Your own video platform? The best PHP scripts comparison

Take the first step in creating your video platform. Explore the best PHP scripts for videos that we have described in this article.

Until a few years ago, creating a video platform seemed like black magic, reserved for Internet shamans – programmers specializing in various programming languages, with PHP at the fore. The development of CMS scripts, the reduction of the cost of efficient hosting, and the uninterrupted and dynamic growth of eCommerce meant that today everyone is able to create their video platform.

Want to become a YouTube and Vimeo competitor? Or maybe you know how to make a better version of Netflix? Or are you not interested in being the second YouTube, the second Vimeo, the second Netflix, and you want to create something unique and one-of-a-kind related to video?

This article might be your first step. Here you will learn what you need to implement your plans. It does not matter if you want to cut off a piece of that enormous cake, which is the video market, or if you are interested in an honest portion of this cake – you need to start by choosing efficient hosting and the best video PHP script.

What to look for when building a video platform?

I have looked at all the solutions available in the PHP video-sharing scripts market, and today I want to introduce them to you. All the scripts are fully responsive and have a very easy-to-use administration panel.

Nowadays, the online services market is the customer’s market. They decide what solutions they will use, and eCommerce creators and entrepreneurs must adapt. Realize that they will want to use your services on different devices, supported by distinct operating systems and browsers.

You need to provide your customers with various options and functions. Of course, I don’t know the details of your idea or the functionality of your website, just as the developers of PHP scripts do not know them. Therefore, I am not presenting you with one solution but five different ones. 

One proposal will be more suited to act as an aggregate and video player, another will support video editing, and another will focus on social features. Each solution always has some unique advantages – otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense for this solution to work, would it? 

Hosting for your video platform

Regardless of the platform, you must own a suitable place to run it. The hosting server is such a place. And since your platform will be resource-intensive, it can’t be just any hosting. First, your hosting needs to run on high-speed NVMe SSDs; second, it must contain a lot of disk space; third, a good processor and quite a lot of RAM.

Depending on the size of your platform and the number of users, you will have to choose between VPS, VDS, and dedicated server hosting. But server parameters aren’t all you need to look at. The server must have the latest version of PHP and be optimized for various PHP scripts. 

The best choice is Envato Hosting, which will allow you to quickly and easily install the scripts found on Envato and CodeCanyon.

Envato Hosting is all about high performance. With fast and reliable, 99.9% Uptime hosting, you won’t have to worry about anything. UltaHost provides you with the security and support of a team of experts. Thanks to a scalable platform, you can easily increase the capabilities of your server when you run out of resources.

With Envato Hosting, you can prepare your website without creating a database, uploading files, and without a headache. All these are thanks to script extensions, PHP-optimized hosting, and automatic script installation from Envato and CodeCanyon.

Best Video PHP Scripts Comparison


It is a very extensive PHP script on which you can create a comprehensive video-sharing platform. PlayTube video-sharing script is a solution for people who want to launch their video-sharing site. It is fast, fully secured, and provides regular updates.

PlayTube comes with features to automatically import videos from Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Youtube. Thanks to this, just define keywords for the clip, and the video will be downloaded automatically. You can import unlimited videos with just a few keywords this way. PlayTube is SEO optimized and offers a full-fledged advertising system, a well-thought-out subscription model, and a user-friendly administration panel.

PlayTube is also suitable for creating a social media video platform. Users can create their channels, upload and import unlimited video clips, add “like” and “dislike” to videos, and comment on them.

The price depends on the type of license. If your platform is free, the basic license costs $99. For this price, you get a license for the PlayTube script, all future updates, and 6 months of support. You can extend support for up to 12 months for $40. If you want to offer paid services to your users, you need to purchase an extended license for $299. In this case, the extension of support costs $100.

Additionally, you can buy an application for Android and iOS. The Android app costs $54 and $169, depending on the license, while the iOS app costs $49 and $59.

Readymade Video Sharing Script

It is a script that allows you to create a video platform based on YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion. Visitors can upload videos, songs, and photos. Users can browse, share, comment and bookmark other videos, and browse different types of channels by category.

Readymade Video Sharing Script allows you to send videos in many different formats, incl. MP4, AVI, MOV, and HD. The script’s main business models are banner ads, sponsored ads, Google Adsense, and affiliate programs. The script is painless to use and requires no technical knowledge.

