10 Best PHP Social Network Script

10 Best PHP Social Network Script
10 Best PHP Social Network Script

Today, we share with you the 10 Best PHP Social Network Script that helps you to build an exclusive social networking platform. 

So, PHP Social Network Script is all about building powerful and effective social networking sites. 

Well, there are quite a lot of “so-called” effective solutions for How to build a social networking site. However, these tools lag behind the punch and the power necessary for building effective and successful social networking sites. 

Herein, comes the utility of Social Network PHP Script that stands out from the bunch of inefficient tools and helps you to come up with an exclusive social networking platform. 

Moreover, there are numerous reasons for you to make use of these PHP Social Network Scripts. 

Here, we share with you some of their highlighting attributes: 

  • These PHP Scripts Software allow users to create their profiles 
  • These PHP Scripts allow users to create their social media account 
  • These social media PHP Script allow users to do activities such as post & share articles, photos, or videos on their timeline 
  • Plus, users can create unlimited fan pages, groups, & events, create or like pages, upload images, make photo albums, and more 
  • These Social Network PHP Script allow you to have advanced features such as live chat, video chat, a news feed, & notifications, and more 

If you are trying to start your own social network platform, Check the article bellow.

So, if you want to create and host a social networking website like Facebook, then you should use these Social Network Scripts. 

This post features as many as 10 Best PHP Scripts. 

The best part about these social network scripts is the fact that they allow you to create your social networking sites without having any sort of knowledge about coding. 

These PHP Scripts come with a perfect design and user-friendly interface. They allow Admins to make money with the Ads System. Admin can sell ad space to their users and collect money with integrated payment gateways such as PayPal or Stripe. 

So, if you are searching for the best PHP Scripts for starting your social networking site, then you are perfectly in the right space. 

One of the key factors in determining the success of these social networking sites is the *CSAT (customer satisfaction) they provide to their users.

We have listed both free ones as well as commercial ones below. So, here’s the list for you: 


WoWonder is the best social PHP network script ever! that lets you create your own social network. It’s a PHP Script for creating a fast and high-quality social networking website. 

  • It’s the best way to start your own social networking website. 
  • WoWonder is fast and secure. It is regularly updated.
  • Includes Mobile Android & IOS and Windows Desktop applications.

WoWonder allows your users to perform different activities such as creating profiles & timelines. It allows users to share videos from other websites such as Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

They can play flash games, find nearby friends, do a live chat, and get news feeds, notifications, and lots more. Users can even watch online movies hosted by Amazon S3. 

WoWonder Features: 
  • This PHP Script provides support for CPC & CPM. So, the script provides the opportunity to monetize from your social networking site. Users can create and post their advertisements in the posts as well as in the sidebars of your website 
  • The script has been integrated with Amazon S3 CDN. So, you can store unlimited files, images, music, and videos that can be uploaded to your social website 
  • Watch videos hosted on Amazon S3. Moreover, users can watch & import videos from various video-sharing websites such as Vine, SoundCloud Music, and more 
  • The script comes studded with a high-level cache system allowing you to handle more than 1 million users of your website 
  • The PHP Script allows the admin as well as the users to create and post various articles, threads, posts, and forums on the website 
  • Admin can add/edit the Google Analytics Code. They can ban a suspicious IP address from the back end 
  • The script has a mailing list system with which the admin can send messages to all registered users. 
Pricing Plan
  • The PHP Script is available at $72 with all the major features and supports up to six months. You can extend the support for up to twelve months by paying just $25.13. The extended license is available at $272 only. 


This social network platform is very much similar to Facebook that allows users to perform various activities. For example, they can add life events to their profiles, manage their profile privacy, comment/like/share photos & posts, etc. 

Moreover, you can provide different options to the users such as news feed, live chat, notifications, and many more modern features. 

PHPSocial Features
  • Admin can have a quick glance at various statistics about online users, pages, groups, site information, and a lot more elements. 
  • Further, you can configure multiple website settings such as Captcha, word banning, accounts per IP, dynamic timestamps etc. from the back end. 
  • It also provides various options for themes & plugins to add new appearances & functionalities to the website & have a better user experience. These plugins are for file sharing, video calls, polls, games, weather, etc. 
  • The script allows easy management of users, groups, pages, advertisements, languages, and much more for the admin. 
Pricing Plan 
  • Avail of the regular license of this social PHP network script at just $49 and the extended license at $249 only. 
  • You will be given a 6-month support system that can be extended to 12 months by paying $16.50 extra. 


iSocial lets you start your own social network and provides numerous features like messaging &, a live chat system, real-time notifications on like/comments/chat, etc. to the users.

