What is the SSL Certificate Cost? Premium vs. Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificate cost

The increasing number of threats on the Internet has resulted in the emergence of many defense mechanisms. To be safe on the Internet, you need to protect yourself. One of the most crucial ways to increase security is to use Secure Socket Layer certificates. However, there are both free and paid ones. When can you use a free SSL certificate, and when do you have to buy a premium one? What is the SSL certificate cost?

They have become a fashionable way to secure data on the Internet because they encrypt the data on the website, and one cannot read it without the key. So even if someone intercepts the data, it will be safe.

Definition and types of SSL certificates

A secure Socket Layer is a widely used network protocol that allows you to establish secure connections and send encrypted data between the server and end users. In other words, it is a set of rules that encrypt data between two devices. In the case of websites, this communication takes place between the web server and the browser on the user’s device.

The HTTPS connection emphasizes website credibility and gives users a guarantee that the information they send goes directly to the recipient without the risk of interception of such a connection by unauthorized persons. Without a secure connection, all data is transferred between the server and the browser as text. Using a secure connection, you can be sure that even overhearing such communication won’t harm your users.

When establishing a secure connection with the server, the browser agrees with it on the version of the encryption algorithm and keys to transfer information. After setting the rules, the mechanism is tested by sending an encrypted test message.

We can divide SSL certificate types by two criteria. The first one is the entity verification method, and the second criterion covers areas of operation. SSL certificate pricing depends on the type of secure socket layers.

There are many aspects that make up the concept of a secure website. One of the necessary security elements that also encrypts data is SSH. Find out how does SSH works and how it affects the security of your website.

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Validation level type of SSL certificate

DV (Domain Validation) is the most popular SSL certification due to the simplicity and speed of the validation process of issuing. The validation process is straightforward; you only need to prove that you are the domain owner. You can perform the validation process by clicking the verification link that the provider will send to the email registered with the domain. They are single-domain SSL certificates that contain information only about the domain.

OV certificate (Organization Validation) also verifies your company data. You must send scans of documents to the certificate authority. In addition to information about the domain, it displays the company details.

To get an EV certificate (Extended Validation), the certificate authorities will verify documents and personally contact the owners. EV SSL certificates display information about the domain and the company and include the company name on a green background next to the padlock symbol. The EV SSL certificate cost is the highest.

Areas of operation type

A Standard Secure Socket Layer certificate is valid for one specific domain without subdomains or with a limited number of subdomains (maximum 3).

A Wildcard SSL certificate is for a single domain but with support for all first-level subdomains. The Wildcard SSL certificate will not work for the second-level subdomain.

Multi-domain SSL certificates can be issued to several domains, subdomains, or both. The subdomain is not secured by default, though. If you want to protect it, you must include both addresses in the list of domains.

Free SSL certificates

Years ago, the single-domain SSL certificate price was high and obtaining it was troublesome. There were only a few trusted certification centers. Until recently, these certificates were used to secure online banking transactions or electronic payments. Over time SSL certificate costs began to fall, and eventually, some centers decided to issue free SSL certificates.

The first was the public organization Let’s Encrypt, created by the Internet Security Research Group. Some worldwide companies support the initiative: Cisco Systems, Akamai Technologies, and the Mozilla Foundation. Other free certifications you can obtain from WoSing and Comodo. Interestingly, many companies that used to offer paid certificates now issue them for free.

The popularity of certificates encouraged web browsers to inform the users by a crossed-out padlock symbol that the website doesn’t use a secure sockets layer and is unsecured.

The main difference between paid and free certificates is not only the guarantee they offer. If hackers break the encryption, the issuing organization must pay appropriate compensation. These certificates also differ in the type of domain ownership verification, the number of domains and subdomains covered by the certificates, the validity period, the certificate authority, and the encryption type. But this is not the end of the SSL certificate options.

If you want to take care of the security of your website, you also need to choose a properly secure hosting. Read this article to learn how to choose hosting for your blog.

Guarantee for paid SSL certificates

Before deciding to purchase a certificate, it is worth reading the terms of the warranty carefully. Premium SSL certificates guarantee to cover all or part of the cost of encryption breaking and the leakage of important data.