The user can manage his profile, channel, videos, comments, membership plan, and payments. The script is flexible and allows you to change the look and feel of your website to suit your business model.

Readymade Video Sharing has been developed in PHP and Mysql and optimized under the rules and regulations of the most popular search engines, not only Google. Neatly written code makes it safe and free from holes. It is, of course, responsive both in terms of mobile devices and browser compatibility.

The script costs $99. The price includes technical support for 3 months and free source code updates for 6 months.

PHP Melody

This video CMS takes about 15 minutes to install. You can partially personalize PHP Melody: change the layout, aspect ratio, and colors. The primary business model is an advertising model that can be placed both on the website and in the player. You can set different levels of permissions for users, and build a subscription model. It is not supported by the script, though; you will have to do any integration of additional scripts and systems yourself.

The service from the user’s point of view is simple. They can add their videos or import from YouTube, DailyMotion, or Vimeo with a few clicks. It allows you to stream live broadcasts without external software. CMS also supports SEO optimization: it can automatically generate sitemaps, and the code is written under Google’s recommendations. The internal statistics system will show you all the information about the portal and user activity.

A basic license for one installation costs $59. Unfortunately, support in this version is limited to email only. A full license with multiple installations and full support costs $299. For $45 you can buy the professional installation.


Wovie – Movie and TV Series Streaming Platform is a flexible and user-friendly video platform on which you can create a library of movies and TV series.

The script is easy to install. You don’t need to know how to code or have a developer on the team; thanks to the easy-to-use installer and clear documentation, you can install it in just a few steps. However, if you want to modify the script’s source code, you have the option. If you want, you can integrate and change the code to suit your needs.

Wovie has an advanced ad manager. You can paste ad codes into the integrated ad slots in the admin panel, and they will be displayed automatically.

The script has a module that facilitates the translation of the website into other languages ​​and is SEO Friendly. Well-embedded links optimized for the search engine and clear HTML code will strengthen your position in the Google ranking. The script also has social plugins that allow you to direct traffic via social media. Speaking of community, you can keep your users active with comments and discussions. The player supports Mp4, TS, and m3e8 video formats.

The basic license costs $59. It allows you to use the script in one project. The extended license costs $177 and allows you to use the script in an unlimited number of projects, and – if it is part of a larger project – you can sublicense it. Both licenses guarantee free lifetime support and future script updates.

Laravel Video

Laravel is an ultra-fast, lightweight, and secure PHP script that allows you to create a video platform. The author has made it simple, so you can create a video streaming or video-sharing platform in just a few minutes. Users can browse videos by category, popularity, or automatic sorting.

The script is straightforward to install – it can take up to 1 minute. It is related to quite limited possibilities of personalization. The script includes two color options (dark and light) and two layouts.

Admin can create unlimited roles and permissions, add and edit pages in the WYSIWYG editor, and place ads anywhere and in the player.

The platform allows you to upload videos, convert them, and add a watermark and a thumbnail. Videos can also be added from the URL and imported from YouTube. The user can also create playlists. The player supports videos in both landscape and portrait orientations.

The script is SEO optimized and written under Google and W3C regulations. It allows you to generate sitemaps and fill in metadata automatically.

The basic license costs $13. It allows you to use the script in one project. The extended license costs $39 and allows you to use the script in an unlimited number of projects, and – if it is part of a larger project – you can sublicense it. Both guarantee free lifetime support and future license script updates.


The video platform market is not easy. Many solutions are developed but cannot stand the test of time. The solutions in this article will allow you to build your video platform in 2022. If you don’t have a big budget, Laravel is the cheapest option. But limited options and virtually no personalization options make it problematic for you to break into the market and find customers.

Building a video platform is not a culinary blog and requires investment. Not only in the platform but also in hosting, marketing, SEO, and contracts with partners. Since you want to invest a lot of money in hosting or marketing, you cannot save on the video platform. It will be the backbone, engine, and heart of your business!

The best video script is undoubtedly Playtube. This platform allows you to personalize your website and fully adapt to your needs. Thanks to Playtube, you can create a professional tool that can also be available in a mobile version. It is a stable, fast, and well-optimized platform for SEO. Only with Playtube you have the chance to think about success in the video business. All other solutions are only half measures.

Don’t forget about hosting server! You’ll love UltaHost hosting platform. Get 24/7 support from our support team. Our powered infrastructure focuses on auto-scaling, performance, and security. Let us show you the difference! Check out our plans!   

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