Most effective ways to extract Content Ideas

Content always plays a critical role in digital marketing; it’s impossible to attain the Google search ranking without quality content.

Ultimately it becomes impossible to enhance the market share of any business. To extract quality content ideas, a few productive techniques are:

  • Questionnaires
  • User observation
  • One-to-one interview
  • Group interviews
  • Brainstorming
  • Surveys
  • Prototyping

At the top of the list regarding the extraction of the quality content ideas is the Questionnaire. Questionnaires are considered the best source of ideas extraction. It is regarded as a research instrument. A questionnaire is a kind of formal journalistic interview, in which, like a traditional interview, you ask questions from product/service officials or users sometimes. It is not mandatory that the research & development team conduct only once or once the interview. Sometimes the team needs to do a series of sessions to understand the needs best. Questionnaires are consisting of a series of questions with the intention of quality content extraction. Questionnaires are of different types, for example, structured, unstructured, open-ended, and close-ended.

User observation also plays a significant role while extracting quality content ideas. Without observing the user, audience, product, niche, and buying capacity of customer behavior, it is impossible to meet the customer’s demands and the market. Monitoring the user requirements is considered as a quick way to obtain an objective view of the product.

One – to – One interview is considered the most common technique ever while extracting quality content ideas. One – to – One interview may be open-ended or close-ended. The most important thing while doing an interview is the format of the particular interview. The interview’s structure should be conversational and might follow the top to bottom hierarchy while extracting the content ideas.

The difference between one-to-one and group interviews is that there are only two persons in one–to–a one interviews, but in group interviews, a whole panel is sited to extract information. The purpose of both interviews is the same.

The survey is another research method technique, and it is used to collect and analyze data from the predefined group’s specific audience. Surveys are always beneficial while assessing people’s thoughts and gathering the audience’s opinions and feelings. So, in other words, the survey is the study of people’s thoughts, opinions, and emotions.

Brainstorming is the process of identifying the problem, analyzing the problem, and defining the problem. This step is to follow at a time when you have gathering enough information about your user at the base of which you will make decisions or build strategies. If you don’t have much data, it is recommended to follow the complete circle again. It is a free-thinking environment that is used to generate ideas to solve the defined problem.

Many people integrate mind mapping into a brainstorming session and use a mind map maker to organize their thoughts and ideas more effectively.

Prototyping is considered the practical and experimental process of requirement gathering and data extraction. A prototype is a predefined module that gives a brief idea of the project. There are specific dimensions while prototyping, for example, horizontal, vertical, throwaway, evolutionary, incremental, extreme, and operational prototyping. So with the help of a prototype, it becomes easy to understand the ideas behind the whole project’s content.

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