The regulations often contain traps that you need to watch out for. The guarantee is sometimes limited to one incident up to the number of losses incurred. In the case of breaking the code, the customer must prove their losses. Meanwhile, some elements are difficult to value, e.g., lost customer data.

Is it worth investing in paid SSL certificates?

If you have a small website and do not process crucial personal data, it usually makes no sense to pay for Secure Socket Layer. However, there are no free EV or wildcard SSL certificates. If you need it, you must purchase it. The EV-type SSL certificate gives the client, apart from the green padlock, an inscription with the institution that issued it. It is critical for banks and other financial institutions that handle a large amount of sensitive data of their clients daily.

The EV certificates are protected by severe restrictions. Certificate authorities need a couple of days to perform verification and confirm the company’s data. On the other hand, the DV SSL certificate can be generated in minutes by filling out a simple form.

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SSL certificate cost comparison

DV SSL certificates

One of the market leaders is Comodo SSL certificates. It is the creator of one of the safest web browsers, Comodo Dragon and the best free antivirus program. It also offers a free DV Comodo SSL certificate with a validity of 90 days. However, Comodo offers a whole range of premium solutions, from low-cost domain validation to advanced wildcard extended validation certificates.

If you don’t want to use free certificates because you don’t want to prolong it every three months, you can consider Comodo Positive SSL. It is the cheapest, good quality, 256-bit DV certificate with high recognition by browsers. Installation is intuitive, and simplified verification reduces formalities to a minimum. The guarantee amount is $50,000, and the annual SSL certificate price is $11.95.

Another good solution is RapidSSL. It features greater compatibility, Trust Site Seal, and Free Reissues. The annual cost is $15.95 and warrants $10,000. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a better solution with the highest credibility and a much greater guarantee, and at the same time DV certificate is enough for you, use GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium. GeoTrust is one of the most respected certificate providers and offers a whopping $500,000 warranty value.

Choosing the best SSL certificate for your website will make it secure.

OV SSL certificates

For $99, however, you can take advantage of an even higher level of security. GeoTrust TrueBusiness ID verifies the organization’s data and confirms its authenticity. After clicking on the padlock, the user will read for whom the certificate was issued. The amount of the guarantee is even higher and amounts to $1,250,000.

With this type of certificate, we also deal with real potentates used by global institutions. DigiCert is one of the most respected Secure Socket Layer providers with an unblemished reputation. It offers wildcard SSL certificates that you can use with unlimited subdomains. The DigiCert Secure Site SSL certificate price is $399; it offers a warranty value of $1,500,000.

EV SSL certificates

When it comes to the most professional solutions, DigiCert Secure Site EV certificate is one of the most popular extended validation multi-domain SSL certificates. It is a multiple domains solution. It allows you to showcase your business’ name in all the major browsers. The SSL certificate costs $995 per year, but if you need a multi-domain SSL certificate, the cost-effectiveness of this solution increases significantly. The warranty value is $1,500,000.

Free certificate Let’s Encrypt

In the case of blogs, private websites, or other small projects, there is no need to purchase an SSL certificate because free solutions are sufficient. The most popular free solution is Let’s Encrypt. Of course, free SSL certificates come with some limitations, but still, they are functional solutions accepted by all top browsers.

Let’s Encrypt is a domain validation type, and you need to renew it every three months. It is the first reason for SSL certificate purchase: the expiration date is four times longer. And if you want to use one solution for multiple domains, you need to look for different SSL certificates because Let’s Encrypt is only for one domain.


When navigating the web, you visit dozens of websites every day that allow you to make payments, shop or search for reliable sources of information. Since you are always exposed to an attack by cybercriminals, it is worth knowing what Secure Socket Layers certificates are and why you should implement one on your website.

From the point of view of website owners, several types of certificates are currently available, and the best solution for most websites is free certificates: Let’s Encrypt or Comodo SSL DV. If you need a guarantee or don’t want to renew your certificate every three months, you can buy a paid DV for little money. On the other hand, if your industry requires greater trust among customers, you should use OV or EV solutions. 

When you choose the UltaHost hosting platform, you get a free Let’s Encrypt certificate. You also will get 24/7 support from our support team and our powered infrastructure focuses on auto-scaling and performance. If you want to buy an SSL certificate, UltaHost will provide you with attractive prices for selected, verified certificates. Check also Cloudflare VPS which will take your website to the highest level of security.    

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