How to Sell Your Website’s Domain Name

how to change your domain name

Is your old domain name lying around uselessly? Are you looking to find a new home for it? Read on to find out how you can do exactly that.

Recently, we covered an in-depth article in which we taught you how you can change your website’s primary domain name with very little risks and zero consequences. Well, if you have a good and in-demand domain name, discarding the name of your older website is never a good route to take.

So we brought you the option where you will be in luck and your efforts to purchase and develop your domain name will not be in vain. Yes, you heard that right! You will be learning to sell your domain name to make money from it. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Following the best practices is essential in such a competitive and important sector. This article will walk you through the steps of selling a domain name and provide helpful ideas and methods to help you make money. 

The first step towards selling your website’s domain name would be to evaluate what it is worth. Domain evaluation tools are the most convenient approach to learn about the worth of your domain. In general, these tools use SEO-related metrics like backlinks and domain authority to determine a domain’s worth. One of these tools is Domain Value Checker. All you need to do is visit their website, type in your domain name and they will generate a value appraisal for you, for free! Read our article here on how to choose the perfect domain name.

To generate this appraisal, they will factor in the average pageviews the website is currently receiving. Daily, monthly, and yearly average pageviews will be factored. It will also consider new unique visitors alongside the usual traffic and the expected ad revenue that the website makes through Google AdSense if applicable. We checked our website and were returned a respectable appraisal value of around $35000. Another thing that you should always do in a situation like this is to update your site’s WHOIS information. A WHOIS record displays information about a domain and potential buyers could reach out with their offers.

UltaHost offers the most powerful and fast WHOIS checker on the internet. Our WHOIS checker will give you the registrant information, IP details, nameserver details, and raw WHOIS of your website. Visit our WHOIS checker here.

Remember you can always make your own assessment of the worth of your domain if you are knowledgeable in the web hosting sector. You should evaluate the incoming traffic to your website but you should also keep in mind the bounce rate of your website as well as that is a more complete indicator of traffic. You should also factor in the domain name itself. The TLD as well as the overall length and demand of your domain name are the things that will drive its value the most. Read more here on what a TLD is. 

After you have appraised your domain, it is now time to find a channel to reach out to your potential customers to sell the domain. One of the most common techniques employed for this is to create a for-sale page on the domain itself. You would create a visually appealing page and then mark your domain as for sale. This will alert all the visitors to your website that your site is now for sale. However, this can rapidly decrease the value of your domain name due to the quick surge in your website’s bounce rate.

Another way to sell your domain is to find a third-party platform that specializes in the sale of domain names. A very good example of this is the marketplace. It is very easy to advertise the sale of your website on such a platform. Moreover, they specialize in selling domain names so they are more than likely to have you receive a few purchase offers. Lastly, these platforms offer secure payment gateways with features like Escrow so you do not have to worry about being ripped off. They do, however, have some drawbacks., for example, charges a 20% fee on the selling price of any domain you sell. 

The final method of obtaining a seller is to use a domain name broker. These are specialized agencies or dealers that regularly deal with big shark buyers and always have a customer waiting on them. They will not let you simply sign-up and start advertising your domain for sale. Instead, they will take an application from you to sell your domain and they will only get back to you after they have evaluated that domain name thoroughly. This means they may reject your selling offer if they cannot be convinced of closing a sale. When they do agree, however, these brokers can charge exorbitant commission fees but they will guarantee you good money for your domain name’s worth.

Another thing you should do to make sure your domain is finding the right buyers is to realize the niche that your domain best fits and advertise only to people interested in buying a domain from that niche. For example, a person selling a domain name will be contacted by professional florist shops, by gardening and flower hobbyists, or even by brands that look to appeal to that demographic. It is highly unlikely, however, that this person would be contacted by a sports agency to buy their domain from them. 

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