How to Check Keyword Trend in Google Trends?

Check Keyword Trend in Google Trends

Google Trends is a free service provided by Google. This tool allows you to check the most searched thing in Google. You can view statistics of a trending search for individual key phrases. Such information can be handy when running a website, blog, or news portal. So, how to use Google Trends effectively?

It is an invaluable tool to check a trending search for a given keyword. We will find out, for example, whether there is seasonality for a given phrase and when to start a seasonal marketing campaign. This tool will also facilitate real-time marketing and quick response to Internet users’ interests.

Google Trends allows you to examine the popularity of keywords, but it isn’t a Google Analytics Alternative. The analysis depth is not sufficient to make decisions. You can use Google Trends in SEO, Google Ads campaigns, social media, and content marketing as a supplement.

With the help of the tool, you will check which phrases are still gaining popularity in search trends on Google and which keywords have a good chance of ending up on the Internet. Knowing a trend in Google will make it easier for you to make business decisions and can protect you from many mistakes.

The tool is divided into several sections.

This tool will allow you to check the seasonality of a given password. You can compare the frequency of searched phrases with other keywords and see how the popularity has changed over a longer time or in individual regions.

You can check the most searched thing on Google each year. You will find out what topics were the most popular in a given year, in a specific country, or globally, and will see what the top search trends were.

Google divides the results into several sections, such as culture, economics, entertainment, news & events, and sports. You can also analyze phrase data geographically and find out that the phrase “meer” (“sea” in English) in 2022 in Germany was most popular in the north of the country.

You can also check today’s search trends. Google tool will show you in this section daily search trends. Thanks to this option, you will not miss any breaking news or hot gossip from the show business.

Google Trends Trending Searches example: Ireland 22 Feb 2023
Trending Searches example: Ireland 22 Feb 2023

Google News Initiative

At the very bottom of the tool, there is the Google News Initiative section, where you will find lessons:

  1. See what’s trending across Google Search, Google News, and YouTube;
  2. Understanding the data;
  3. Basic of Google Trends;
  4. Advanced Google Trends;
  5. Improving your search results.

In Google Trends, unlike in Keyword Planner, you can’t check the popularity of a given phrase. It presents things most searched on Google in a given topic, time, and area.

When you want to read the results of the Google Trends chart, remember that the graph does not show the number of searches for the keyword phrase. It presents topics trending in Google by time and geographic area. 

The data is normalized to a scale of 0-100. It consists in finding the day with the highest number of searches for a given term and setting this result as 100. The following days are assigned numbers from 0 to 100 proportionally. You can check the search trend Google users generated in this period by moving the mouse cursor over the graph.

Checking the trend in Google gives you various possibilities. I have listed primary applications, but this is not a limited list. You are limited by your creativity only.

A coherent and well-thought-out marketing strategy will give you an advantage over a large part of the competition that does not plan its marketing activities. See how to create an effective marketing strategy.

First of all, you can use this tool during the planning process. It will help you to predict when you can expect the highest traffic. You can create real-time marketing based on the things most searched on Google. You can also prepare your sales team for this period and stock up your warehouse.

Trending in Google will help you at the beginning of your business when you do not have historical marketing and sales data. You would determine when the season for your product starts.

Generally, Google Search Console prefers websites over social media, but Google Trends can help you to determine the most popular topics in all online media. Just go to the “Recent Trending” section and check what topics and phrases increased the most. These results are usually consistent with what is happening in social media.

People see thousands of articles and opinions on a given topic and then want to search the Internet. These phrases and questions are usually not searched, so Google can filter them out by measuring the increasing trend in Google.

New ideas

There is a chance to discover a niche or a new category gaining popularity by looking at a trending search. You could consider expanding your assortment, reaching a wider audience, and increasing the company’s revenue.

By looking at the newest trend in Google, you can find inspiration for your content marketing. Check what people are searching for and start to write trendy content. You can use global or local trends and write an interesting blog article that will touch on the hottest topics, increasing the number of your readers.

Google Trends can bring you content ideas and this article will help you create effective blog article titles. A trendy topic wrapped in a professional title will increase your conversions and profits!

The trend in Google is not enough

As I mentioned, Google Trends is not Google Analytics Alternative and can be considered only as a complement tool. Only with a solid SEO strategy can you increase organic traffic and the number of orders in the online store. With the help of Google Trends, you will check the most searched thing in Google and keywords worth attention to, but it is not the only tool you should use.

Be attentive because you never know when you are dealing with a trend or just a momentary delight that will pass quickly. Remember that it is not hard data, just information about a trend in Google for individual keywords. It can’t replace other tools, such as Keyword Planner.

However, if you will understand trending in Google, you will gain a fascinating tool. It will help you to choose the right direction, regardless of whether you run a blog about tourism or sell shoes in an online store. Trending search can help you to choose a destination or colors for the upcoming season.

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Using Google Trends is simple and intuitive. After entering the query, the tool will show you the phrase popularity. Thanks to the available filters, you can specify the region, time range, category, and the searching service.

You can compare the phrase’s popularity and distribution. Look at an example of comparing words “hosting web” and “alojamiento web” in Spain in the last 12 months. Both mean web hosting.

hosting web and alojamiento web in Google Trends

You can see how the popularity of both terms has changed over the last year and which one dominates. Gray areas indicate insufficient data. Google Trends also shows related keyword phrases that are gaining in popularity. 

Google Trends example Related queries

If you have an online shop with flowers in Latvia, it is worth taking a closer look at the trend in Google. Consider whether it is better to create an article about popular monstera or orchid varieties. Google Trends will not replace the Keyword Planner, but it will help to capture search trends and allow you to find new phrases valuable from the SEO point of view.

Google Trends example: latvian online shop with flowers

You can check the geographical distribution of the phrase at such a detailed level as departments or provinces. Below you can see an example of Polish rivers. I entered the names of the two largest rivers: the Vistula and the Oder.

Google Trends geographical distribution example

Poland is called “the country on the Vistula”; it is the largest and more popular river than the Oder, and you can see it in the timeline. However, in the regions through which the Oder flows, this river is more popular in the Google Search Console. At some point, the popularity of the search “Oder” increased for a month due to the river pollution and fish plague.

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Google Trends is a practical and helpful tool that allows you to determine interest in a given topic on a seasonal basis. It is a free and intuitive tool that can help you develop an SEO strategy, analyze key phrases, plan a marketing strategy, looking for new business opportunities or interesting ideas for a blog.

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