Top 20 sites to learn coding for free

Intersting Facts Top 20 sites to learn coding for free
Intersting Facts Top 20 sites to learn coding for free

With a quick look at the room, you are sitting in now, you are sure to see one or two devices at least in it based on software codes and modern technologies.

In this era, we no longer only have to use these programs and technologies, but we have to know how they work and how the mechanism of their operation goes.

Learning programming is now available to everyone thanks to the availability of many online learning resources and the availability of a large number of sites that allow learning programming from scratch easily.

In addition to saving money in working on some simple software projects, in addition to the possibility of starting a start-up project that needs knowledge of programming, among the advantages that learning programming provides is also choosing or hiring the most appropriate people to work on your projects, whether a website, a web application or a phone application, in addition to supervising their work completion, and finally you can Starting to learn programming from scratch as a step in professionalizing this field, in which there are great job opportunities, whether fixed jobs or in self-employment. 

In this article, we will give you the best of these sites. 

Code Academy

This site is considered one of the most famous and best sites to learn programming for free on the net, as the number of programmers who have learned through its lessons has reached more than 24 million programmers. 

This site will enable you to dive into many lessons and courses that will give you experience in almost everything, from HTML, JAVA, PHP, PYTHON, and even RUBY. 

Harvard University’s CS50 class

This free course provides an introduction to computer science from Harvard University and includes a focus on learning HTML, C programming languages, JavaScript, SQL and CSS. It also provides learning how to think logically, understand algorithms, and how to solve programming problems efficiently. The student (the trainee) after successfully completing the course can pay $90 for A notarized certificate. 


Founded in 2012, this site has grown to become one of the most prominent technical education and education companies available on the network, which has provided more than 1000 different lessons by 119 different educational institutions. 

You can also pay some money to obtain a certificate from it, but there are also many free programming lessons in various disciplines and from different universities. 

Examples are the University of Washington, Stanford, and Toronto. 


Founded in 2010. Another platform is one of the best sites to learn programming over the network, which you can use in order to obtain and develop some of your business skills, while there are also free lessons to learn programming. 


Another platform for learning programming over the net, which is open source – allows modification – and is free, was founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012. 

Through it, you will learn many modern and advanced techniques and theories. Currently, this platform has about 60 schools, so I don’t think you will miss this opportunity of this powerful platform to learn programming. 


HackerRank is a programming learning site for beginners that provides you with a variety of educational resources for beginners, including some quick courses, and fun 30-day challenges to gain more experience with programming languages. 

The site provides you with many programming languages to learn and is a suitable place for both companies and developers. While programmers try to improve their skills in learning new programming languages and increase their efficiency through the many challenges available, companies are at the same time hiring the best candidates who can solve their interview questions. 


Another free site to learn programming, based on the presentation of lessons and courses offered by several prestigious universities such as Stanford University, Berkeley, and Columbia University. is a non-profit site that aims to encourage students to learn computers and learn programming from scratch. The site includes free programming lessons, including a lesson on how to build a game such as the famous Flappy Bird game and many other lessons that provide easy programming learning. 


One of the most powerful platforms for learning programming languages, whether web development, games, applications, and others. BitDegree provides you with examples and online development environments that will interest you in learning more through countless practical applications. In fact, you just need to select a software major, choose a programming language, and start learning. 

The platform supports many languages, which are the most in-demand and the best to learn for beginners and even professionals. 

The site has designed a transparent scoring and rewards system that allows companies to see how good you are in programming. This will compensate you for your university degree and will save you a lot of time to learn what the market needs. 


Udacity is one of the best educational sites ever, which provides courses and educational programs in cooperation with many giant companies and institutions. 

You will find Google, Facebook, IBM, and Amazon offering courses and educational materials in cooperation with this leading platform that tries to make academic education more relevant to the labor market. 


