Top 10 WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress is undoubtedly the best solution for building your own website. No need to learn how to write HTLM or CSS, no need to pay insane designer fees; you just sit at your computer, drag and drop as you please and voila!

Top 10 WordPress SEO Plugins
Top 10 WordPress SEO

WordPress is undoubtedly the best solution for building your own website. No need to learn how to write HTLM or CSS, no need to pay insane designer fees; you just sit at your computer, drag and drop as you please, and voila! As of 2022, every 4 in 10 web pages are made using WordPress. That is a very impressive number considering there are over 1.3 billion web pages on the internet. What really makes WordPress special, however, is the vast array of plugins and extensions that add every kind of feature you would require. 28% of all e-commerce sales come from a single WordPress plugin, WooCommerce. 

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, search engines reign supreme. In fact, search engines are 8x more effective at converting the audience into customers compared to traditional print marketing. This is despite the billions of dollars that are poured into traditional print marketing each year. Optimizing your website to appear more prominent on search engines or "ranking them up" is commonly known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). WordPress is extremely good at this as their CMS webpages make up more than 300 of the top 1,000 webpages in the world.

Today we will show you 10 WordPress plugins that will help you rank up your webpage effectively. This will bring more traffic to your website which could mean higher customer conversion rates, more ad revenue, better social media presence, and even the rapid growth of your personal brand.

Number 1 on this list and for good reason is Yoast. Yoast offers a robust SEO package for WordPress pages with some very useful and unique features. Something amazing that Yoast allows you to do is rename page titles, headings, and meta-descriptions. 'Why is this important?' You may ask. Simply put, this allows you to use more relevant keywords in your page titles and headings instead of the post title dictating them. Yoast also gives you suggestions on the keywords to use and even gives you SERP previews. Best of all, you can get this plugin for free to enjoy most of its productive SEO features.


AIOSEO is one of the most widely used SEO plugins for WordPress. With over 3 million active users, AIOSEO does not joke around. It has robust on-page SEO features that few other plugins provide. It has an entire audit checklist to guide you about the errors you are making on your webpage regarding SEO and it will also provide you with solutions to fix them. It can also automatically generate sitemaps and submit them to search engines. Sounds neat, doesn't it? 

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs deserves a spot on this list because of the multitude of databases they have. One of the oldest and most well-established tools for SEO optimization, Ahrefs has the largest backlink index anywhere on the internet which allows it to provide backlink analysis second-to-none. It also gives you an SEO analysis based on Google Analytics data and has a content audit tool that gives you SEO recommendations in real-time.

4. Rank Math

Rank Math quite literally does what it says. It shows you all the math that is supposed to help you rank higher. Along with providing you real-time analytics about your posts, it provides Google Search Console integration as well. It even lets you edit meta descriptions, site schema and control text snippets in search results. Rank Math is free to use but developers are planning to introduce a premium version with more advanced features soon.

5. Schema 

Schema is the go-to WordPress plugin to add rich snippets to your webpage. Rich snippets are things like customer reviews, prices, pictures etc. They help your web page to stand out from the rest of the competition by showing your webpage as having these elements. Although other plugins like AIOSEO allow you to add rich snippets, Schema takes it a step further with snippets like Events, Recipes, Services and many more. 

6. SEOPress

If you liked all the plugins we've already mentioned but don't want to clutter your workspace with a myriad of them, we have some good news for you. SEOPress provides you breadcrumbs, redirections, schemas, sitemaps and more. You can optimize meta descriptions, customize titles, add your sitemap to the Google index all from within WordPress.

7. Squirrly SEO

With over 7 years of experience under their belt and analysis on over half a million web pages, Squirrly are a name to be reckoned with in the world of WordPress SEO plugins. Squirrly audits webpages based on backlinks, architecture, keyword usage and several other demographics. This results in a detailed analysis that focuses on efficiency by helping you achieve the maximum output from the least amount of effort. They even offer a money back guarantee (subject to conditions) if your ranking does not improve by following their suggestions.

8. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is a powerhouse of insights and analytics. Integrating with Google Analytics, it provides you with real-time metrics of important things like page views, bounce rate, device breakdown etc. so you know exactly where you are falling short. Think Google Analytics is too complicated? MonsterInsights allows you to view the detailed analytics that Google provides you without ever having to login.

9. SEMRush

A giant in the world of keyword research, SEMRush have extended a hand of help to users in the form of their WordPress extension. It shows you keywords and terms your competitors are ranking for and alternative organic keywords that you can rank for with speed. A great help for any webpage that hosts written content like a blog, PR website, etc. SEMRush should definitely be your go-to to optimize your written content for SEO.

10. WP Meta

Last but definitely, WP Meta is one of the best bulk SEO editing tools currently available on the WordPress market. It is easily the best solution for users that do complete site redesigns. WP Meta allows almost instant meta information editing using its bulk edit feature saving you from having to edit each webpage separately. Along with that, it has the usual Google Search Console integration to help you find the best keywords. It also has a sitemap generator and redirections manager.

That was our pick of the 10 best SEO plugins for WordPress currently available. Did we miss your favorite plugin? Let us know in the comments down below.

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