KVM VPS Hosting

The flexibility and control that our KVM VPS solutions provide is unparalleled. We offer managed Linux KVM VPS hosting, which means that while you are responsible for all server-side work, we will handle the administrative side of things, as well as ensure the servers' speed, stability, and uptime.

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KVM Linux Hosting Plans

Get a resource-intensive, highly secure, affordable, and unbeatable KVM VPS hosting without the billing surprises.

VPS Basic

The ideal starting point into vps hosting!

$7.60Save 25%

$5.50 /mo

Grab the cheapest deal with the same renewal price for a lifetime.

  • 1 CPU Core

    [Dual CPU] Intel Xeon Gold 6148 Processor

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 30 GB NVMe SSD

    NVMe is a next-generation storage disk with 6 times higher throughput then solid-state drives (SSDs) and 100x faster than average HDDs, the technology provides superior storage, superior speed, and superior compatibility.

  • Managed Server

    If you ever need assistance with your VPS plan, such as configuring your OS or installing node.js or any script & handling ports and more, UltaHost has you covered. We understand that things sometimes become challenging, and our fully-managed products provide you with our support anytime you need it.

  • 1 IPv4 Dedicated IP

VPS Business

Everything you need to power a successful website online.

$13.20Save 25%

$9.50 /mo

Grab the cheapest deal with the same renewal price for a lifetime.

  • 2 CPU Core

    [Dual CPU] Intel Xeon Gold 6148 Processor

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 50 GB NVMe SSD

    NVMe is a next-generation storage disk with 6 times higher throughput then solid-state drives (SSDs) and 100x faster than average HDDs, the technology provides superior storage, superior speed, and superior compatibility.

  • Managed Server

    If you ever need assistance with your VPS plan, such as configuring your OS or installing node.js or any script & handling ports and more, UltaHost has you covered. We understand that things sometimes become challenging, and our fully-managed products provide you with our support anytime you need it.

  • 1 IPv4 Dedicated IP

VPS Enterprise

Advanced solution which can handle multiple high-traffic sites easily.

$29.90Save 25%

$21.50 /mo

Grab the cheapest deal with the same renewal price for a lifetime.

  • 4 CPU Core

    [Dual CPU] Intel Xeon Gold 6148 Processor

  • 6 GB RAM
  • 100 GB NVMe SSD

    NVMe is a next-generation storage disk with 6 times higher throughput then solid-state drives (SSDs) and 100x faster than average HDDs, the technology provides superior storage, superior speed, and superior compatibility.

  • Managed Server

    If you ever need assistance with your VPS plan, such as configuring your OS or installing node.js or any script & handling ports and more, UltaHost has you covered. We understand that things sometimes become challenging, and our fully-managed products provide you with our support anytime you need it.

  • 1 IPv4 Dedicated IP

*Promotional pricing is valid always. Free domain available for yearly hosting plans only. Plans renew at the same rate.

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All our Low Cost VPS Plans Come With

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Team Management
  • BitNinja Security
  • Staging Environment
  • SSH and SFTP Access
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Free Domain Transfer
  • Free SSL Certificate(s)
  • Free 30-Days Money-Back
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • Auto Healing
  • Optimized With Advanced Caches
  • CDN Add-on
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Regular Security Patching
  • Unlimited Application Installation
  • Free Migration
  • Automated Backups
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • Affordable KVM Hosting Features and Advantages

    Looking for KVM VPS Hosting at affordable prices? Let UltaHost satisfy all your needs with its well-designed, efficient hosting solutions. We provide our clients with secure, fast, and cost-effective KVM VPS hosting solutions.

    VPS Full Root Access

    VPS Full Root Access

    Full root access allows total control over your hosting environment, including custom installs and configuration with your virtual private server hosting

    VPS ssd disks

    SSD NVMe Disk Drives

    A solid-state drive (SSD) is a new generation of storage device used in computers. SSDs replace traditional mechanical hard disks.

    VPS uptime

    VPS 99.9% Uptime

    Our business-class track record means some of the industry’s best uptime performance. We’re so confident in our infrastructure, 99% uptime guarantee.

    cheap vps hosting

    Cheap VPS Hosting

    The most affordable price to run a VPS. You can save hundreds of dollars per month when you compare our prices with other hosting companies.

    vps ram

    Scalable DDR4 RAM

    Growing quickly? Start with 1GB of RAM and easily scale up, quickly and effortlessly from within your VPS control panel, just let us know when you need it.