Also, this script lets you include a marketplace, article library, games, and many other modules.

Users can manage the privacy of their profiles and decide which posts can be will be visible to friends or the public. 

iSocial Features:
  • You can provide a marketplace section & commercial dealings to take place on the website. This means sellers and potential buyers can find each other online & purchases of various products & services can occur. 
  • Furthermore, the admin can authenticate new users by asking them to log in via Facebook, Twitter, or email IDs. 
  • With this script, you can allow users to create unlimited fan pages, groups & events with just a few clicks. 
  • The script comes in 2 languages (English & Spanish) as of now. Although, it is very flexible and lets you add any language you want.   
Pricing Plan
  • Get the regular license of this feature-rich script at a very affordable cost of $51 and an extended license at $255 only. 
  • The responsive script also provides you with a 6-month support system which can be extended to 1 year by paying an additional amount of $17.25


phpFox is a feature-rich social network platform to build online communities. phpFox enables community members to connect, share, and engage with tons of ready-to-use features.

Besides, this platform is also developed to support your community and builds an unlimited communication hub with video calls, chat, and live streaming. With responsive web design, phpFox works well on any screen size. 

phpFox Android & iOS apps are also available for a better mobile user experience. 

Pricing Plan
  • Starting from $299 


Breeze can rightly be called a “giant” social networking platform. With Breeze, you can build social community websites such as Facebook in just a few minutes. Breeze offers a splendid responsive design for your social networking website so that you can give an exact Facebook-like look to your website. 

Breeze allows you to offer instant and advanced search options to your users for pages, groups, photos, videos, etc. Users are allowed to create accounts on your site. They can create various posts, pages, articles, and more. 

Like Facebook, your users can find the news feed of followed people/groups/pages, trending users, and movies shared. Plus, users can like, comment, and share each other posts with a few clicks. 

Breeze Features: 
  • Breeze allows you to create pages with unlimited categories so that you can promote your brand or community easily. 
  • Breeze offers support for an in-built blog system thereby allowing users to create articles. They can even publish them on the website. Further up, users can have likes, views, and comments for their blogs. 
  • Using this PHP script, users can embed videos directly from YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo. 
  • The Breeze PHP script supports 7th Generation advanced search engines. It allows users to search for other profiles using dynamic search filters. 
  • The admin can see the reported content in the form of messages and comments posted on their website and take appropriate actions against it. 
  • Breeze offers a variety of extensions and themes with which you can enhance the overall appearance and functionality of your website. 

PHP Social Stream

PHP Social Stream lets you set up social community websites like Facebook in minutes. This platform provides a great responsive design for your social website and enables you to use a mobile-friendly website. 

You can provide instant & advanced search options to the users for pages, groups, videos, photos, users, etc. And allows the creation of a multi-network photo or video gallery on your website. 

Users can find the news feed of followed people/pages/groups, movies shared, and trending users.  

PHP Social Stream Features
  • Admin can view the reported content (messages & comments) of the website and take appropriate actions against it. 
  • It has an inbuilt blogging system where users can create articles of different categories and publish them on the website & get comments & likes from other users. 
  • Users can mention other users in their comments, messages, and posts by adding an ‘!’ after their name or ‘@’ before the name. 
  • Moreover, the script aids you with a variety of extensions & themes to enhance the overall functionality as well as the appearance of the website.  
Pricing Plan 
  • Buy the regular license of this PHP social network script at just $18 and an extended license at $90 only. 
  • Besides other advanced features, you will also get a 6-month support system which you can extend to 12 months at just $4.88. 

Boonex Dolphin 

Boonex Dolphin is a powerful CMS for creating a social network. The Arsenal has a huge number of extensions, such as groups, ads, audio, and video catalog, Billboards, blogs, chat, file catalogs, and so on.

You can also extend the standard set of paid modules, which can be purchased in the extensions section on the official website.

You can customize the style of your pages. In addition, developers provide mobile applications that integrate with your portal. The CMS is paid, but there is a trial version for testing.   

