is low, start experimenting. Change the font type, size, and color, and run A/B tests. 

Make two landing pages, use an A/B testing program (as a WordPress plugin, for example), and see which font is more effective. Similarly, check the dominant colors on your site. Think carefully about your CTAs, and if you discover any inaccuracies or come up with a better idea, redesign them. 

Don’t forget about the technical aspects that affect the loading time. Check if your website loads fast enough. Read all our articles tagged “Healthy Website” and put these tips into practice. All these factors will positively affect the increase in conversion. In addition, you will also become more visible and appreciated by Google bots.

Build trust

Your website must not only attract but also inspire trust. It is critical to take care of the details that increase credibility and make users want to take advantage of your offer. Are you wondering how to do it? Start with a current SSL certificate, and recipients will have no problems accessing the website. 

Besides, share your knowledge and show your experience. At this point, I can repeat the advice from the first point: create compelling content, especially video tutorials. In this way, you will build an expert brand.

Complete your portfolio and show reviews from previous clients. Customers take this as proof that your services are really of high quality. Focus on solving your customers’ problems and confirm you don’t get negative feedback – and when there is one, try to turn it into a positive one. When you turn a negative opinion into a positive one, you can show how much you care about helping your clients. 

And above all, assure your recipients that their data will be safe with you. Thanks to this, they will be happy to bet on your offer, which you will notice in the increase in conversion. You will need secure and trusted hosting to do so. Check out the UltaHost propositions because for UltaHost security is an absolute priority. 

UltaHost provide you with both free and premium SSL certificate

UltaHost will not only provide you with a free SSL certificate and secure data transfer via SSH. You can be sure that our security systems will ensure that nothing threatens your service. We will support you during DDoS attacks and repel malware attacks or server intrusions.

Simplify the purchasing process

Modern recipients are not patient, and any difficulties with payments, a complicated shopping process, or the lack of their favorite form of delivery will result in cart abandonment. It is a big problem for online stores, but you can deal with it. All you have to do is take care of a transparent, easy, and quick shopping process. 

The first step to this is the visible “add to basket” button and the simple order form. Remember to reduce the number of steps as much as possible. Let users see that they can shop with you in 2-3 minutes. Such action will encourage them, but you will also reduce the risk of changing your mind.

Take care of communication

You can’t underestimate the questions of potential customers – instead, you must answer them quickly. Efficient communication is another factor affecting the increase in website conversion. That is why a great idea is a chatbot that will provide answers to the simple and most frequently occurring discounts – regardless of the time or day of the week. 

In addition, add several contact forms, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers to the website. If you want to automate your work, articles on the company blog are also a good idea. There you will answer the most common doubts and attract an additional group of recipients from the Google Search Engine. If you don’t have time to write texts, then choose the FAQ, it’s simpler.

Don’t forget to check out UltaHost hosting platform. Get 24/7 support from our support team. Our powered infrastructure focuses on auto-scaling, performance, and security. Let us show you the difference! Check out our plans!   

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