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Activate SSL for a domain in Shared Hosting plans

To activate SSL for a domain in shared hosting plans, follow these steps:

1. Login to Ultahost and click on ‘Services’

Ultahost overview

2. Once you are on the services page, click the three dots then click on ‘View Details’.

View details service
  1. You’ll be redirected to the Product Details page.
Product Details page

4. Now, scroll down the page and click on ‘cPanel’ section.

Oneclick cPanel Login

5. Now, once you loggedin to the cPanel, click ‘SSL/TLS Status’ at the right side under the Primary domain.


8. Now, select all the domains then click on ‘Run AutoSSL’

Run Autossl

After a few minutes or seconds, the free SSL will be activated on your website.

If you want to upload and use a different SSL certificate you can refer to this guide Setting Up SSL / TLS on your Cpanel

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Activate SSL for a domain in Shared Hosting plans

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