Pricing Plan
  • From Free to $ 5000/month. 

Social network

Social Network is another widely used PHP Social Networking System. You can apply this script to your website and come up with a social networking platform. 

The script allows your visitors to register on your site easily. Moreover, they can create their social media accounts in just a few minutes. This PHP Script allows users to post images, videos, and emojis, and tagging using the front end of your website. 

The script enables users to have live chats with their friends and colleagues easily. Moreover, users can go for multiple chats at a time and can read the messages easily and quickly. 

The script offers an advanced login system with encrypted passwords. It comes with brute force protection, CSRF protection, and more to keep the users safe and secure. 

Plus, users can buy Advert space on your website using credits which can be paid using facilities such as PayPal, Stripe, and 2Chckout. Users can create and customize their profiles. Profiles have all Feed Posts that a user makes with detailed information. 

The script has features that allow you to create public/private pages. You can invite members and create events for users. Moreover, pages can be personalized just like profiles. 

The script offers Ajax Live Chat. Users can have multiple conversations at the same time. They can even read messages in their inbox. Users can create their blogs and have unlimited posts which can be shared on their feed. The script also provides an advanced Admin Panel which can manage members, send out emails, IP Blocking, User Roles, and much more.   

Social network Features: 
  • The PHP Script supports Ajax. So, you get decreased load time and a faster response 
  • Password encrypted login system 
  • The script prevents your website from SQL Injection and CSRF attacks 
  • You can sell ad space to your users 
  • It supports payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and more 
Pricing Plan:
  • Regular License comes at $39.00 which includes future updates and six months of support. Extended support to 12 months can be had for $12.75 only. 


Socialite is one of the top-rated solutions for creating a dynamic social networking platform without much effort & time. 

The script supports unlimited functionalities for the users such as 20+ real-time notifications, social login, live & group chat, and a lot more. 

Socialite Features:
  • The script supports a multi-level commenting system on the posts along with a liking and unliking option on the comments for the users. 
  • Moreover, users can report the spam users, pages, groups & posts and admin can manage this reported stuff by removing them. 
  • The admin can create unlimited announcements for the users & set status (active/inactive). Further, he can schedule the display of the announcement on the home page. 
  • Furthermore, the script provides an affiliate system where users can share their affiliate links on their other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. 
Pricing Plan:
  • Get the regular license of this impeccable tool at just $46 and an extended license at $325 only. 
  • Further, you will also get an amazing 6-month support system that can be extended to 1 year with just $15.38 


mooSocial is a hugely popular PHP social network software. The script offers some of the best functionalities allowing you to start a powerful social networking website like Facebook. 

Moosocial was launched way back in 2012 and has seen many active developments ever since. 

With every new release, mooSocial has added many useful features. So, mooSocial has now become a feature-rich PHP Social Network Solution. It’s at par and even better (in some ways) than phpFox and Social Engine. 

If we consider pricing then too mooSocial is better than many other options listed in the compilation. It is more affordable than most other Facebook Clone Software listed out here in this post. 

Moreover, mooSocial is a fully unencrypted and Open-Source PHP Script. Plus, it can be easily installed on a supported web hosting server. As of now, a hosted solution is available. So, it’s a good option for all those who do not want to manage servers and software. 

MooSocial Features: 
  • It offers a hassle-free installation wizard. You need to create a database, upload files to the server, and run the installation wizard. The easy step-by-step installation wizard makes the installation very easy. 
  • Once you install your site, it becomes ready to use within just one hour of customization. 
  • The PHP Script is very affordable 
  • It’s being developed actively 
  • It has a powerful front-end interface 
  • It offers a feature-rich admin panel. The drag-and-drop page builder is part of the admin panel. 
  • The script is fully open source. So, you can edit every single line of code 
  • You can create different membership types and offer them access to particular features 
  • The script offers private messaging 
  • It has an instant chat system 
  • Polls, groups, forums, job boards, and events – many of which are available as paid add-ons 
  • iOS and Android Apps are available. However, you have to pay for them separately. 


WoWonder PHP scripts that we have discussed are best in terms of the services they provide. 

Also, you can easily integrate any of these solutions on your website and you will be absolutely ready with your social networking website. 

This is all we have for you in this compilation of 10 Best PHP Social Network Scripts. 

Based on features, design, customer support, and code structure we found WoWonder is the best social networking script. 

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