Why your Website fails to load (and how to fix it!)

Why your Website fails to load (and how to fix it!)
Why your Website fails to load (and how to fix it!)

Your website won’t load? Here are the most common reasons why and how to fix them!

Have you ever had to turn your Wi-Fi toggle on and off on your device, restart your router, try a different browser, and whatnot, only to find that the website will just not load properly? Don’t fret, we have all been there at some point in our lives.

As a website owner, you would always want your users to not experience this situation and to provide them with the smoothest possible browsing experience. We are here to assist you and guide you to fix the most common problems your audience may face when visiting your website. 

These are the 5 most common reasons that cause your webpages to not load properly or downright fail to load. Read on to find out how to fix them.

502 error

A 502 error a.k.a a Bad Gateway error is a pretty common occurrence in most people’s internet browsing experience. A 502 error is simply a webpage with a server down for maintenance or some other reason. The best way to resolve it is to try reloading your webpage and in most cases, this fixes it. If it persists, contact your web host’s technical support to find out what is causing it.

DNS Error

DNS or Domain Name System is the system that is responsible for converting domain names into IP addresses. As a result, DNS servers are employed to do this task efficiently and quickly.

Sometimes these DNS servers can get stuck or slowed down, causing a failure to load the webpage. Start by checking if there have been any recent DNS changes to your website or server that have not been completely implemented. The webpage will not load properly until those changes are complete. 

Faulty Firewall Configuration

Your website’s firewall is your defense against malicious hackers and DDoS attacks (read more here). However, it is often the case that you have a faulty configuration installed on your firewall causing users to be unable to access your webpage. Check your firewall configuration and make changes accordingly to prevent this from happening.

Server Failure

Sometimes your website will be inaccessible to a user no matter what they do to access it. A common cause of this is hardware or software failure of the server your site is hosted on. If the server’s software or OS causes an issue or just freeze, this can cause failure of the website to load.

Read more here about which OS you should choose to install on your VPS server. In case a hardware component of the server like the hard drive or processor fails, it can take an unreasonably long time to fix. Choose a reliable and trusted host like UltaHost to make sure your website never sees any downtime!

Compromised Security

If the security of your website is compromised, there is a high possibility that users may not be able to access it. Brute-force or DDoS attacks (read more on them here) are a major reason for this. A good way to prevent downtime due to security attacks is to use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). These systems make copies of your website’s content and keep it on different servers worldwide so that users can access them from alternative servers when needed. They also prevent security attacks and data breaches and effectively reduce the load that your site’s server encounters.

These are the top 5 causes of your website being down for your audience and how to fix them. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments down below!

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