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How much traffic is included in the tariff package for a dedicated server?
  • The amount of traffic involved depends on the location and bandwidth of the server’s network.

    Servers with a capacity of 1 Gbps in Dallas (Texas, USA), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Luxembourg come with 20 TB (20002 GB) of non-tariffable traffic per month.

How long does it take for a dedicated server to be provided to the client?
  • The deadline for issuing the first server in the order is 40 minutes, the rest are issued within 24 hours.

What are your DNS server addresses?
  • - ns1.ultahost.com
    ​- ns2.ultahost.com

Where are the servers physically located?
  • Ultahostt servers and network equipment are located in Ultahost data centers. This is a large network of data centers in different parts of the United States. They meet the high demands for reliability and security at the Tier 3 level.

What control panel does UltaHost use?
  • On a web hosting - CPanel control panel.

    On VDS / VPS there is a possibility to install licensed ISPmanager (for a fee). You can also install any other control panel yourself. For example, BrainyCP, Plesk Panel, CPanel, Vesta CP.

What is VPS?
  • This is kind of server in which is divided into several independent parts and rented separately. There can be several dozens of virtual servers on one physical server.

    A virtual server can be compared with complex of private houses. Such house has neighbors, but each family has a separate entrance and its own front garden.

    The virtual server has no restrictions, as at a virtual hosting. It can be freely customized for your project. You can even install your software.

    As in the case of virtual hosting, several virtual servers are located on the same physical server. Each of them is isolated from each other. If one virtual server consumes a lot of resources, it will not affect other users.

    Such type of hosting is suitable for an online store, forum with a large number of visitors, an application or a corporate site where customers and employees have accounts or personal mail.

What advantages does VPS have over hosting?
  • VPS is the golden mean between virtual hosting, which resources are limited, and a dedicated server, the cost of which is not for everyone.

    Advantages of VPS:

    • VPS has a significantly smaller number of users, hence server resources are divided into fewer clients;
    • between VPS resources are distributed in such a way that none of the virtual machines can use the resources allocated to another;
    • full administrative access to the virtual server;
    • installation of additional software or reconfiguration of system software;
    • setting up any system parameters and applications according to your needs;
    • the ability to edit any files in the system;
    • full control of all processes running on a VPS;
    • VPS owner has SSH access, personal web server, mail, FTP, etc .;
    • the ability to restart your VPS server.
Why does an SSL certificate need my site?
  • If important information is sent or received via your website, customers can expect that their information will be secured using an SSL certificate. Visitors can leave your site if they see that it is not protected.

Do you sell verified certificates?
  • Yes, all our certificates are verified by a certification authority (CA).

How to register a new domain?
  • To register a domain through UltaHost:

    Register for UltaHost by inventing your username and password.
    Log in to the control panel through the login form on the UltaHost website.
    In the control panel, go to the section "Account / Payment" and replenish your balance in any way convenient for you.
    Go to the Domains / Registration section of the control panel, enter the name of the desired domain in the form and follow the instructions on the screen.

Who will be the owner of the domain name?
  • The owner (administrator) of the domain name will be the individual or legal entity that will be indicated in the registration form of the domain. If you enter your name - you will be the owner of the domain. UltaHost will never, under any circumstances, register domains for itself or its employees.

    When completing the domain registration form, pay special attention to the correctness of specifying all data for an individual or details for a legal entity.

    The data required for domain registration varies depending on which zone you want to register the domain in. In the case of .ru or .рф domains, passport information is required to register for an individual, for legal entities - all details. In domains .com, .net, .org - just enough last name, first name and contact information.