    Unlimited Bandwidth vps plan

    Unlimited Bandwidth

    There are no limits on the amount of traffic your VPS-hosted site or app can receive. All we ask is that you be nice and comply with our unlimited policy.

    Custom VPS servers

    Custom VPS servers

    Customize your VPS server based on your website needs. Pick your OS, number of cPanel accounts, server location, server protection.

    vps Daily Backups

    Daily Backups

    Automated daily backups with full server snapshots and 1-click restore for your Managed VPS server available upon request.

    Managed Server

    Managed Server

    Enjoy friendly, smart assistance from our world-class Technical Support. we keep your server running & up-to-date with security patches, OS updates, and more.

    vps review is rated Excellent stars4.9 out of 5 based on customers reviews submitted in stars

    Instant OS Setup for Your VPS Hosting

    Need a specific OS ? You can install any .iso file by using the dedicated ILO/KVM interface from our servers.


    Debian is an Open Source Linux operating system based on Debian, compared to Debian, this distribution offers 5 years of long-term support. UltaHost offers versions 18.04 and 20.04.



    Ubuntu is a Linux distribution based on Debian and composed mostly of free and open-source software. Ubuntu is officially released in three editions: Desktop, Server, and Core for Internet of things devices and robots.



    CentOS is in some ways the open source version of the Red Hat OS. UltaHost offers versions 7 and 8 of CentOS.



    Fedora is an open source operating system published by Red Hat, Red Hat is itself based on Fedora. UltaHost offers version 33 of Fedora.


    Red Hat

    Red Hat is a licensed enterprise operating system. UltaHost offers Red Hat version 8.

    Red Hat


    AlmaLinux OS is an open-source, community-driven Linux operating system that fills the gap left by the discontinuation of the CentOS Linux stable release. It is one of the most popular virtualization operating systems, and UltaHost offers version 8 of AlmaLinux.


    Windows Server

    Windows Server 2019 is the 9th version of the Windows Server operating system by Microsoft, as a part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. It is the second version of the server operating system based on the Windows 10 platform, after Windows Server 2016.



    Better Pricing • Fast SSD Storage • Hack-free Protection • Easy Scaling

    Plan Resources VPS Basic VPS Business VPS Professional VPS Enterprise
    Hosted Websites Up to 7 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    SSD Storage 30GB 50GB 75GB 100GB
    Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Free Dedicated IP One IPv4 One IPv4 One IPv4 One IPv4
    CloudFlare CDN Free Checkcircle checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen
    Free Website Migration Up to 7 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Monthly Backups checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen
    Operating System Up to 7 Up to 9 Up to 9 Up to 9
    Full Root Access checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen
    Port Speed ~200/350Mb ~450/550Mb ~600/750Mb ~1GB
    Free SSL certificates checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen
    Guaranteed Resources checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen
    MySQL Database Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    DNS Manager checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen
    FTP / FTPS checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen
    Multiple PHP Selector checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen
    BitNinja Security Free Free Free Free
    Snapshots Free Free Free Free
    Instant Activation checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen
    VPS Control Free Free Free Free
    Node.js Socket checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen
    Free Email Addresses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    5 cPanel Accounts Paid Paid Paid Paid
    Hestia / CyberPanel Free Free Free Free
    100% Fully Managed checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen checkcirclegreen

    Free Web Hosting Transfer

    You can now migrate your website to UltaHost for free! Our team will be providing you with personalized service. Everything associated with your website is perfectly copied, re-installed, and re-configured on your new server with the least impact on your website and email services.

    free vps server migration
    free support for our vps servers

    Premium Hosting Support

    Our team is specially trained to not only solve technical issues, but to help you with all aspects of getting online. Contact us at any time. We work for you in round the clock mode. For projects which need special care, you can use the additional option of priority maintenance.

    Maximum Server Control

    Full root & shell access (SSH) for maximum control. Reboot or power-cycle your server whenever it's needed. Manage all the domains, websites, and email addresses you own.

    manage your vps server easly
    vps performance infrastructure

    Reliable, Managed KVM Server.

    UltaHost makes VPS hosting easy. All of our KVM VPS hosting options require administrative involvement from the customer, this gives you a great deal of leeway and adaptability, Still if you need anything to be done our support team will be able to do it free of charge!