Free Code Camp is a non-profit organization that brings you great educational content through a range of useful resources for programmers and developers. You can simply access high-quality educational content for teaching programming for beginners, as well as help them practice what they have learned from programming lessons. 

When you log in to the site, you can choose the specialty you want to learn and next to each specialization the number of hours you need to learn. The site is wonderful and many thousands of people graduated from it and got jobs in major companies such as Google, Microsoft, and others. The good thing is that you can obtain a certified certificate after passing all the prescribed exams. 

Git Hub

Sometimes you need to go back to some paper references when you get stuck in a problem, but this site will save you that. This platform contains more than 500 free books and references in the field of programming and covers about 80 different languages. 

Not only that, but it is also constantly updated by the people who contribute to the site. 

Code School

Code School is one of the best sites that provide learning programming from scratch through specific paths arranged by level, through interactive lessons, video explanations, and screenshots, and according to the site, more than 1 million people use the site to develop their skills and acquire new skills, and the educational courses include a path To learn HTML / CSS and another to learn JavaScript in addition to a path to learning the Ruby language and a path to learning iOS application development in addition to a large number of other educational lessons, Code School provides an application for iPhone phones that allows following lessons through it, and there are many free educational lessons on the site in addition to paid lessons for Monthly subscription. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the best digital platform for learning programming. Why? Simply because that is the purpose of this site, making more than 36 million students daily come to the site in order to learn programming languages and other sciences. 

College students also use Khan Academy because it has many educational videos and advanced lessons. So, anyone can learn anything they want. 


Most of the time, when you search for anything related to any programming language, you will find w3schools site showing you in the results, and this is because it is one of the largest and best online sites interested in the process of documenting programming languages, which is visited by more than 70 million people per month. 


Geek For Geeks is a programming learning platform for beginners that offers free and paid educational content that deals with teaching many programming languages and other related topics. You can also access many articles specialized in computer science and programming in general. In order to gain knowledge and experience in this constantly renewed field. 

The best thing about this site is that you can find useful content on the topics and concepts you are looking for, and it usually never disappoints. If you are searching for a specific programming topic, there is a good chance that you will get similar and high-quality posts with the help codes. 

MIT Open Courseware

After you have learned the basics of programming and then directed to dive a little into this field, such as discovering and learning the theories behind programming codes and their code, you should enter this site, which contains a large number of different sections in this field. 

For example, the beginnings of Java and practical C programming. 

Dash site

Dash provides programming learning through a number of interactive projects, such as how to build a personal website, design a responsive theme for a blog, or develop a website for a small business, which makes the trainee acquire the skills to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and one of the most important features of the site is the interactive interface and offers all projects for free. 


Codewars platform is not a big site compared to the above but the main purpose of the platform is to provide exercises and challenges for programmers to solve. This will give you more skill and confidence as a programmer. 

This site will teach you programming in the language you want for free through challenges and exercises. What is unique about Codewars is that it will make you know your level, so you will know what you need as a programmer in order to become a professional in your field. 


Codementor is a free beginner programming site that offers people a slightly different way of learning by working on pre-made projects at different levels. Each project is specifically designed by the site’s top developers, bridging the gap between theoretical education and actual application on real and useful projects. Learners can discuss project details with fellow peers and mentors and share their code. 

You can also create a wide range of high-quality Python projects that have many applications in reality. 


Most of the sites and resources mentioned in this article are really trustworthy, as they provide you with free and high-quality content. Personally, I have used some of these resources extensively and others I have visited and researched for the purpose of writing this article. I hope the article was useful and that everyone, in general, will benefit from it. 

We recommend that you learn web programming if you are a beginner in any HTML, CSS, or Javascript languages. If you are interested in other fields, such as game development, learn C++ or C#. If you want to program mobile applications, learn Java or Kootlin. 

In the end, learning programming requires a will and a great effort to reach professionalism, but often the first step is the most difficult step, and the twenty sites that we mentioned will help you overcome this most difficult step. 

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