HostAdvice awards UltaHost with a badge

Here is another exciting news to share with you guys, related to another achievement of UltaHost with our valued customers & future potential service consumers.

HostAdvice awards UltaHost with a badge

We are glad to tell you all that HostAdvice shows trust towards us and admire our service level based on customer satisfaction & confidence, which they show towards us. Furthermore, while acknowledging our services, they give us the badge of “Top Wordpress Hosting 2021” badge.


HostAdvice is the internet-based web-hosting directory that has the details of the all most every web-hosting company. Moreover, it has all the data of those companies like packages, plans, services offered, support and many more. With the help of thousands of webmasters worldwide, they analyze their services, support & security mechanism and wrote reviews about them. Moreover, they allow customers to write reviews & their experiences, which they felt while using their services. They help users to find better services as per their requirements.


HostAdvice gives us that badge based on our services analysis and the customers review, which they share at that forum. Into that, none of our customers gives any bad review about us. Seem like all of them are happy with our services. At that instance, we made one more commitment to keep and maintain that trust you guys have in us. And we will try our level best to minimize that communication between us you—furthermore, thanks for trusting in us. We will never break your trust & don’t disappoint you ever.


In wordpress hosting, our starter package is $2.95. We offer 1 website hosting – 10,000 monthly visits, 30 Gb SSD disk drive, 1 Email Account, Free SSL, 2 Databases, Multiple datacenters, Managed Wordpress configurations. Furthermore, we offer Instant Wordpress setup, Free SSL, Automated Daily Back-up, automatic plug-in & security upgradations. Free Site Migration and many more services. For a detailed review, kindly visit “UltaHost Wordpress Hosting Packages”.


If we talk about our services, we provide top-notch Web Hosting Solutions at the lowest prices & try to overcome the gap of live customer support and consultation, which is not filled yet. We have a highly advanced and matured Machine Learning based security mechanism, which made our servers Bullet Proof. We are using BitNinja security services, which work as frontline war soldiers against viruses and bugs and made our servers hack free due to which we have 99.9% uptime. We are also offering many unique and customer-oriented features that usually other companies won’t like we are offering Server Support Services – into which on-demand we maintain to our client's servers then don’t need to take any 3rd party service for Server Maintenance.

In our hosting services, our start-up plan is $3.29 in Shared Hosting. Our all servers have built-in installed SSD. We offer 99.9% uptime & free daily backup in all of our services. We also provide server and hosting consultation & Technical support, which usually companies won’t: free mailing servers, Encryptions, Build-in SSD installation, and many more extra services.


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