    From Performance to 24/7 Support, You Get Everything

    Our platform is fully equipped with the features you’ll need so you never have to worry about speed, security, and support for your websites, boost your digital experience with us.

    • Performance
    • Security
    • Flexibility
    • Workflow
    • 24/7 Support

    SSD & NVMe Hosting

    SSD disks offer maximum speed and reliability than traditional disks while accommodating modern websites’ demands.

    Built-in Cache

    Our built-in cache mechanism includes Varnish, Memcached, and Redis that enhance the speed of your websites.

    Optimized Stack

    Our stack includes Apache and NGINX as web servers, PHP-FPM and MySQL/MariaDB as databases for better performance.

    PHP Versions

    We support PHP 5.6.x and the latest versions of PHP 8.x so you can test compatibility and switch versions accordingly.

    100% Uptime

    True hosting with no single point of failure. Our hosting dynamically move, balance and tune the clients instances to guarantee an extraordinary uptime.

    Ultra Optimized

    Our servers are powered by ultra-optimized 14th generation dell servers. configured to offer maximum redundancy in terms of network, power, and hard drive.

    Dedicated Firewalls

    We regularly perform firmware upgrades and patches so your websites remain secure from potential threats.

    SSL Certificates

    SSL certificate gains visitors’ trust and ensures that their data is transmitted encrypted. Deploy it in just a click for free.

    Login Security

    We provide two-factor authentication, detect the suspicious login attempts, and send notifications to keep your account and server secure.

    IP Whitelisting

    You can create a list of whitelisted IPs to block or allow IP addresses for SSH/SFTP access to your account or database.

    BitNinja Security

    We Secure your online presence by protecting your website reputation and visitors against cyberthreats, we scan your website for malware and other vulnerabilities.

    Database Security

    Our built-in database security system prevents unauthorized access to your data and protects it from vulnerabilities.

    Multiple OS Choices

    Our offer includes a wide choice of Linux and Windows OS and the possibility to install your own ISO.

    Multiple language support

    You have a choice of different programming languages: PHP 5-8, Perl, Python. You use the technology you prefer.

    Vertical Scaling

    Scale up your server resources in just a click when required so your website remains up and running 24/7.

    No Contract

    We never restrict our customers to sign in any contract or to pay a fixed amount for the hosting resources they don’t use.

    Multiple Locations

    UltaHost operates out of multiple data center locations allowing for more localized hosting resulting in better speed for your users.

    Unlimited Websites

    You can host as many websites as you need, registering or using an equal number of domain names. This is extremely useful for your businesses.

    Custom setups

    Your online digital business is instantly setup with a free installation process with help of our expert support team, choose the script and leave the rest to us.

    SSH, SFTP Access

    SSH/SFTP offers a high level of security and allows you to access your server/website to perform operational tasks.

    24/7 Monitoring

    Ultahost Monitoring is a free feature that gives you unprecedented insight into your infrastructure. so you get more time to focus on growing your business.

    Team Collaboration

    Our built-in team collaboration feature helps you share limited to full access to your server or application among team members for better productivity.

    High Availability

    We have deployed Floating IPs to enable our customers to build high availability setups and assign hosting services to IP addresses in a flexible way.

    User Roles

    Assign your team members specific roles so they can access your server/website regardless of the geographical locations.

    Expert Support

    Our team of experts is available 24/7; You just have to type your query and the live chat support team would love to serve you.

    Active Community

    Our active community comprises of customers and experts who constantly share their knowledge and skills with the UltaHost community.

    Knowledge base

    We’ve written an extensive series of knowledge-base guides that you can refer to get help related to our platform.

    Ticketing System

    You can always open a ticket to keep track of your specific query; our support team will respond to it accordingly.

    Support Add-ons

    Besides Standard support, you can opt for an Advanced or Premium support add-on where our Senior Support Engineers work as an extension of your in-house team.


    We’ve integrated server and website monitoring tools for troubleshooting. You can also contact us and our team will take care of it.

