How to start your own social network platform?

How to start your own social network platform
How to start your own social network platform

Social media is an optimum way to connect with the world; these days, enterprise social media trends are evolving.

Over the last decade, social media is continuously expanding and spread around the globe. That’s the reason now people are twisting towards dedicated niche and enterprise social media. 

Now people are developing online communities of their niches, to stay connected with the people of their shared interests. Like: Showbiz persons are busy developing their community, and social activists are creating their community to stay connected with each other. The reason why people are developing such communities is that they thought, those old social networks were now congested. And on that networks, many of them felt insecure and had a gut feeling that doesn’t have any personal lives. They need to act as a celebrity on those channels. The other and primary reason why peoples are taking such actions are the data secrecy issue, and it’s the hottest debate of today. 

Over and above that, it also creates an opportunity for everyone to identify the space, start their enterprise social network and get a chance to be enlisted within the top social entrepreneur’s list. To identify space within the market, first of all, you need to do quality market research to determine the areas which need enterprise social media. For this purpose, you will do research over the internet and physically by meeting the diversity of cultural and professional backgrounds of people. It is recommended to join social connectivity events and observe people there. After indicating space, you need to define your targeted audience, and then in the next step, you will go for social network development. 

For social network development, you won’t need millions of dollars and not even need a team of hundreds of people. For creating a social network, you only have to identify a need and your target audience. Here a challenge raises of social network development, for that we have good news for all of you WoWonder has developed a social network clone in PHP script. Which is very efficient, secured, powerful, and effective, which hopefully fulfills all requirements which you want within your social network and that will be available for just $125. So, you don’t need to write all the scripts from scratch. You have to invest only invest $125 and take that highly efficient and effective clone. It is highly recommended that you must have to invest your time and money in the marketing of your social network rather than investing them in developing a social network from scratch.   

WoWonder’s social network script has almost all the advanced features which a social network must have and few such which create the difference between it and others, check the Comparison between WoWonder and Sngine. It is the most popular and best script available in the market. Moreover, it is the most economical script with such features. There are few low prices scripts available in the market, but they won’t be able to compete WoWonder in speed, features, and efficiency. That’s why we are saying that it is the cheapest and most effective script of its nature. 

WoWonder has the cloud storage feature, which allows users to use Amazon S3 to upload their media to the cloud remotely. Wowonder is highly secured due to the incorporation of the latest technology. And media saving and extracting from the cloud made it more secure and fast.

Another plus and unique feature of WoWonder is its continuous updates, as the WoWonder team is continuously busy giving a consistently unique experience while using social networks. And for your assistance, they are always engaged in incorporating new technologies and ideas within the networks to make it more secure and to make the network more user-friendly for giving a better user experience. They are incorporating new ideas within the network via plugins for your assistance. 

Moreover, WoWonder is the only social clone that is offering Smart Phone and Desktop applications. This opens a gate of opportunity for you to excel and attract more and more customers. Moreover, when your users got a chance to access social media from Mobile Application, this will increase your reach and traffic. Ultimately helps you in generating more and more revenue. 

WoWonder CMS portal has two categories:

  • Admin Panel
  • Users Panel

Admin Panel features of WoWonder:

It has a compelling admin dashboard, which is developed upon the latest technologies. Its admin dashboard is equipped with highly matured statics with charts analyzing the site information, and those statics are highly customizable. Admin has the right to update general site settings. An admin may also edit user information using administrator rights.

Admin has the right to change or customize the theme of the social network. From the admin panel, you will access monetization and will adjust ad’s over the social network. Using administrator rights admin will apply CRUD at any single stance or over the whole network, the admin may create, read, update or delete any comment/post/user from the network who is violating network policies. For security purposes from the admin panel, you may apply or remove reCaptcha from the network. From the admin panel, you may apply or remove analytics from the network. Moreover, from the admin panel, you may create multiple mandators with customizing job responsibilities.

User Panel feature of WoWonder:

It has many features few of them are enlisted below:

  • High-Level Cache System: The one thing which every social network must have is Speed. Speed up your website with our Cache Framework, which enables it and has the tendency to manage the load of up to 1 Million users!
  • Wonder: With that feature, the client can think about posts, photographs, and accounts. 
  • Social Login: It is not mandatory to sign-up via email, WoWonder gives you the facility to log in via different social networks.
  • Easy & Nice-Looking URL: WoWonder uses a simple, straightforward, and nice-looking URL policy. That’s why their URLs look clear and understandable.
  • User Last Seen: It show’s user last seen and online status.
  • Profile visit Notification: User Receive a notification when someone visits their profile.
  • Friends & Follow System: WoWonder has both options, a friend’s system like Facebook, follow a system like Twitter. This thing is purely dependent upon Admin and company policy that which method they are going to follow. A facility to use both at the same is also available.
  • Home/News Feed: Displays Posts, Videos, Photos, Maps, and Files posted by friends people you followed, Also story filters, follow/friend’s recommendations, and user activities list.
  • User Timeline: WoWonder offers the facility to see other user’s profile – Posts, Photos, and Videos posted and shared by the user.
  • Pages: Users can create/delete pages; the user may invite their friends to like the pages.
  • Groups: Users can create unlimited groups, and add their friends to those groups.
  • Games: Users may play unlimited flash games.
  • Social Videos Support: User has the facility to share videos at their timelines from any source.
  • Photo Album: Users can create unlimited images of albums with a user-friendly-looking style.
  • Cover Picture: Dynamic Cover for users.
  • Profile Picture: Dynamic profile picture for users.
  • User Privacy: WoWnders facilitate Users by giving authority to decide who posts on your timeline, can message you, and what to do with requests and followers.
  • User Profile Info: Displays the user’s profile information.
  • Notifications: The user receives information from the network.
  • @Mentions: Users may mention/tag others in their statuses and messages.
  • #Hashtags: Displays trending topics and topics related to shared by users.
  • Delete & Edit Posts: Users can edit and delete their posts.
  • Save Posts: Users can save posts to view them later.
  • User Events: User can share their events.
  • Recent Search: Whatever the user was looking for, all will be saved into recent searches with the ability to clear them.
  • Post Privacy: Users can edit post privacy.
  • Likes: Users can like a post and View a list of people who want this.
  • Dislike: Users can dislike a post view list of people who dislike this.
  • Comments & Replies: Users can comment on a post, reply to a comment, or even View all post comments.
  • Search: Search for people and #Hashtags with our filtered search system.
  • Reports: Report posts to be checked by administrators.
  • Live Chat: Real-time live chat system (online, offline) status.
  • Messages: Send and receive private messages & share files with users.
  • Activities: Displays user’s latest activities
  • Multi-Lingual: Available in 4 languages.
  • Verified Profiles/Pages.
  • Fully responsive for all devices and browsers.
  • Password recovery facility by email.
  • Online users counter on admin & home page.
  • Emojis

These were some of its highly effective features of it, but it has many more than these discussed. 
Now you are waiting for what? Buckle up your shoes and start indicating space for enterprise social media. WoWonder is going to help you too much in accomplishing your dreams, and it will be going to make your journey easy.

UltaHost offers free installation for your WoWonder PHP script, check and pick one of our most affordable Social Network Hosting plans and get your script installed in less than 30 minutes.

By taking all technical support headaches from you. Hopefully, a great opportunity is waiting for you.

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