    UltaHost KVM VPS Vs. VPS Hosting Competitors

    The choice is clear. UltaHost has more to offer! You got extra key features you may still didn't notice yet

    Head to Head ultahost vps dreamhost vps a2hosting vps bluehost godaddy
    Monthly Price



    VPS Basic Plan



    Basic Plan



    Runway 1 Plan



    Standard Plan



    1 vCPU Plan

    Websites Up to 7 Unlimited Websites 1 Website 1 Website 1 Website
    Disk Space 30GB NVMe 30GB 150GB 30GB 20GB NVMe
    RAM 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB 2 GB 1 GB
    Monthly Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Limited Limited Limited
    BitNinja Security table-tick-gray - - - -
    Snapshots Unlimited Paid Paid Paid Paid
    Monthly Backups free-daily-backups paid-daily-backups - - -
    Node.js Socket table-tick - - - -

    KVM VPS hosting use cases and purpose

    • Our KVM VPS hosting or SSD VDS Hosting gives you your own set of resources. This means that you will not have to divide up any of your resources, such as processing time, memory, or storage space. A predetermined amount is at your disposal for any purpose you see fit. 
    • As an added bonus, you'll have access to the server's root directory, allowing you to install any supported OS such as Almalinux or Ubuntu, and more, tailor the server's configuration to your needs, and work on resource-intensive projects with a complete view of available capacities at any given time. 
    • The people that benefit most from this form of hosting are those who are comfortable with technology. When additional processing power and flexibility are needed, a virtual private server is the way to go. This sort of hosting is ideal for resource-heavy websites, web applications, internet game platforms, WordPress multisites, and other complicated projects. 
    • Consistently high performance levels are guaranteed on our KVM VPS servers due to the lightning-fast execution of any and all jobs.  
    • KVM's open source status encourages constant development and refinement by a global community of software engineers. If you base your server's infrastructure on technology that has been tried and tested by some of the most skilled veterans of the Linux community, you can rest assured that your server is safe. 
    • Our control panels such as Hestia Panel or Cyberpanel hosting are straightforward and simple to use, so you can get things done fast and efficiently and see significant outcomes. 

    The Benefits of UltaHost KVM Hosting

    • Using the full root access, you can manage any aspect of your hosting environment. Modify your virtual private server to your specifications and monitor its usage in real-time.
    • We have many data centers. Regardless of where your home base may be such as Hosting in Germany, or Hosting in India, or USA Servers this guarantees the highest levels of uptime and the fastest possible speeds. Select a data center that is geographically close to your intended audience, and you will be rewarded with superior hosting performance.
    • An intuitive control panel is included with all of our KVM Virtual Private Server and VDS packages. Monitor your current resource situation in real-time via the dashboard and change as needed.
    • Ultahost has a much shorter time to make your Affordable KVM VPS operational than its competitors.
    • We make it possible for you to have reliable quality without breaking the bank.
    • Using the various automation tools available in our VPS Linux plans, you may simplify routine server maintenance performed on a daily or weekly basis.
    • Our staff of highly trained engineers and technicians is accessible around the clock to address any problems you may have, ensuring you the highest level of performance and dependability possible.
    • No matter what requirements your project has: with our KVM-based servers you can realize everything, because they feel like a dedicated server. Kernel-management, Windows Server, BSD? No problem!


    KVM Hosting FAQs

    You can find here a list of frequently asked questions and answers on a particular topic of our KVM VPS Hosting.

    Where is my KVM VPS Hosting located? Can i choose my data center?


    Go to your plan overview by clicking on the ORDER Button to set the various options for your VPS plan. That includes the country and the location of your VPS’s data center.

    If you need other USA/Europe VPS hosting check the locations bellow:

    How much does a KVM VPS cost?


    It starts from $5.50/m, and it goes for as much as you needed for your desired specs. Buying for 12 months and 24 months will give you an extra 40% to 50% discount on our prices, As well a Free domain name is included for 12+ months of purchases.

    What is a KVM virtual private server?


    Virtual private servers (VPSs) built on top of a physical dedicated server are known as KVMs (Kernel-based Virtual Machines). The KVM VPS has its own set of resources and does not have to share with anyone else, therefore it runs very smoothly and reliably.

    How do KVM and OpenVZ vary from one another?


    Since the VPS is effectively its own server, it is safe to say that KVM virtualization is the real deal. OpenVZ is a virtualization format that uses containers and the kernel of the host node.

    Which of these two will perform faster, SSD OpenVZ or SSD KVM?


    The read/write speeds are equivalent between the two. However, overall performance may differ from one processor type to another and between other hardware components.

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    Enjoy power, flexibility, and control for your sites with our Next-Generation Web Hosting.